How do you feed your dog/s?

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How do you feed your Dog?

I feed commercial/complete food in a bowl
I feed Barf/similar
I feed commercial/complete foods from a Kong/Tug a jug/other device
Other - please explain
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How do you feed your dog/s?

Post by Barneyboy » 03 May 2009, 23:11

As many of you know, I don't feed my dogs from a bowl, and haven't done since I got Barney 18 months ago. Mostly they will have their food in a feeding device like a Kong or similar, but sometimes I just scatter it all on the lawn.

So - how many others feed like this, and how many use a bowl, or even feed BARF or similar?

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Re: How do you feed your dog/s?

Post by Rosikus » 03 May 2009, 23:32

Toby has most of his food in a bowl - and gets kongs filled with his food to keep him occupied sometimes.

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Re: How do you feed your dog/s?

Post by linny » 04 May 2009, 11:06

I feed from raised bowls. Home cooked meat and veg

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Re: How do you feed your dog/s?

Post by Butterfly » 04 May 2009, 11:23

Summer and jack have holistic complete and jwb pouches in bowls (with sardines or salmon oil), also treats etc in kongs.....

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Re: How do you feed your dog/s?

Post by AnnetteP » 04 May 2009, 13:13

Due to several tummy upsets Piran has been put onto Royal Canin Intestinal kibbles. They are high calorie and he doesn't get as much of them. We found he was wolfing down his meals in about 1 - 1 1/2 minutes, so now we feed him from the dog pyramid. We also put a few kibbles in a kong, and others rolled up in a teatowel that is then tied in a knot. It all helps to slow him own and keep him occupied.

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Re: How do you feed your dog/s?

Post by mistydog » 04 May 2009, 14:13

I feed raw chicken wings and raw mince with a bit of biscuit, out of a raised bowl. Freddie takes the wings out of the bowl and has to eat them off something soft, ie carpet if I forgot to close the door or one of his cushions.

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Re: How do you feed your dog/s?

Post by Kerrylou » 04 May 2009, 14:17


Having just joined the site whilst looking up BARF I am feeding complete and what I thought was the best quality, but am not a little confused. My F1 9month old bitch has lost some of her shiny coast since spaying and has a little dandruff - I feed half food in kong and half in bowl with oil/sardines/[img] yogurt- she has to have propalin syrup due to a little urine incontinence (found prior to spay). I have just bought the BARF book but if anyone has tips for a shiny coat please let me know.

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Re: How do you feed your dog/s?

Post by Bid » 04 May 2009, 16:14

Adding fish oil and vit E really helps their coats. My lab has a dust mite allergy and used to have a dreadful coat & skin probs. He has a beautiful shiny coat now :D
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Re: How do you feed your dog/s?

Post by frosty » 04 May 2009, 21:29

I feed Barf, and if minced meat is the meal they are fed from a raised bowl.

Yes as bid said, Fish oils and vit E for Coat. If its quite bad then Starflower Oil (borage) too once every couple of days.

There is loads of Info on BARF and supps for coat and skin on Doodle Times if you have time to read them.
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Re: How do you feed your dog/s?

Post by Rhonk » 04 May 2009, 21:57

Most meals are from a bowl but if i am going out and Bonzo needs to be occupied for a while i spread food out between kongs and bones etc to make them last longer.

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Re: How do you feed your dog/s?

Post by Lola » 04 May 2009, 22:01

I feed complete dog food (currently Pedigree better by nature/soon to be chudleys), tinned dog food (butchers superior or winalot classics) twice a day from a raised bowl. We also feed leftovers, scrambled eggs, porridge and lots of bones (knuckle, raw hide, filled ect..)

Cheers, Paul

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Re: How do you feed your dog/s?

Post by Hel&Mark » 05 May 2009, 07:45

Mine both have kibble, but other stuff as well, supplements, probiotics, oily fish, cottage cheese, veggies etc. We always feed in kongs now as we have discovered (thanks to Gunner's research) that the puppy digests her food better, does firmer poos and doesn't eat them, if she has had her dinner in a kong. If she is fed from a bowl, she panic eats and then has sloppy poos which she either messes with or eats. Sorry to be graphic. :oops: But Kong feeding has made her little tummy much more comfortable. :D
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Re: How do you feed your dog/s?

Post by mistyfox » 05 May 2009, 19:25

I feed Podge on half kibble (Orijen) and half other stuff - cooked meat with veggies, tinned sardines, cottage cheese, eggs, small amount of peanut butter in kong, liver cake and small amounts of fruit. He also has any suitable leftovers. I would like to feed raw and have tried but every time he has even the smallest amount of raw meat, it gives him the trotts really bad :oops: . He also has the occasional marrow bone (organic/free range from the butcher which he doesn't charge me for :) ).

Podge's coat is lovely and shiny and after trying various brands of food and him not eating them, I have found what he likes best - my home cooking :lol: . Everyone says he is spoilt but it doesn't take much effort to chop some vegetables and cook them with some meat and gravy and he eats it all and there is no waste.


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Re: How do you feed your dog/s?

Post by Jeanny » 06 May 2009, 12:43

We are just trying to convert to the rawmeatybones diet. The 9 mth mini doodle girl pictured below, found it a bit strange for a start, I had to cut stuff up as she had been used to slurping arden grange and mince from a bowl so its quite a big change for her. Is munching chicken backs and breast of lamb now and loves beef kidney and heart. She gets liver in the form of treats, I dry it til its crunchy. The labrador that has returned to live with my son, is very enthusiastic about the diet and just piles in. Have some old vet bed that I put out for them to lie on on the patio, so I just dump whatever they are having on that and they get on with it. Have sometimes had to do the hard love thing and pick up the doodles meat to offer again, as she seems very lazy in the chewing department.

Labs coat has improved tremendously, gleams, doodles is a scruffy multicoloured ensemble at the moment as she is trying to decide what colour she will be when grown up - but even that looks shinier.

Phased them both yesterday though with half a raw pigeon each - mmmmm no thanks mum.

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Re: How do you feed your dog/s?

Post by Kerrylou » 06 May 2009, 19:54

Great to hear all the replies about BARF - I am certainly going to give it a go. And I will read the doodletimes so thanks for that.

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