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by Allison
16 Jul 2010, 22:42
Forum: Health Matters
Topic: Pooing in the house on a night all of a sudden??!!
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Re: Pooing in the house on a night all of a sudden??!!

Re the pooing in the house. If it's mucosy it could be colitis. A previous dog had this most of his adult life. He starting by doing mucosy poos whilst we were out. He was practically instantly cured with Linco Water ( a table spoon every day which he had for most of the rest of his life. linco Wate...
by Allison
23 Jun 2010, 21:16
Forum: Health Matters
Topic: help coughing
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Re: help coughing

I have ( on the vet's recomendation) use Benylyn (sp) for kennel cough. It depends on what you've got in!
by Allison
15 Jun 2010, 19:10
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Our Little Obi- as the weeks go by...
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Re: Our Little Obi- as the weeks go by...

A previous dog we had had colitis pretty much on and off throughout his life. However he was prescribed linco water, which is a medicine usually prescribed for pigs (or it was about 10 years ago. It worked a treat, (instantly if I remember) he had to keep on it, but it was just a table spoon mixed i...
by Allison
15 Jun 2010, 08:07
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Hair trimming
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Re: Hair trimming

Max's coat is curly in places and shaggy in others. I don't like the 'shorn sheep' look, I think Max would look as though he was half starved, as he's quite lean ( he's nearly 8 months old). I have just bought a furminator (£7 from eBay ) which has taken the thick fur out, and sissors for the stragg...
by Allison
10 Jun 2010, 18:01
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: The beginning of a beautiful friendship
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Re: The beginning of a beautiful friendship

Hummmm. How about "is this a meat pie?"
by Allison
09 Jun 2010, 20:16
Forum: Health Matters
Topic: Stress Incontinence!
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Stress Incontinence!

Max was really easy to house train, although since he doesn't bark, it was just a question of letting him out a lot. However, he is now 7 months old and for the past month or so has been suffering from 'stress incontinence' whenever he is excited or being told off we have a bit of a leak. He doesn't...
by Allison
05 Jun 2010, 16:59
Forum: Garden of Remembrance
Topic: Tenby - the best rabbit
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Re: Tenby - the best rabbit

Thinking of you, just remember the good times.
by Allison
05 Jun 2010, 16:10
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Hello and help
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Re: Hello and help

How about spraying with that animal repellant stuff, Scent Off I think it's called, presumably it smells horrible, but only to animals. I've no experience of it, just a thought. Fortunately, Max doesn't chew(yet), he just pinches things and runs off!
by Allison
03 Jun 2010, 19:54
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Near miss...
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Re: Near miss...

If you were a rubbish owner, you wouldn't care. All I can say is I too have been there and got the t shirt.
by Allison
01 Jun 2010, 20:38
Forum: Health Matters
Topic: Tenby update
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Re: Tenby update

Sorry to hear about Tenby. At least now she is home, and with those who
love her
by Allison
30 May 2010, 17:23
Forum: Health Matters
Topic: Out of hours emergancy vets - Leeds
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Re: Out of hours emergancy vets - Leeds

Sorry to hear about Tenby. Positive vibes from us. Will be thinking of you on Tuesday
by Allison
27 May 2010, 22:31
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Any water will do!
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Re: Any water will do!

Max hates water as a rule, but was snapping at the hose at the weekend whilst I was filling up
the fish pond. His favourite way of helping in the garden is to drink the water as I am watering the plants with the watering can
by Allison
25 May 2010, 21:11
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Nail cutting
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Re: Nail cutting

I have some clippers, but made the mistake a couple of weeks ago of taking 2 very small chuncks off the same nail. Max didn't seem to care, but there was blood every where. It took ages to stop. Lesson learnt, just one bit at a time! What's a stpytic ( sorry, can't see the spelling) pencil? Where do...
by Allison
24 May 2010, 17:46
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: the boys favourite exercise
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Re: the boys favourite exercise

Brilliant! The first one is a treasure!
Max hates water so is suffering a bit in this heat
by Allison
20 May 2010, 22:12
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Car travel safety - what do you use?
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Re: Car travel safety - what do you use?

Max has a harness that plugs into the sear belt. He goes on the back seat. It's much easier than allowing him loose in the boot. I can open the car door and he can't get out until he is on his lead and under control