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by susiegill
22 Feb 2009, 15:19
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Suggested date Doodle Meet North Yorkshire
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Re: Suggested date Doodle Meet North Yorkshire

We would love to come, we enjoyed the one in 2007 so much. We now have Molly our second Doodle to bring along :)
by susiegill
07 Feb 2009, 15:33
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Laughing Dog dog biscuits at Pets@home
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Re: Laughing Dog dog biscuits at Pets@home

Yes, that does seem a good bargain.

Pity they're not gonna get the mixer though, they don't sell any decent quality mixers :?
by susiegill
04 Feb 2009, 11:15
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: I clipped the doodle
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Re: I clipped the doodle

Awww bless her, I think she looks rather cute :)

Rosie is due a clip, they are much easier to keep clean and dry when shorter :)
by susiegill
26 Jan 2009, 21:49
Forum: Introductions
Topic: how lucky am I?
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Re: how lucky am I?

Awww, what a lovely photo they are both gorgeous :)

Love Faith's Rosie cheeks :)
by susiegill
26 Jan 2009, 20:30
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: Sofa Dweller
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Re: Sofa Dweller

I agree, no more than he deserves bless him :)
by susiegill
22 Jan 2009, 20:45
Forum: Labradoodle M.E.S.S. (Meet Every Second Sunday)
Topic: Leeds meet - 25 Jan 2009
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Re: Leeds meet - 25 Jan 2009

We would have come, but we are going away this weekend. Hopefully we will catch up with you at the next one :)
by susiegill
21 Jan 2009, 10:27
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Garden trashed!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Garden trashed!!!!!!!!!!

Well having two Doodles, my garden is totally shot :shock: We did fence off about a third of it in the Autumn, but then winter came along and stopped any further work. Come Spring, we hope to salvage the remaining two thirds and turn it into a garden for us again, and keep the girls limited to their...
by susiegill
20 Jan 2009, 16:59
Forum: Health Matters
Topic: Doodie's at the vets today :-(
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Re: Doodie's at the vets today :-(

Awww, bless her, but like you say it's for the right reasons. Doodie will be fine and I'm sure she'll get lots of fuss when she gets home :)
by susiegill
20 Jan 2009, 12:50
Forum: Health Matters
Topic: Eye problems
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Re: Eye problems

I had a Shar Pei a few years back, and he had to have this op. He was much better afterwards :)
by susiegill
17 Jan 2009, 20:25
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Ruby at 9 months
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Re: Ruby at 9 months

:D Ruby is lovely, and very similar to my Molly a lean leggy gal :D
by susiegill
12 Jan 2009, 15:40
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Do all doodles have webbed toes?
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Re: Do all doodles have webbed toes?

I'm not an expert either, but both mine have webbed toes and are both excellent swimmers :D
by susiegill
10 Jan 2009, 15:21
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Even more photos of Frankie!
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Re: Even more photos of Frankie!

Frankie is a lovely subject for your new camera :D

Lovely pics, looks like they had a great time :D
by susiegill
09 Jan 2009, 20:30
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: BARF
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Barfers here too, best thing I ever did for my two :D

I agree, Frosty's advice is excellent, in fact don't think I would have been able or confident to do it without her :D
by susiegill
07 Jan 2009, 10:39
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Winter Scenes
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Re: Winter Scenes

Very cute indeed - love the little jacket bless :)
by susiegill
06 Jan 2009, 11:01
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Raw meat diet with bones?
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Re: Raw meat diet with bones?

Hi there Both my girls are fed on raw meat and bones and they are thriving on it. When we got Rosie, she was fed on complete and I was forever changing her food over as she got bored with it, when Molly joined us I decided to make the change. It took me a while to do it, I wasn't the bravest, but no...