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Post by Jill » 22 Jan 2007, 18:36

Hello everyone, I am new to this site. I work two collies in obedience and have decided to try a different breed and would love a doodle, either labradoodle or goldendoodle, however, when I was quoted £1200 I nearly fell over!!!
I will be looking for a pup at the end of the summer, it will have a very good always home whether it makes an odedience dog or not, my dogs are first and foremost pets and they live in the house with just me.
Can ayone point me in the direction of a pup that will not cost more than £300?!?!?!
Lots of excercise guaranteed, I live on the Wirral so plenty of swimming in the summer as well, not bothered about having to get it clipped, have a friend who is a groomer!!
Don't want to start world war three but HELP!!!!

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Post by debs43 » 22 Jan 2007, 18:49


be very careful if looking for a puppy for £300 we have been looking at various breeders and all range from about £700 - £1000, the only labradoodles for anywhere near that amount appear to be from sellers who sell various different breeds bought in for sale only no parents, no way of checking and usually unknown backgrounds good luck with your search

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Post by Fiona » 22 Jan 2007, 20:12

Hi Jill.
you may find what you want at £300 but it may be an older dog needing rehoming.
I also used to use Border collies for Obedience, you will not find a dog to beat them, My Labradoodles are good but I feel will not make Crufts level, may be wrong thay are good to train but a lot harder to keep there attention for long period's of time.
there are a few doing well in obedience and agility.
If you are serious about competting with a Labradoodle perhaps you should go to one of the Labradoodle days to meet some first.
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Post by chelsea » 22 Jan 2007, 20:29

Jill I have pm'd you

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