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by kathiedoodle
30 Mar 2020, 12:36
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Hi, from Oscar...
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Re: Hi, from Oscar...

Hi Oscar I certainly remember having a crush on the handsome Oscar by the way it’s Holly saying hello to you not my mum. Glad to hear you well and just as handsome. Dad takes me out in the morning strangely we zigg zagg all over the park very strange, we hardly stop and chat to our doggy friends and...
by kathiedoodle
22 Feb 2020, 17:03
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Photos
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Re: Photos

Lovely to see the photos

This is Holly now at 7 1/2 years where has the time gone, still as loving and nutty as ever but thankfully a little more sedate and enjoys hogging the whole couch !
by kathiedoodle
22 Feb 2020, 16:58
Forum: Garden of Remembrance
Topic: Ambrose has crossed the bridge
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Re: Ambrose has crossed the bridge

Oh Linny
So sad to hear Ambrose has gone, it must have been a terrible shock. It is the last kind action we can do to let them pass out of pain.
Remember all the fun times he gave you all.
Kind Regards
Kathie and Holly
by kathiedoodle
28 Jan 2020, 15:54
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Hello from Tunbridge wells,Kent
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Re: Hello from Tunbridge wells,Kent

Hi Seefa What a lovely girl you are, Your antics are just doodle, you will give love and laughter, tears and fraustration in equal measure but, there will never be a dull moment. Plenty of learning games and plenty of house rules. Remember to tell your mum and dad that a bored doodle will always fin...
by kathiedoodle
12 May 2019, 08:56
Forum: Training Issues
Topic: A new dog does help when you think nothing will
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Re: A new dog does help when you think nothing will

How lovely to hear from you and Maisie, I think most of us know the heartbreak of losing a member of the family which is exactly what our dogs become. I still miss our Golden Retriever many years on but having her with us for 15 years took some getting over. Holly our 1/2 Aussie doodle now 6 has del...
by kathiedoodle
03 May 2019, 19:10
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: A day out in the South Seat
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Re: A day out in the South Seat

Hi, we love dorset and visit Dorchester every time. On Wednesdays a big market in town centre, well signposted, sell usual tat but also veg, flowers, plants, big under cover stalls with all sorts, dogs allowed in too. Plenty of parking on site. If you can get to Lulworth cove and durdle door is a mu...
by kathiedoodle
30 Apr 2019, 16:14
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Sunny sunny sunny
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Sunny sunny sunny

Nothing like a bit of sunshine, Holly’s limp is a lot better only after a long curled up sleep does she do a few limps then it frees up, wish my body did the same.
by kathiedoodle
30 Apr 2019, 15:53
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Please, please don't eat the dandelions
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Re: Please, please don't eat the dandelions

Just read in a dog health magazine “They are an ideal choice for dogs with chronic indigestion or those with gas. Dandelion leaf also acts as a diuretic, making it useful in cases of arthritis, kidney stones, congestive heart failure and gallbladder disease. ... The root is a liver tonic and helps t...
by kathiedoodle
21 Apr 2019, 09:28
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Wonderful weather
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Wonderful weather

Wonderful weather for Easter :D I cannot remember such Glorious Easter, looking back on the family albums the children with their Easter bonnets and winter coats on, year after year. Today is also OH’s birthday, the big 70, Easter and a birthday to celebrate, our family and their children will meet ...
by kathiedoodle
07 Apr 2019, 19:16
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Heartbroken
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Re: Heartbroken

Dear Kobi, you were loved and will be truly missed, for your heartbroken family they will remember all the fun times when this saddest of times eases. Love from Kathie
by kathiedoodle
04 Apr 2019, 12:13
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Block bookings for Holly and ME
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Block bookings for Holly and ME

Life has its twists and turns doesn’t it. Just sorting Holly out. It’s my turn After 16 months of stomach pain, finally get a CT scan and followed by quick apt to see a surgeon. Saw him yesterday wants me in, in 4-6 weeks, large part of my stomach has twisted and exited into my chest cavity via a he...
by kathiedoodle
04 Apr 2019, 12:02
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Holly update on limp
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Holly update on limp

Hi, ended up going to vet as still limping, anyway she had another exam and was taken in for the day for X-rays, picked a dozy girl up 6 hours later big bald spot on leg and quietly slept most of the next day too. Had results back today all clear and no bone damage vet also sent x-rays away to a gro...
by kathiedoodle
04 Apr 2019, 11:49
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Another update
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Re: Another update

Oh Freddy you have been a true doodle these two years but you sound as if you inherited all of the doodle traits possible. It does not make you any less lovable though. The light bulb should come on any time soon, I remember Holly well in a haze of brandy and vallium ( I wish ) at 6+ she is a deligh...
by kathiedoodle
04 Apr 2019, 11:43
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: 1st birthday!
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Re: 1st birthday!

Belated Happy Birthday Luna, where has that year gone. In a whirlwind of fun, love and downright chaos most of the time, would not have it any other way. She has grown into a lovely girl.
by kathiedoodle
23 Mar 2019, 17:05
Forum: Health Matters
Topic: Limpy Holly
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Re: Limpy Holly

Hi Linny
Vet gave her a good exam and was pretty sure it was just muscle strain, if it persists too much longer or changes I will go back. In the meantime I will try your Dorwest tabs. With the elbow dysplasia, would she show signs of pain?
Have a good weekend