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The UK Labradoodle Association is a voluntary, informal, independent resource for anyone interested in Labradoodles in the UK. It provides information and listings for owners, prospective owners and for breeders. It is not run by breeders nor does it seek to dictate what is or is not best practice (though there is a published Code of Practice with which Breeders listed here must comply), rather to air the options in a constructive way and let you decide.

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About Labradoodles

Despite the impression encouraged in the popular press, no reputable breeder would seek to popularise their labradoodles under the banner of "designer dogs". The labradoodle is a well-established and fairly well understood cross, bred for practical reasons as a biddable, working dog with the temperament and coat characteristics to be suited to all kinds of applications and environments. We would welcome your comments on the media coverage in our forum.

Labradoodles are a popular crossbreed, resulting from the mating of either a labrador and a poodle (in either combination of male/female) or of two labradoodles or of a labradoodle and one of the root breeds (labrador or poodle). In the United Kingdom, in common with a number of other established and popular crossbreeds, they are not recognised by the Kennel Club nor regulated in any way. This situation is unlikely to change and there are many in the labradoodle community who are glad of it, believing that the status quo is in the best interests of maintaining a diverse and healthy bloodline.

The lack of regulation is also perhaps a two-edged sword when it comes to keeping at bay an increase in unscrupulous breeders exploiting the "designer dog" popularity of labradoodles which serves only to inflate prices beyond what is reasonable and will also lead to very unhappy owners and dogs alike.

The UKLA seeks to lend its voice to help educate dog lovers everywhere to make the most of this attractive and practical cross-breed and to develop knowledge and expertise in producing healthy, intelligent, trainable dogs whether they are for a working environment (as gundogs or assistance dogs), as family pets or in a caring/support role.

Breeders are able to register their details and information about upcoming litters on the site free of charge and this information is made available to anyone seeking a Labradoodle.

For further information on Labradoodles, feel free to email us at

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