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by Clairejen
01 May 2013, 18:59
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Devestated :(
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Re: Devestated :(

I'm so sorry to read this, I can only imagine how sick and worried you must feel. Cancers vary a lot, but our gsd cross had an enormous tumour on her spleen aged 9, it was taken out and she lived to 13, never had any secondaries. Dogs tend to make good recoveries as they do not have the mental hang-...
by Clairejen
28 Apr 2013, 17:34
Forum: Labradoodle M.E.S.S. (Meet Every Second Sunday)
Topic: Any Doodlers in Sleepy Suffolk?
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Re: Any Doodlers in Sleepy Suffolk?

There are several around Bury area but that's quite a way from you.
by Clairejen
17 Apr 2013, 15:39
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Are dogs allowed on the inland beaches & in lakes in France?
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Re: Are dogs allowed on the inland beaches & in lakes in Fra

Usually they are not allowed on the sandy area of swimming lakes, these often have lifeguards etc in the summer so you can't just do it anyway! However dogs are mostly able to swim in other bits of lakes, and plans d'eau (provided you don't disturb fishermen) and rivers.
by Clairejen
13 Apr 2013, 16:53
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Stole a a strangers bicycle pump.
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Re: Stole a a strangers bicycle pump.

I just knew this had to be Wurly when I saw the thread title!! She is such a character :lol:
by Clairejen
04 Apr 2013, 23:10
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: So why did you get a doodle?
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Re: So why did you get a doodle?

We had lost our elderly GSD cross and wanted another crossbreed as we dislike the whole KC/pedigree thing, and a pup rather than a rescue as we had only ever had one dog at a time and thought that in another 15 years we might feel too old to cope with a puppy. My boss had recently got a goldendoodle...
by Clairejen
04 Apr 2013, 22:57
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: hunter killer?
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Re: hunter killer?

They make you laugh on a daily basis don't they? I'm afraid Leon is another confirmed killer, it would take a very large duck indeed to scare him off.
by Clairejen
31 Mar 2013, 15:57
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Caught in the act.
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Re: Caught in the act.

Oh Wurly, the temptation was just toooo much. And it serves them right for not letting you do the easter egg hunt - I bet you'd have been better at it than the kids :lol: .
by Clairejen
10 Mar 2013, 17:01
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Missing dog
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Re: Missing dog

Awful news, my heart goes out to them. Has she been reported to dogslost and put on facebook? Seems like good publicity massively increases the chance of getting your dog back.
by Clairejen
06 Mar 2013, 17:43
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Henry ate my pants.
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Re: Henry ate my pants.

If it was a quick swallow then it should just come back up, if he had a good chew first you'll get some interesting stuff appearing the other end. I've had lots of such events with various doodles, never had one get stuck yet (touch wood).
by Clairejen
05 Mar 2013, 18:54
Forum: Health Matters
Topic: Dentastix
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Re: Dentastix

Our dogs love these ... -c-601_620 but they don't last long, mind you neither do dentastix.
by Clairejen
28 Feb 2013, 18:27
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Mr Darcy - 2nd op
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Re: Mr Darcy - 2nd op

How horrible for all of you, poor little boy! It's awful seeing them in pain, I hope he recovers soon - he may not be over keen to return to that vet. I've not come across a mono-testicular dog, but since this occurs in other species (including humans) it is likely to happen with dogs too. It could ...
by Clairejen
25 Feb 2013, 23:10
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Boarders.
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Re: Boarders.

We've had doodles for their hols sometimes, as have other owners who post on here. After all, another lunatic around the place doesn't make a lot of difference for a week or two. Unfortunately we are over the other side of the country from you, plus we are going away ourselves in June. But no doubt ...
by Clairejen
24 Feb 2013, 16:24
Forum: Introductions
Topic: hello and a little helpplease
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Re: hello and a little helpplease

If there are any doodles in your area it might be worth meeting them and seeing how your wife gets on up close. Going on a doodle meet would be ideal, you get to see the behaviour/recall or lack of too ( :oops: )
by Clairejen
24 Feb 2013, 00:04
Forum: Health Matters
Topic: Bruno had the chemical implant today
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Re: Bruno had the chemical implant today

It will be interesting to hear how he gets on, what behaviour are you hoping to improve?