Nothing like a doodle...

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Nothing like a doodle...

Post by suzyb22 » 12 Oct 2009, 21:38

We got our goldendoodle from a reputable breeder - the mother was a straight coat doodle with the usual scruffy face and the father had a shaggy fleece coat. We specified to the breeder that we wanted a pup that looked like the father and were assured the pup we picked would have the fleece coat. Our pup is now 9 months old and looks absolutely nothing like the mother or the father! This dog cost £900 and although we love her and she has a great nature we feel a bit mis-led by the breeder and on principle a bit annoyed about it. IF we wanted a normal flat coated dog or a retriever we would have gone for a pedigree retriever. Does anyone have any advice on what we can do? I would not want other people to pay this amount of money and be misled. We did email the breeder when the pup was very young and although our email was light hearted, the breeder never got back to us. Now we have waited 9 months and still no change in the coat. Any advice most we have any chance of contesting with the breeder (on principle as we do love our dog).

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Re: Nothing like a doodle...

Post by amber » 12 Oct 2009, 23:10

It's very difficult to make any guarantees with coat type, I don't really think you can, however they are all beautiful in their own right.
Have you got any pics?
She sounds lovely :D
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Re: Nothing like a doodle...

Post by GUNNER » 12 Oct 2009, 23:20

Linda's right, there are no guarantees, a breeder shouldn't guarantee a particular coat to you, as they are crossbreeds and it really isn't possible to tell 100%, especially in the early generations.
Please introduce your girl with a picture :D

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Re: Nothing like a doodle...

Post by MrsAdmin » 13 Oct 2009, 00:05

I'm sorry you are disappointed with your girlie's coat :cry: As has been said, there are no guarantees at all what your dog can turn out like because they are cross breeds.

The joy of Doodles of all sorts is not just the appearance but their loving, exuberant and intelligent natures. All shapes and sizes seem to share this.

Just looking at the Snuggles thread on here shows up so clearly how different the pups have come out within the same litter, some flat coated and some curly and some in between :lol: They are all totally gorgeous though.

I don't know really what you want to achieve because it is unlikely that you would be able to get redress for innacurate trades description from the breeder, and if you love your girl then surely you won't want to give her back just because her coat has turned out not as expected :shock:

Her coat could well still keep changing anyway. My two year old Jack started out very flattish and then got fluffier and thickened up into a lovely scruffy ruff and he has the most adorable silkie tasselly ears :P You may well be in for more surprises yet (lovely ones though :P ) It can take quite a time for the full changes to set in.

Do open a photobucket account (free), load some photos and copy the IMG code underneath when the mouse goes over the picture, then copy and paste the code into your post on here. We would love to see photos of her as a pup and now. Bet she's gorgeous too :lol:

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Re: Nothing like a doodle...

Post by carly » 13 Oct 2009, 08:56

I'm sorry to hear you are not happy with your girls coat :( . I have one of the F1b Snuggles puppies which I do think is a great example on here to anyone who is looking to get a doodle on what beatifully different coats you can get from the same litter :P

Logan is a F1b, so Mum is a Labradoodle and dad is a poodle, so you would think the likelihood of getting curly coated doodles is high, well..........No, it would seem :lol: :lol:

Logan, who like his brother are very smooth coated, and we often refer to them as the 'Labrasmoothie's' 8) of the litter. Their brothers and sisters range from having a long lose curly coat (LouLou), through to a thicker coat with the most wonderful tufts of light, finer hair (Boomer, Sonny and Hattie) and all variations in the middle (Murphy, Barley, Shanti, Molly). The funny thing is, none of them is as yet very curly like their dad ! :lol: :lol:

I do think your breeder was at fault if she did say you would definately get a certain coat type from a specific pup as we have seen our pup's change greatly in the 17 weeks since they have been born. Our breeder basically asked people what they were looking for and gave guidence on what she thought might happen BUT was certainly very clear with me that the one great thing about doodles is that you never quite know what you will get from their coats until the adult coat come in, and then they can still change colour after being clipped etc :shock: :lol: :lol: I didn't have a coat type in mind so said I didn't mind a curly, fleecey (sp?) or rough coat, none of us ever mentioned a smooth flat coat as we never thought that would happen :lol: :lol:

I often joke with the other Snuggles mum's and my breeder that we are going to return Logan as 'faulty' cos' everyone thinks he's a labrador, and have joked many times that if something doesn't happen to his coat I'm going to get him hair extensions, we all still love him dearly .

I hope you are able to feel happier soon and can't wait to see pictures of your girl :P :P

Carly & Logan

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Re: Nothing like a doodle...

Post by Hel&Mark » 13 Oct 2009, 09:55

I'm confident that you don't want to give back your lovely girl, but I can imagine that you feel you have been mis-sold your labradoodle. £900 is a lot to pay and if a promise of a particular coat was (wrongly!) made, then I don't see why you should have to pay the whole amount. :? I think if I was a breeder, that breeder, I would have told you the chances of getting a smooth coat, but if I had promised you something and been unable to fulfil it, then I would have made a reduction. Breeding properly is an expensive business so it would have been in their interests to warn you about this.

