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by kmac44
12 Apr 2010, 23:52
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Introducing Isla
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Introducing Isla

We have been lurking on here getting fab info and advice for over a year now and tonight I was determind to get to grips with photobucket so here goes. Isla is now 17 months and loves socks, teddies, dining room chairs, playing football with our boys as long as its their ball, causing general chaos ...
by kmac44
12 Apr 2010, 23:22
Forum: Labradoodle M.E.S.S. (Meet Every Second Sunday)
Topic: Portobello Beach Doodle Meet (Edinburgh)
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Re: Portobello Beach Doodle Meet (Edinburgh)

We would love to come but we too have something on that weekend, please let us know if you have another we are only an hour away and have never had the pleasure/experience of a doodle meet! Kathleen Ps have spent the last hour creating a picture of Isla and I cant get it to come over here i'm pressi...
by kmac44
09 Feb 2010, 18:06
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: lanarkshire or glasgow meet?
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Re: lanarkshire or glasgow meet?

Ooh we are just outside stirling and would love to come so I'll keep a look out for further details. Isla also jumps when she meets someone so it will be chaos with all these mad doods running about. Ballach on the 1st would be great for us, we have never been on a doodle meet before so it will be g...
by kmac44
09 Feb 2010, 18:00
Forum: Labradoodle M.E.S.S. (Meet Every Second Sunday)
Topic: scotland walk?
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Re: scotland walk?

Hi there

Where on the west coast were you thinking of any when?

We have F1 15 month old and would try to come if it wasnt too far up, we are up and down to Oban on a regular basis.
by kmac44
10 Aug 2009, 17:02
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Happy pee
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Re: Happy pee

Hi there, Isla is 9 months and can still do this although much much less than before. Our next door neighbours had folk in, we were going for a walk and they were very kind in coming out to say hello, i'm praying to myself but no she peed all over the ladys shoes, I was mortified. She was also prone...
by kmac44
27 Jul 2009, 22:03
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Frog Nightmare (we think...)
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Re: Frog Nightmare (we think...)

Hi there Isla has actually eaten a frog/toad she managed to grab ironically on our way to puppy training!! It took her a while to chew it and she crunched her way as I tried to get it off her without any luck whilst shouting and dancing about like a looney trying to get her to drop it. I realised th...
by kmac44
13 Jul 2009, 16:07
Forum: Training Issues
Topic: doing toilet on rug!!
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Re: doing toilet on rug!!

Hi there this is what Isla did to us. We did use training pads so its not that. She would make a beeline for the hall rug and we were advised that this was because it was soft underfoot just like grass. We kept them hidden for months! She is good now and is trusted (if clean) to get into the sitting...
by kmac44
10 Jul 2009, 21:14
Forum: General Discussion
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Hi there, when Isla was younger she wouldnt drink either, we took her to the vet who assured us that no dog will ever allow themselves to become dehydrated. But it was still a major concern for us. We found that putting ice cubes in her bowl helped. We put the ice cubes on the floor first to lead he...
by kmac44
27 May 2009, 16:35
Forum: Health Matters
Topic: Bit bothered
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Re: Bit bothered

Hi there Our Isla has been having similar problems recently. She is nearly 8 months old is 20kg and has been speyed. When we were out she would sit down suddenly, or turn round and look as though she had been stung in her rear end but there was nothing to see. She was also reluctant to go for a pee ...
by kmac44
26 May 2009, 22:09
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Updated Pics of Poppy after 5 months
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Re: Updated Pics of Poppy after 5 months

Hi there, what gorgeous pics of a gorgeous girl! Interesting point of looking innocent and nicking socks thats Isla's party piece, its great to know that she is not the only one who does it but remains gorgeous! Enjoy her, they have got great natures havent they, although sometimes she drives us mad...
by kmac44
25 May 2009, 16:09
Forum: Health Matters
Topic: Rubys had her stitches out
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Re: Rubys had her stitches out

Hi there, Isla was speyed during the Easter hols, she was very good while her stiches were in but we have never had any blood, I would ring your vet for advice and they can reassure you. Let us know how you get on, as its always a learing curve for everyone on this forum which personally I have foun...
by kmac44
18 May 2009, 20:42
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Today I want to cry :((
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Re: Today I want to cry :((

Dee, I have just read this and my heart goes out to you all, this is awful. I agree surely there must be some semi sedative that could be given to help, it seems almost cruel to let him wait with no help to make the time go quicker for all of you. Its amazing how the other dogs just know isnt it, th...
by kmac44
02 May 2009, 17:34
Forum: Health Matters
Topic: Eating dandelions
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Re: Eating dandelions

Isla does this too, I thought it was just her! Great to know others have the same problem. She looks like the cow from the magic roundabout chewing them! (I'm showing my age). Does anyone have any tips on how to stop them from chewing anything in sight when they are out, she has also been known to h...
by kmac44
27 Apr 2009, 22:46
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Willow joins up!
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Re: Willow joins up!

Hi there, its lovely to look at photos of other doodles as they are all so very different, but Willow is the spitting image of our Isla! I havent been clever enough to work out how to put a photo on but will try to show you. Isla is nearly 6 months and casts an awful awful lot, does Willow? One of t...
by kmac44
11 Apr 2009, 21:37
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Meg is spayed and back to 'normal'!!!!!!!
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Re: Meg is spayed and back to 'normal'!!!!!!!

Thank you for this, Isla is going in next Tuesday and I have been feely so worried and guilty about it, I really hope she copes and recovers as quickly! Its so good to read about others experiences!