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by trinared
15 Dec 2009, 20:38
Forum: Training Issues
Topic: Recall and jumping - HELP!!!
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Re: Recall and jumping - HELP!!!

Marley is now 18 months and has not improved with recall and jumping up at all. We went to training classes where he was the perfect student, but out in the real world he is flying off after every person, animal, cyclist and jogger that he sees before I do. We usually walk away calling him in silly ...
by trinared
10 Aug 2009, 19:09
Forum: General Discussion
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Marley was a chewer from 8 weeks old. He chewed the dining room table and chair legs, skirting board corners, ornaments, house plants, flooring....... until he was about 6 months old when he seemed to divert his attention to his toys and rawhide donuts. He has his own toy basket and knows that anyth...
by trinared
06 Aug 2009, 20:37
Forum: Health Matters
Topic: How do you cope with 2 strong doodles on leads??
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Re: How do you cope with 2 strong doodles on leads??

I have tried the harness which encouraged Marley to pull even more as he thought he was a sleigh dog! The I tried the halti, but it rode up close to his eyes and he was always trying to pull it off. I now use the Canny Collar which is fantastic. It doesn't ride up near his eyes at all. He doesnt pul...
by trinared
06 Aug 2009, 20:01
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Leaving a Labradoodle during the day
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Re: Leaving a Labradoodle during the day

Hi It definately can work. We work all day too. I took 3 weeks off when we brought Marley home at 8 weeks old. After that granny came over every day until he was 6 months old so he was only alone for a couple of hours max each day. Until he was about 4 months old he really needed the company and put...