A personal statement

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Carole g
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A personal statement

Post by Carole g » 02 Jan 2009, 14:56

I am going to clarify a few matters that have been the topic of pms and posts on this and other forums.
The first will be my litter: Marigold was taken abroad to mate in the summer, her first, and all being well, her only litter; both dogs were fully health tested above and beyond the standard required in their own country and with excellent results. I received some insulting pms, and some nonsense was also posted, because of this I gave the results of the tests to a Labradoodle breeder you know and respect so that it would be clear that I practise what I preach, that is breeding only from the best stock and very infrequently. I’ve had 2 litters this century and kept a puppy from both, neither of these will be bred unless they are of a very high standard and no breeding will be ever be done for financial gain.
I could not come online and share my happiness over this litter because the safety of my dogs and family were directly threatened by a large commercial breeder who said in addition to other alarming threats that they would “get” my dogs. I’m glad to say this conversation was recorded.
I have waited for the puppies to be safely homed and well settled before this announcement. I know exactly the location of all the dogs I have bred, they are happy and in loving homes, with my back up if they need it.

My suspension
It is fair to say that the moderator and I have both lost faith in each other's good judgement. The 2 posts I made in the 24 hours before my suspension were not deleted, I believe that the breakdown in trust was over matters not in the public domain and I will not say any more. I hope things will amicable in the future.
I am heartened and grateful for the amazing level of support both on and off this forum for what was a painful time. I’m delighted that my experience has been useful to some of you, I benefited greatly from the experience of older breeders when I started out in the dog world and it is good to be able to hand this on. We all build on those that taught us and all of us have still to learn, there are very few certainties and I have had my errors shown up all too frequently.

The state of the market
If you are breeding because you just fancy a litter, please don't, there are difficult times ahead.
The credit crunch came after my litter which were booked anyway, at the moment I would not breed unless I was very certain of homes, this situation is the same throughout the dog world but higher priced larger dogs will be the hardest to home. At a time of uncertainty the public do not take on extra responsibilities, and some who do will give up their pets because of financial hardship and change in lifestyle. Although breeders should accept responsibility, many dogs down on their luck are in need of the Breed Rescues and Labradoodle Rescue is doing a fantastic job with an increasing work load. It may well be the best rescue I know.

A very Happy New Year everyone, my family is looking forward to a new baby any minute now.
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Re: A personal statement

Post by Pippin » 02 Jan 2009, 15:31

Carole, so pleased to see you back posting, I feel very sad that you were unable to share Marigold's litter with us, she is a lovely girl and looks like she had a lovely litter of puppies. :D

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deb Beasor
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Re: A personal statement

Post by deb Beasor » 02 Jan 2009, 15:45

Hi Carole

Welcome back that is a beautiful picture thanks for sharing, sorry you have had such unpleasantness, it is a sad world we live in at times. :(

Wishing you & your family a Happy New Year.


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Re: A personal statement

Post by Fattysplash » 02 Jan 2009, 16:53

It's good to see you posting on here again, especially with such a lovely picture. Happy New Year! :mrgreen:
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Re: A personal statement

Post by amber » 02 Jan 2009, 17:32

Carole, you deserve a lot of respect. You have ours!

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Re: A personal statement

Post by MrsAdmin » 02 Jan 2009, 17:37

Today is a great day :lol:

I braved the sales and got bargain bedding (percale fitted sheets no less for £2!!), Becky was as good as gold all day long and I came on line with a cup of coffee to find Carole G is back :lol: :lol:

Welcome home Carole (and what a gorgeous colour Marigold and her puppies are :lol: )

Your life is certainly going to be full with dogs and new grandchild arriving. So glad to see you back amongst us all again.

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Re: A personal statement

Post by Bid » 02 Jan 2009, 17:46

Glad to see you back Carole, and it's so sad that you couldn't share your news of Marigolds litter at the time, but thanks for posting it now - she is a beautiful girl :lol:

Happy New Year - it sounds as though it's going to be a very special one for your family!
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Re: A personal statement

Post by Butterfly » 02 Jan 2009, 19:38

What a beautiful mummy she is, and what beautiful babies she had! she is a credit to you! x

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Re: A personal statement

Post by fudgepuddle » 02 Jan 2009, 19:57

I'm pleased to see you back too Carole, your help and advice has benefitted so many of us. :lol: It's not right that you've received threats in this way - everyone knows that the welfare of our dogs is closest to your heart.

Marigold looks absolutely beautiful, and what lovely pups - they are a credit to you.

welcome back! :lol:

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Re: A personal statement

Post by Hel&Mark » 02 Jan 2009, 20:45

Glad to see your name back on here, Carole. You have supported so many people, it is only right that they (we) all want to support you during your painful time. Marigold's litter is beautiful, as is Marigold. All the very best, Carole. Thanks again for everything you have given to us fellow dog lovers. 8)
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Re: A personal statement

Post by thepooles » 02 Jan 2009, 20:53

hi Carole
congratulations on the litter, and great to see you back
happy new year!


Re: A personal statement

Post by cazdelan » 02 Jan 2009, 21:48

My post seems to have gone.

I wanted to make the point that it is right that someone, so important to the future of the labradoodle breed, be allowed to use the forum as a platform to make a personal statement.

Suze & Martha
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Re: A personal statement

Post by Suze & Martha » 02 Jan 2009, 22:25

Welcome back Carole - Marigold and her pups look great !
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Re: A personal statement

Post by yoz1881 » 02 Jan 2009, 22:42

It's great to see you back Carole, I am sure that I am not the only one who has missed your wit and wisdom :D

Congratulations on Marigold's beautiful litter, and also on your expected grandchild. Is he/she to be a sibling to the lovely Tchiana?
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Re: A personal statement

Post by Amarante » 02 Jan 2009, 22:46

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

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