Willow in season????

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Willow in season????

Post by annabanana » 09 Jan 2009, 21:16

This is a really stupid question but .....................could Willow be in season without me knowing??? A couple of days ago my neighbours dog started to get a bit 'fruity' with her and today she is desperate to be outside in the garden. Also today she was licking her bits and I have not seen her do this before. I have had a good look at her back end but there is nothing obvious. By the way she is 8 months old today :lol:

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Re: Willow in season????

Post by CAROL SHAW » 09 Jan 2009, 23:00

HI yes this is possible sometimes dogs have what is known as a silent season they do not show any blood but do ovulate so could be caught and end up in pup you could have her bloode tested at the vet but if you have no male dogs of your own just keep her on the lead and be carefull for a couple of weeks she is still young so it may be nothing but you cannot be too careful

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Re: Willow in season????

Post by nashav » 09 Jan 2009, 23:03

Excessive licking and frequent wees or more like little dribbles are signs that a bitch is coming into season, also the attention of males although at this stage it is very unlikly that she will allow any 'funny' business. Trust me you will know for sure when she is in season, apart from the bloodly discharge her girly bits will look like bright red beetroots.

also keep an eye on her behaviour, if she starts to wander and becomes unresponsive to your calls it maybe best to put her on a lead as when the season kicks in so does the instinct to find a man whatever the cost.

hope this helps.
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Re: Willow in season????

Post by Jac » 10 Jan 2009, 09:17

Sounds like she could be!

Male dogs will notice she smells nice before her season actually starts. I would dab a bit of kitchen roll on her 'girly bits' everyday just is case she is really light and is keeping herself clean. However, if she takes after her mum she will be very pink and swollen (and flirty!! :lol: ) so there will be no doubt she's in season!!! :D
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Re: Willow in season????

Post by Rhonk » 10 Jan 2009, 10:57

No idea about seasons.... but Bonzo is getting very frisky and booked in for next week.... :oops: Happy 8 month birthday sis!

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