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by Millie's family
26 Jul 2008, 10:53
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Carry on camping
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Re: Carry on camping

We camp quite regularly with Millie she loves it. The only thing I'd add is be prepared to be woken up very early. The first few times we went Millie woke with the birds - 4.30am - and was keen to be up and out!! Fortunately she's stopped that now. The watch out for escaping Doods is a good one too....
by Millie's family
21 Mar 2008, 17:35
Forum: Reviews
Topic: Ground anchors for camping
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Re: Ground anchors for camping

We learnt our lesson on our first camping trip last year. We decided we'd save some money and make our own line, with a washing line. Millie had been tied up for all of two minutes and when we looked around there were just two short pieces of line hanging from her collar, she'd chew right through th...
by Millie's family
16 Mar 2008, 12:18
Forum: Training Issues
Topic: Eating dead things while out!
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Re: Eating dead things while out!

Millie loves dead things. She regularly eats rabbits, usually while running alongside me (just out of arms reach). Her latest is to roll on dead birds, and keep tossing them in the air. The only way we've ever managed to get things off her is to pretend we don't want them and then when we get to the...
by Millie's family
14 Feb 2008, 13:29
Forum: Health Matters
Topic: Reiki?
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Re: Reiki?

Hi Bid I'm a huge fan of Reiki. I work as a Reiki volunteer with cancer sufferers, I've also used it with horses and with Millie. As the previous posts have said, the dogs just get up and walk away when they've had enough. Also being smaller they don't always need much energy. It's certainly worth a...
by Millie's family
07 Feb 2008, 23:41
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Can i get Chelsea to like the Gentle leader?
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Re: Can i get Chelsea to like the Gentle leader?

Not sure whether this will help, but a dog trainer told me that the reason most dogs disliked the gentle leader was because it was just put on them. He said that the best way to use them was to introduce them slowly, rewarding each behaviour, such as sniffing the leader, putting it over the nose, do...
by Millie's family
28 Jan 2008, 21:03
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: I've Done it
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Re: I've Done it

Great news Gilly.
by Millie's family
28 Jan 2008, 20:55
Forum: Health Matters
Topic: Large umbilical hernia:
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Re: Large umbilical hernia:

Mill's had an umbilical hernia, which was discovered at 5 weeks. It never bothered her in any way and we had it repaired when she was speyed at 14 months.
by Millie's family
26 Jan 2008, 18:52
Forum: Training Issues
Topic: Showing Off!
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Re: Showing Off!

Probably a feeble suggestion, but could you trade it for something even more special. Give Poppy a special toy that Daisy then immediately wants and distracts her from the stick?
by Millie's family
26 Jan 2008, 18:47
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: An update and decision
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Re: An update and decision

You make me feel very humble, it's so easy to be indignant about the plight of others, but to do something about it takes someone special. He's a very lucky dog :)
by Millie's family
24 Jan 2008, 21:34
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So, pleased to hear Walter is now on the mend. Lovely news.
by Millie's family
23 Jan 2008, 13:06
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Topic: What Makes A Good Cross?
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Re: What Makes A Good Cross?

One of the trainers at our dog agility class has a jackapoo. She's a sweet little thing and very confident.
by Millie's family
23 Jan 2008, 12:53
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Strange Eating Habits
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Re: Strange Eating Habits

I think Millie is more poodle than lab on the food front. Sometimes she walks up to her bowl, looks at it and walks away, but if I scatter the food around the kitchen floor she gets alot more interested :D
by Millie's family
22 Jan 2008, 21:47
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Keep thinking of you and Walter, hope things improve v. soon.
by Millie's family
21 Jan 2008, 11:10
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Topic: What would you do?
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What would you do?

Have just been to the vets with Millie who has a split nail on one of her front feet. The split is about 2/3rds of the way up and is causing her some discomfort. She's fine if we walk on tarmac, but has bled a couple of times when we get into the fields. The vet says there are two options, leave it ...
by Millie's family
20 Jan 2008, 20:41
Forum: Training Issues
Topic: At Our Wit's End
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Re: At Our Wit's End

Mill's is 16 months old and has been a 'bit of a challenge' for the last 2-3 months. We've been following Barneyboys advice and have been using a 20 mtr longline for the last couple of weeks. We're currently at 9/10 on her recalls, but the benefit of the longline is that on the occasions she chooses...