Doodle Snobbery

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Doodle Snobbery

Post by daveyla1 » 26 Jul 2009, 08:24

Hi All,
I'm just wondering if anyone has had people turn their nose up at your Doodle?
Im at socialisation classes and everyone says Dexter is lovely etc but a Lab owner just snubbed me completely and then proceeded to tell me how hard he will be to train as theyre "off their heads and untrainable"
Dexter is fun, makes me laugh and very chilled out and never whines, ive only had him a week but I think he's great.
He does however seem to smell anything before seeing it i.e his food sending him into a lets find it frenzy when its under his nose. He's also very clumsy but he is only 8 weeks old so I do think he will improve in that regard.
The couple in question weren't very complimentry and it did upset me a little as I thought all the pups looked great.

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Re: Doodle Snobbery

Post by Doodle1964 » 26 Jul 2009, 08:38

Oh dear

another one! :lol:

Rise above it mate I have had lots more positive comments while out walking Tess but yes a few negatives as well.

The most hurtful being "how much did your scruffy mongrel cost you mug" I am sorry but on that occaision I swore :oops: very unusual for me indeed.

We bought Tess becuse we knew she had come from a superb background at 8 weeks she was fully trained and socialised and from long talks with the breeder for many months we knew a doodle was exactly the right first dog for our family. Do you know what doing your homework pays off she is perfect, wanting to please all the time, super inelligent and very easy to train.

So smile at the sweet satisfaction you got your choice right and ignoramus is soooooooooo wrong :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: !
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Re: Doodle Snobbery

Post by LynneL » 26 Jul 2009, 08:39

I think this is so rude as I would never dream of judging somebody else's dog. :shock: :shock: This is something I am dreading as I'm never good at thinking of a quick response in those sort of situations. Somebody has also already told me 'they're a nightmare you know?' Now I know it's going to be hard work but (i'm not speaking with any experience here) aren't most puppies going to need plenty of work? None that I know come pre-trained. :?
I really hope that if you continue to socialise and train your pup alongside his, you are able to prove him wrong.
In the meantime I think we need a list of quick answers for when we are in this situation.
Come on folks help us out with this please. :D

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Re: Doodle Snobbery

Post by msloopylynn » 26 Jul 2009, 09:07

Awww don't feel bad, You have a wonderful doodle !!!!

I had the same at Louies training class, But felt so much better when my doodle was top of the class every week. They are wonderfully easy to train as long as you work hard with them, and stock up on lots of treats.

I kept liver cake for training classes, Trust me it works.

Enjoy your doodle :D :D :D :D


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Re: Doodle Snobbery

Post by Butterfly » 26 Jul 2009, 09:27

Its because she only has a half doodle!! lolx :lol:

candy's mum
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Re: Doodle Snobbery

Post by candy's mum » 26 Jul 2009, 09:38

you can only but laugh at these poor people..........they just have no idea do they? I have my first doodle after having had loads of dogs throughout the years and I dont give a toss what anyone says............she is absolutely fantastic and so much fun...........ALL dogs are great.......maybe not my choice but great all the same.........pity the same cant be said for the owners. Hold your head up and enjoy your dog! ♥
Lil, Candy, Honey and Harley Doodle & Pip the Poodle & Jude GSDx My dog family is complete for now ;)

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Re: Doodle Snobbery

Post by Bramble » 26 Jul 2009, 12:30

That's horrible, but I agree with the others, they're probably just jealous because you have such a beautiful puppy. We've only had lovely compliments on Bramble and I don't know how I'd react to someone being nasty. Hope it doesn't happen again.

As for them being untrainable, that's complete rubbish. No dog is untrainable and the ones I've met have been some fo the brightest dogs I've ever known

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Re: Doodle Snobbery

Post by Madeleine » 26 Jul 2009, 12:54


Oh dear

yet another sad person, dont take any notice think of it as jealousy and be proud to be a doodle owner I know we are and as said these dogs have the 'je ne sais quoi' [just got back from france !] even our closest friend remarked on 'designer dog' which i soon pounced on she wont say that again !!!

Our dylan makes us laugh all the time he has an inbuilt sense of fun fun fun, we adore him and am getting a another one next year when he has matured a little !


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Re: Doodle Snobbery

Post by Jeanny » 26 Jul 2009, 13:48

They are sad people, thinking they get some sort of Kudos from owning a 'pedigree' dog. They are also the sort who probably go to dog shows for someone elses opinion of their animals.

Its each to his own and you just have to ignore them.

Have had poodle people turn their noses up at her, but I just love my funny, loving, scruffy doodle.

Arianne, dirty, hot and scruffy - now a whole year old - with her pal Mollie.

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Re: Doodle Snobbery

Post by amber » 26 Jul 2009, 14:32

I must admit it has surprised me to get such reactions, but i soon came to the conclusion that it is the type of person, rather than our choice of dog, and it's there loss. A dog is just that, a dog! :D
They all have to start somewhere, which is usually my answer. I do find, that out of the 1% negative comments, there are also the other 99% positives :D 8)
Hey, my math is not bad is it :lol:

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Re: Doodle Snobbery

Post by liverbird » 26 Jul 2009, 14:33

People like that will never know just what they are missing out on.....that's their loss. Stella is loving (sometimes a little too loving :shock: ) has a cheeky sense of humour - she likes to tease us when she has stolen something - the thrill of the chase and all that. She loves other dogs - she doesn't care what breed they are :wink: and wouldn't eat a whole child - maybe just half :lol: :lol: We love her to bits, spoil her rotten and wouldn't be without her, although we are hoping that her hearing will improve with age :lol: :lol:
Enjoy your Dood and **** anyone who says otherwise

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Re: Doodle Snobbery

Post by jans » 26 Jul 2009, 15:27

I own a long haired Chihuahua................. you should hear some of the comments i get !!!! :lol: :oops:

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Re: Doodle Snobbery

Post by peelm » 26 Jul 2009, 15:42

We had experience of this at a training club we went to.
I heard a few of the predominantly collie owners say, "well he's OK, but not a proper dog!".
We gave them a bit of a shock when he wiped the floor with the lot of them when they were examined for the KC awards.
I couldn't resist it when one of them reluctantly came up to congratulate me. "Yeh, not bad considering he's not a proper dog." It didn't half shut them up.

As for untrainable. That’s rubbish. Yes, they are a challenge. Yes they can be very boisterous. But untrainable, not likely...…
Michael, Janet, Fozzie and Dylan

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Re: Doodle Snobbery

Post by mistydog » 26 Jul 2009, 16:34

Isn't that awful and silly. Thinking about it we have a farmer who only likes Labs so no dog is as good as a lab but they are not snobby about it. Freddie made some lovely friends at classes and hope to go back in the Winter. They do go through stages (oh my what fun when he gets to the Kevin stage) but so do most puppies. Have fun and enjoy.

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Re: Doodle Snobbery

Post by Vincento » 26 Jul 2009, 17:20

Ignore them for they know not what they are talking about!
Usual comment is "So thats what a Labradoodle looks like"
"Everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon buying one of those thesedays"
My response is "We had our first one in 1993!!!!"
The silence is deafening :roll:
Vince doodle will always find him in the kitchen at parties ......


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