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by DebNick
23 Jul 2009, 00:30
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Too excited when the door bell rings!!
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Re: Too excited when the door bell rings!!

Blossom (Cuillin's sister! :D ) also gets very excited when anybody comes to the house. What we do is to make her sit before the door is answered. When we open the door, if she then tries to jump up at the person (as she nearly always does), we once again make her sit before they're allowed to give ...
by DebNick
23 Jul 2009, 00:07
Forum: Introductions
Topic: He's here at last!!!!
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Re: He's here at last!!!!

What a gorgeous puppy!! Our labradoodle Blossom is Digby's half-sister so our two dogs are related (Blossom is Dexter's half-aunt). Blossom is just over a year now and has a wonderful temperament. We met Digby when we picked Blsosom up and he was an extremely friendly dog, so Dexter should be a bril...
by DebNick
18 Jun 2009, 00:52
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Nosey Doodle!!
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Re: Nosey Doodle!!

I think nosiness is a doodle thing. Our neighbour said she often sees Blossom peering over the fence at her - even when she's doing the washing up in the kitchen, Blossom's sometimes watching. She's a bit of a peeping Tom!!!
by DebNick
18 Jun 2009, 00:35
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Topic: What Breed is He?
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Re: What Breed is He?

Blossom's been called several different things over the ten months we've had her - a bear, a wheaten terrier, a portugese water dog, but the most common is an old english sheepdog. I've trimmed her fur quite short last week, so now she looks like a curly little lamb. :)
by DebNick
25 Jan 2009, 21:48
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Topic: Leeds meet photos
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Re: Leeds meet photos

Blossom had a wonderful time today. She was exhausted when we got in + yeah her muddy boots have washed off nicely :lol:
It was great meeting everyone and hope to see you all again at another meet :D
by DebNick
07 Sep 2008, 21:13
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Topic: Cuillin at 10 weeks !
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Re: Cuillin at 10 weeks !

Lovely pictures. Cuillin is so gorgeous - it's going to be great watching him grow. :D I'll get some more piccies of Blossom soon.
by DebNick
04 Sep 2008, 23:04
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Topic: few new pupppy questions- needing answers
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Re: few new pupppy questions- needing answers

HI!! :D :D :D I can't believe there is someone else on here, who has a Didlington Doodle. We have Blossom (the lilac puppy), also from Cuillin's litter, so we have met Cuillin before, when he was 5 weeks old. We are also having a few mouthing problems with Blossom, but there is some great advice on ...