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by thepooles
19 Mar 2016, 16:39
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Zooplus code???
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Re: Zooplus code???

i always try STOCK-UP which gives you 5%. If you want to stack up your discounts and buy your food regularly from Zooplus, its well worth getting membership for another discount, and finally if you register and log-in to the site through topcashback you get another level of discount! I usually manag...
by thepooles
21 Dec 2013, 16:54
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: So chuffed!
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Re: So chuffed!

well done to all! do we have the chance of seeing the dance on video? :D
by thepooles
21 Dec 2013, 16:53
Forum: Health Matters
Topic: Please help us cope:((
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Re: Please help us cope:((

So sorry :( as far as decisions go this has to be yours. all i can say that if it were me i would be guided by the vet as to what the kindest thing to do is, and go with that. whether you get a little longer or a little shorter to be with him, if you've done it for the right reasons and with his qua...
by thepooles
09 Nov 2013, 22:53
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Pet Insurance on Watchdog tonight 8-9pm
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Re: Pet Insurance on Watchdog tonight 8-9pm

i'd say insurance is something you hope will be a waste of your money……and you never want to claim. however, when something goes wrong OMG you'll be glad you've got cover. We've spent over £3,000 in 7 months on Beth, who last Christmas was fit and healthy and now has heart, bowel and addison's disea...
by thepooles
20 Oct 2013, 17:52
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Cody's feeling under the weather...
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Re: Cody's feeling under the weather...

has this happened before or is yesterday's under-the-weather a one-off? i'm feeling particularly sensitive as my doodle has just been diagnosed with Addison's, the symptoms are vague but come and go and are difficult to diagnose, and sound a bit like you're describing with Cody, its just a thought, ...
by thepooles
13 Jul 2013, 22:32
Forum: Pet Insurance
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Petplan for me everytime pay about £23 a month for Beth but in the past 4 months have claimed over £3000 with no questions as she underwent tests and got diagnosed with both bowel and heart disease. She's on about £100worth of medications per month for life, plus 3 monthly blood tests and occasional...
by thepooles
01 Apr 2012, 18:15
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Topic: bella boo the giant?
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Re: bella boo the giant?

Liz! I've always enjoyed your posts, and love this forum. On the whole, if something pops up that we don't feel is right in our opinion I've always found contributors gently cajole, offer advice and try to persuade a change of view. At first the mediator in me didn't refer to your post specifically...
by thepooles
27 Aug 2011, 22:28
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: rosie gnawed up my baby's foot :(
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Re: rosie gnawed up my baby's foot :(

speechlesss no 2

please dont leave your defenceless toddler along with your puppy. Children come first, second and last. and i love dogs. but we must protect the defenceless, there is no excuse.

sorry. but thats it.
by thepooles
16 Aug 2011, 17:46
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Topic: Food - Is there a right answer?
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Re: Food - Is there a right answer?

i've tried allsorts, i've never gone to cheap and cheerful but do watch out to see if there are any offers about. my beth has a sensitive tum so i try to avoid food with too much grains (or any grains if possible) so far, mine have enjoyed fish4dogs (but quite a lot of poo, although firm (sorry)) bu...
by thepooles
03 Mar 2011, 09:13
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: In need of some urgent advice
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Re: In need of some urgent advice

What a dreadful story, I'm so sorry for your girls who must feel very confused, shame on the breeder for acting so aggressively. There are some brilliant breeders out there, you may decide to try again once your nerves have settled, I'm sure lots of folks on here can recommend loving, caring breede...
by thepooles
28 Feb 2011, 21:00
Forum: Health Matters
Topic: Grooming - Fleece Coated Doodle Mums PLEASE READ
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Re: Grooming - Fleece Coated Doodle Mums PLEASE READ

just supporting the greatness of the green les pooches brush - its an absolute godsend and changes 1 hour challenge of getting a smooth coat into a nice 10 minute pleasurable experience - a no brainer! i've not had to use a comb since i started, and somehow the matts just dont seem to come back as q...
by thepooles
12 Feb 2011, 00:49
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Les Poochs
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Re: Les Poochs

since i got the green les pooches my life has changed, for the better :D harvey, as long as he is well brushed with the green single brush, stays matt free, and its just lovely :D i dont know how it works, but somehow the les pooches gets to the skin, without upsetting them, and without them knottin...
by thepooles
22 Jan 2011, 16:18
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Cass would like to introduce.....
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Re: Cass would like to introduce.....

congratulations! that video is just beautiful, but i'm really intrigued - i would have thought that a new mum was very protective over her young and wouldnt have let another dog so close - is it always true that household dogs are allowed in to new pups? or are you just very lucky with sadie? Also t...
by thepooles
22 Jan 2011, 13:34
Forum: Health Matters
Topic: Jackson is leaving us, but going to better pastures I hope x
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Re: Jackson is leaving us, but going to better pastures I hope x

ah bless, you've had a right week. hope you do something lovely as a family together this weekend, and enjoy the stress free environment. i think you're absolutely right in what you're going to do next, and wish you all the best xxx
by thepooles
21 Jan 2011, 00:01
Forum: Health Matters
Topic: Jackson is leaving us, but going to better pastures I hope x
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Re: Jackson is leaving us, but going to better pastures I hope x

Oh heck what a few days........I bet you've shed some tears. I can only expo what others have said -great breeder what a lifesaver for you. I really hope you can relax no, life mustve been fraught for months. You'll know if and when The time is right to invite a new rodders into your home, and I'm s...