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Re: Rutland Manor

Post by LynneL » 22 Sep 2009, 13:18

Adam Lindley wrote:[ And how many of these dogs are now integral in others breeding programs worldwide? How many of them are living happy lives with lucky owners, and crucially how many of them have ended up in the pound? Very few if any I would guess..
So therefore explain the point you were making Adam. :? :?
You make statements but never seem answer the questions being asked of you.

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Re: Rutland Manor

Post by aussiedoodles » 22 Sep 2009, 22:23

This does not 'read' as if the Author is anything other that a "Realist".

This is not written with Hate nor Anger.

This is written as a first hand account by someone who did not see the situation through rose coloured glasses and has fist hand knowledge of the ENTIRE situation.

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Re: Rutland Manor

Post by heike » 23 Sep 2009, 06:23

Yes, How many are in breeding programs world wide?? With fake pedigrees?? I myself am not very happy spending 2000$ per dog with a pedigree not worth the ink it was printed with. I don't know what dogs you breed Adam, but I am SURE your customers would be up in arms if they found out you bred a pound puppy and sold them as "Pure" ASD's for thousands of dollars. And what about the breeding dogs she sold from this litter??? 15K or more for a dog with no known history!!! What do you make of this, if not just for the money?? :?

Adam Lindley
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Re: Rutland Manor

Post by Adam Lindley » 23 Sep 2009, 09:26

aussiedoodles/heike wrote:

This is not written with Hate nor Anger.
No, it is written with purpose and personal agenda.

"for every dog sold..., a dog is killed in a pound. In Australia we kill a homeless dog every 4 minutes. We do not need any more." - Debra Tranter

Heike, I thought you said that your dogs weren't RM stock?

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Re: Rutland Manor

Post by heike » 23 Sep 2009, 20:09

Nope never said that, said I purchased my dogs from a local breeder not from RM directly, have always said they are RM/TP lineage. Yes Adam, there is a purpose and that is to stop puppy farming and expose the lies. :|

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