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by bertiesmum
27 Mar 2009, 10:37
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Woof wont pee or poo in public???
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Re: Woof wont pee or poo in public???

I remember Bertie being a bit like this, so we had a few mornings where I got up a bit early, got dressed straight away and took him out for a short walk - didn't let him go in the garden first. He was so desperate, he had to wee when we were out and lost all his inhibitions about doing it! Now it f...
by bertiesmum
25 Feb 2009, 16:01
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: ideas for frozen food in kong
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Re: ideas for frozen food in kong

In the past I've done mixtures of banana, apple, carrot and peanut butter, plus a bit of melted cheese in the bottom. I also buy the Naturediet packs - one pack will fill 4 large Kongs or nearly 3 extra large (guessing here as we've got 2 large and 1 extra large, and a pack fills them all with a bit...
by bertiesmum
17 Feb 2009, 11:10
Forum: Health Matters
Topic: How much does your Doodle weigh?
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Re: How much does your Doodle weigh?

Bertie's coming up to 16 months, is 25" to the shoulder and weighs 25kg. He was a bit more (26.5kg) before he was castrated and I was concerned about not letting him gain weight, but I might have to feed him a bit more! I think most of the weight loss has been due to the fact that we've both been do...
by bertiesmum
13 Feb 2009, 19:42
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: what other pets do you have
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Re: what other pets do you have

Three cats - Fred, George and Oscar (who arrived 4 weeks ago having been abandoned!) Bertie the labradoodle Two budgies, Charlie and Lemony (after Lemony Snicket - she's yellow!) We did have a hamster called Roly Mole until just before Xmas but he escaped and hasn't been seen since! Which is just as...
by bertiesmum
02 Feb 2009, 19:53
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: How come we only got a sprinkling of snow :(
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Re: How come we only got a sprinkling of snow :(

We didn't have a massive amount of snow either (well - not so far, but we're in the west so maybe it's coming!)
Still, he enjoyed what we had!
by bertiesmum
30 Jan 2009, 22:46
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Who is your Doodle like?
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Re: Who is your Doodle like?

I've always thought of my Barles as Bertie Wooster (played by Hugh Laurie, of course): enthusiastic, bouncy, often in trouble of some sort, playful, a teeny bit hair brained, good looking, and rather charming Funnily enough, that's why we named ours Bertie. I think my OH hoped he'd end up like that...
by bertiesmum
27 Jan 2009, 20:45
Forum: Labradoodle M.E.S.S. (Meet Every Second Sunday)
Topic: North West Meet?
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Re: North West Meet?

Just bumping this again as we don't have a North Wales meet, so would be very interested if there was a North West meet planned.
by bertiesmum
27 Jan 2009, 19:03
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: When do boys learn to cock their legs?
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Re: When do boys learn to cock their legs?

Bertie was 10 months. He nearly fell over the first time! For a while he only seemed to be able to lift the right leg, so we had to go for anti-clockwise walks! A few weeks later he started with the left one, and nearly fell over again. If we're on the beach and there's nothing to wee against, he wi...
by bertiesmum
06 Jan 2009, 20:57
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Large Labradoodle Puppy wanted
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Re: Large Labradoodle Puppy wanted

Hi Angela, We got Bertie from "Not Just Any Old Labradoodles' in Shropshire if that's anywhere near you. Lucy breeds standard F1s and F1bs and seems to breed more chocolates than creams, although she is planning a goldendoodle litter. Bertie's about 25 inches at the shoulder now. The picture is Bert...
by bertiesmum
16 Dec 2008, 22:03
Forum: Health Matters
Topic: Recovery time after neuturing....
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Re: Recovery time after neuturing....

Our vet said lead walks only for about a week, which was about right for him. I wasn't prepared for the amount of swelling and was almost convinced that they had left one in! It was really about 3 weeks before it started to settle down, but he wasn't bothered by it. The onlt thing I'd say about a be...
by bertiesmum
14 Dec 2008, 18:22
Forum: Reviews
Topic: Shock absorber for dog leads
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Re: Shock absorber for dog leads

We've got something similar to one of these The whole lead absorbs the shock and the more they pull, the more it pulls them back, but does it gently. My OH got ours from P@H and I'm not sure what it's called, but it certainly i...
by bertiesmum
28 Nov 2008, 20:29
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Squirrels
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Bertie's just over a year old now, so this is our first autumn with him and the squirrels are driving us both demented! We live near lots of lovely woods and I never noticed them through the summer, but since all the leaves have fallen and the nuts are lying on the ground, they're everywhere! I've h...
by bertiesmum
28 Oct 2008, 00:32
Forum: Health Matters
Topic: Castration - article
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Re: Castration - article

Bertie had his op about a month ago which I agonised about, but he seemed to be pretty fully grown, has a big chest and he did have large testicles which he seemed to pay a lot of attention to! My teenage daughters now feel that he is calmer with them and he doesn't run off as much, but otherwise is...
by bertiesmum
07 Oct 2008, 10:12
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Advice: Kongs and Kong Paste?
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Re: Advice: Kongs and Kong Paste?

Bertie gets left most days for 3 or 4 hours, so I give him a Kong each time. We've used the Naturediet puppy (recommended at puppy training) and one pack will fill about 4 Kongs, which I freeze and give to him just as we leave. He's usually still working on it when we get back! We did buy Kong paste...
by bertiesmum
30 Sep 2008, 09:45
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Naming Pets
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Re: Naming Pets

My OH likes Jeeves and Wooster. We already have a cat called Fred (Jeeves' first name), so we used Bertie! We've also got George the cat and have had Ron and Harry the guinea pigs, Hermione and Victor the rabbits (Harry Potter - I know, you've probably guessed), Jess the cat (Postman Pat), Charlie a...