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by kiwi&dood
28 Feb 2011, 18:53
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Topic: As requested, a new before and after!
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Re: As requested, a new before and after!

It really is astounding, what a difference you must feel like a different person. Well done.
by kiwi&dood
12 Feb 2011, 19:12
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Topic: Help Needed
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Re: Help Needed

I used to vary Dylans food when he was little as I thought he might find the same thing boring, he got more and more fussy. The vet advised me to pick one food, one flavour and stick to it. We give him biscuit and Nature Diet chicken as a topper. He stopped being fussy and has never done it since. I...
by kiwi&dood
10 Feb 2011, 18:43
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Topic: We have a many tears doggy x
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Re: We have a many tears doggy x

How wonderful - congratulations....but were are the pics!!! She sounds a delightful mix but I cant imagine what she looks like! :D
by kiwi&dood
08 Feb 2011, 19:49
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Topic: Doodle dieting difficulties
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Re: Doodle dieting difficulties

Maybe your dood hasn't had as much exercise as normal? I would not have thought carrots would contribute to weight gain. :?
by kiwi&dood
05 Feb 2011, 19:01
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Topic: can antibiotics and anti sickness cause swelling?
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Re: can antibiotics and anti sickness cause swelling?

Our out of hours vet charges the same however they were very good at giving advice over the phone first (for free) and didnt get us to come in uneccessarily so it didnt seem like they were trying to cash in. It might be the same with your vet? Just for future reference. :D glad all is well now
by kiwi&dood
02 Feb 2011, 19:06
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Topic: Scared-y Cat
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Re: Scared-y Cat

we had to virtually drag dylan down the street. We found a squeaky ball helped :P
by kiwi&dood
19 Jan 2011, 20:43
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Topic: OMG!!! The worst problem of all!
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Re: OMG!!! The worst problem of all!

Have you tried holding him down? When dylan got too big for his boots we held him down using our hand like a claw and pin him to the ground usually round the neck area. It is supposed to mimic the mother dog. If you pin them down for a few minutes they usually stop wiggling and sigh and thats the si...
by kiwi&dood
13 Jan 2011, 20:58
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Topic: I love my Bruno
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Re: I love my Bruno

Great day! They do continue to turn into softies. Dylan used to give me dirty looks if i rested my hand on him while we was sleeping, now he snuggles right in! They are funny......
by kiwi&dood
13 Jan 2011, 20:55
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Topic: Hello from Noodles
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Re: Hello from Noodles


As the others have said, Dylan also looked a bit like Noodles and he's a scruff. If left long, his back is wavy but he has a shaggy curly legs....... :lol:
by kiwi&dood
11 Jan 2011, 23:12
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Topic: Husband two timing me! What can I do
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Re: Husband two timing me! What can I do

I have been having an affair with a tall dark handsome fella for 18 months now. My husband has left me because of it, well I think he has, I couldnt be sure, to be honest I wouldnt have noticed..................... :lol:
by kiwi&dood
10 Jan 2011, 20:14
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Topic: Weighty problems??
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Re: Weighty problems??

Dylan loves and happily munches on carrots...its a great habit to get them into as its low cal x
by kiwi&dood
10 Jan 2011, 20:13
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Topic: Have I missed it?
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Re: Have I missed it?

Sorry what with xmas and all I totally forgot!

Sorry :D
by kiwi&dood
10 Jan 2011, 20:04
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Topic: Results DECEMBER PHOTO competition
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Results DECEMBER PHOTO competition As always it has been very difficult to choose a winner so my other half has done the judging and his favourite was BERTIE!!! I think it was his amazing snow boots and action running shot which did it. Congratulations! Thanks to ...
by kiwi&dood
07 Jan 2011, 20:04
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Topic: Rupert is a 'Dad' again!
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Re: Rupert is a 'Dad' again!

He's a handsome boy....
by kiwi&dood
06 Jan 2011, 20:17
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Topic: Refresher non spill dog bowl
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Refresher non spill dog bowl ... pf_id=7704

Has anyone got a Road Refresher dog bowl? Are they good at stopping dribble on doodle beards??