Can anyone recommend a breeder in Kent?

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Can anyone recommend a breeder in Kent?

Post by DillyDallyDoodle » 11 Jul 2009, 22:02

Hello All

I am looking to get our second Labradoodle.

We currently have Dylan who is two years old and we want him to have a friend.

Although Dylan is a wonderful dog, we do not really want to get our new addition from the breeder we got him from. So can anyone recommend a breeder in Kent?

Many thanks
Lorraine and Dylan


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Re: Can anyone recommend a breeder in Kent?

Post by LynneL » 11 Jul 2009, 22:34

I can't speak through experience as we are getting our puppy from Bridget in Weymouth. However I do know that a breeder called Venetia Moore who you will find on the UKLA list of breeders has had a litter of medium f1b's (I think) in the last few weeks. I have seen postings from people who have had puppies from her and they seemed positive but I can't tell you more than that. Maybe if you did a search on her name you could track them down and pm them?
Good Luck :D :D

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Re: Can anyone recommend a breeder in Kent?

Post by iwantadog » 11 Jul 2009, 23:03

If you look on the Puppy Finder section on the front page of this website you will find Venetia's number. We're also having one of Bridget's puppies, but I spoke to Venetia before I spoke to Bridget and she seemed very nice.


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Re: Can anyone recommend a breeder in Kent?

Post by caroline.sid » 12 Jul 2009, 00:53

Depending where you are in Kent - you may want to consider a quick trip over the bridge into Essex. Coniston Doodles had 13 standard F1b pups ready for about mid august. She seemed very nice on the phone, and said that both parents were fully health tested but we just didn't get a chance to visit before we needed to make a final decision.

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Re: Can anyone recommend a breeder in Kent?

Post by ebug99 » 12 Jul 2009, 18:57

There's also a lovely lady called Pat Lynch who lives quite near Sevenoaks (Ash I think). She has a gorgeous chocolate F2 who I think she's planning to breed although it may not be until next year as she prefers to have litters during the summer months.
Depends when you're thinking of getting Dylans playmate..............
Liz x
PS - Have we met you on either of the Lullingstone doodle meets - and if not, why not ?!!! :wink: :wink:
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Re: Can anyone recommend a breeder in Kent?

Post by CAROL SHAW » 16 Jul 2009, 22:55

Hi I think Venetia has one pup left if you are still looking pm me and I will send you her details Regard s Carol

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Re: Can anyone recommend a breeder in Kent?

Post by Doodledandy » 17 Jul 2009, 09:12


Yogi came from venetia and his dad belonged to Carol. I can definitely recommend her puppies their lovely :P Was very tempted myself

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