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by annabanana
12 May 2010, 19:30
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Wow eleven - that's amazing!! Congratulations to Ruby. I really wish I could have one but I know what the OH would say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by annabanana
10 May 2010, 17:44
Forum: Garden of Remembrance
Topic: Barney
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Re: Barney

Sorry to hear about Barney - he has had a lovely life with you.
by annabanana
09 May 2010, 12:54
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Happy birthday Bonzo
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Re: Happy birthday Bonzo

Happy Birthday to me and Bonzo. Hope you are doing ok bro - I have been on a long walk and got a new pink bandana (I'd rather have beer though!!) My mum has made me a cake with sardines, it smells delicious! Hope to see you soon, Love Willow xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ps I hope you have sorted out that weeing ...
by annabanana
11 Apr 2010, 19:47
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Topic: photos of beckhampton walk on friday 9th april
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Re: photos of beckhampton walk on friday 9th april

Hi Great photos - Rhona is the photo of the black dood on his own (with the long tongue) Bonzo? If so he sooooo looks like a black version of Willow!
by annabanana
10 Apr 2010, 00:01
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Topic: MK/Bedford Meet
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Re: MK/Bedford Meet

Sorry we can't come. Will hopefully make the next one.
by annabanana
09 Apr 2010, 18:19
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Topic: Wee and Grass
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Re: Wee and Grass

Hi there, I too have had wee patches on my grass but think I have solved the problem accidently. Last weekend my OH took up our slabbed path and put down a load of gravel (very cheap) just because it looks better but as an added bonus we have noticed that Willow is choosing to wee on the gravel inst...
by annabanana
28 Mar 2010, 21:41
Forum: Labradoodle M.E.S.S. (Meet Every Second Sunday)
Topic: Next Bedford/MK meet - Saturday 10th April
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Re: Next Bedford/MK meet - Saturday 10th April

I would love to come to the next meet if that would be ok - I couldn't make it this weekend but the photos are great. I live in Warwickshire but think it will only take an hour to get to the meeting place. However, as you can see, I do have a cream dood! :lol:

Looking forward to the 10th ....
by annabanana
06 Mar 2010, 19:40
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Topic: The Lyke Wake Walk, Yorkshire.
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Re: The Lyke Wake Walk, Yorkshire.

I'm not sure of the terrain either. Willow is in training with me so we are covering about 6 miles a day and at least 10 miles at the weekend. My husband is in the support team so he can take her at one of our stops if need be. To be honest I think the weather will have alot to do with it as we are ...
by annabanana
06 Mar 2010, 16:09
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Topic: The Lyke Wake Walk, Yorkshire.
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The Lyke Wake Walk, Yorkshire.

Hi Everyone, I have been roped into doing the Lyke Wake Walk across the North Yorkshire Moors to raise funds for charity. This is a 40 mile walk that has to be done in 24 hours. We are planning to have four breaks and have a suupport team (thanks hubbys) to bring us food and clean socks etc- so not ...
by annabanana
04 Mar 2010, 20:21
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Topic: now i need earplugs!!!!
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Re: now i need earplugs!!!!

Ha! We have the same problem with Willow's pryamid - it's soooo loud and takes all the paint off the skirting boards too!!!!
by annabanana
19 Feb 2010, 19:22
Forum: Training Issues
Topic: Chasing pigs !
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Re: Chasing pigs !

You have my sympathy I have the same trouble with Willow. She once got into a field of sheep and acted in exactly the way you have decribed in your post. Luckily I managed, by poor fluke, to grab her before any damage was done but I was badly shaken. I live in the country surrounded by fields and on...
by annabanana
16 Feb 2010, 11:07
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Topic: Lazy Lawn.
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Lazy Lawn.

After following the topic about poor Carly's lawn I am very interested to hear more about this wonderful lazy grass - it looks great (my lawn looks doodled)!. I have looked on the web site but I would like to ask the lucky people who have this grass if they installed it themselves (was it hard?) or ...
by annabanana
02 Jan 2010, 19:53
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Topic: page dog???:-)
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Re: page dog???:-)

Yippee for you! Congratulations and I'm sure Bonzo will be wanting to invite his sister to sit in church with him!!!!!!! Oh dear could you imagine.....................
by annabanana
23 Dec 2009, 12:30
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Happy Birthday
Love from Willow xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
by annabanana
16 Oct 2009, 18:46
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Topic: after sympathy...
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Re: after sympathy...

oh my poor, poor brother. I really hope you get well soon. You are so lucky as I'm not allowed on the sofa so milk it for all it's worth!

Love from Willow xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx