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by Jac
19 Jul 2006, 18:43
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: New Chat Forum
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Looks an interesting site but I'm still waiting for my activation code!! :(
by Jac
07 Jul 2006, 12:48
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Bitches in Season
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My bitch didn't have her first season until she was over a year old, and now comes into season once every 11 months! So don't worry, there is quite a wide variation to what is 'normal'.
by Jac
03 Jun 2006, 21:05
Forum: Looking For Mates
Topic: Where can I find a poodle stud dog?
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Where can I find a poodle stud dog?

Does anyone know where I can find a poodle stud dog for my yellow lab. I have bred labradors before and would like to breed my first litter of labradoodles (keeping one pup for myself!).