My doodles couldn't have more different coats, but if it's any consolation, they have equal drawbacks and both look beautiful. Barley leaves his hair everywhere he goes, but takes up only about five minutes per groom, and Tilly (when we let her coat get long) looks spectacular, but picks up everything in it like velcro. To groom her and keep her comfortable in a long coat (by that I mean more than 2cm of coat) it takes about an hour's grooming per day. And being white too ... well lets just say it's easier to keep her short. :lol:

Carly is right, too. Coats change and change. Barley's is still getting longer and thicker at age 2. :wink: And he was as smooth as a labrador for the first year. I love my Labrasmoothie dearly and would go for that very coat again if it were possible. I think it's wonderful to see them with their scruffy beards, the lion's manes they often develop and their hairy over the knee socks. They are equally fab with no hairy adornments. Tilly belongs to my parents, and they prefer the curly, poodle type coat. It's horses for courses. :D

Hope your breeder responds. I think it would be courteous of them to at least discuss it with you.
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Re: Nothing like a doodle...

Post by Nicky » 13 Oct 2009, 16:27

The breeder doesn't know how the puppies coats will turn out so she should never have misleaded you by saying it would have a fleece coat. I picked my puppy out myself and he was curly at 8 weeks old, and so where all his litter mates except one which was a really straight coat like a yellow lab, this puppy was the last one to be sold bless him as I think the curly coat is what alot of people like.

That said you have had your puppy for nine months would you really want to give her back in exchange for a curly coated one??

My doodle has got a curly coat but if all his hair dropped out overnight and he was bald I couldn;t leave him because he has the most individual personality and he is part of the family now at 5 months old.

I do understand your disappoinment though and £900 is alot of money.


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Re: Nothing like a doodle...

Post by Dexter_Mir » 13 Oct 2009, 16:55

Just look how many doods are in this thread alone and how very different everyone is to the other... one thing we may all agree is there all bonkerdoodles !!!! :lol: :lol:

The priceing of doods is mad always has been I paid £850 for Dexter he was a scrummy warm brown when we got him, he now has highlights everywhere and he is more a latte (though not a skinny) :lol:
Mir we paid £450 for. I don't know if people think there getting a better quality dood for thier money :?:

Oh i must not forget Archie, he is a dood in disguise, he is the biggest of the 3 (he thinks and im not telling him otherwise :) )

Still they are loved, laughed at, bring hours of joy, comfort, warm cuddles and wet licks :D and are PRICELESS.....

Enjoy her :) :)



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Re: Nothing like a doodle...

Post by LynneL » 13 Oct 2009, 20:12

I can totally understand your feelings if you were told that your dood would definately have a certain coat.
However for your own sanity I feel you should just let it go as at the end of the day its just your word against theirs and you could end up achieving nothing and detracting from enjoying your lovely dog.

It might be a good idea to make sure your breeder is registered and if not maybe let the local authority know. When we were first looking I visited a lady who looked and sounded like a 'proper' breeder and was certainly charging high prices. :( I posted on this forum and somebody looked in to it and she wasn't even registered. (Therefore not paying taxes either :evil: )
Just a thought.

Good luck anyway and I too would love to see photos of your girl. :D

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Re: Nothing like a doodle...

Post by Jane » 13 Oct 2009, 20:30

Knowing all of this about different coats surely the breeder should have told you that it was almost a lucky dip :? , as i have seen so many coat differences, and they do change also as the puppy grows older. We bought our doodle from a breeder and i took a picture from their website, asking what type of dog was it ie f........1 or 2 etc, and we were told that Marli being an f2 would have a fleece coat like it. However i have since realised that the pup i was looking at was an f1b, so i too was a little misled, :twisted: but like you said, i would never change her either, however a reply from the breeder would be nice eh!!!!!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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Re: Nothing like a doodle...

Post by suzyb22 » 14 Oct 2009, 17:24

We do love our pup Holly dearly and wouldn't swap her for anything! Guess just a bit disappointed that we did not get more clear advice from our breeder upfront. I did do some google-ing and looks like she is in the rare 2% of the breed which is interesting. How do i post pics on here???

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Re: Nothing like a doodle...

Post by Mica1971 » 14 Oct 2009, 17:27

suzyb22 wrote:We do love our pup Holly dearly and wouldn't swap her for anything! Guess just a bit disappointed that we did not get more clear advice from our breeder upfront. I did do some google-ing and looks like she is in the rare 2% of the breed which is interesting. How do i post pics on here???
hiya, open a photobucket account (its free) and cut and paste the links into your message once you've uploaded the pics. Looking forward to seeing your doodle - whats her name?


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Re: Nothing like a doodle...

Post by caroline.sid » 15 Oct 2009, 00:00

For advice re how you would stand legally re your sale - the best folk to call are Consumer Direct (the trading standards organisation). If you had anything in writing this may help any claim - however even if you had a good "case" and won the worry is that the breeder could offer to "replace" your dog - and as many others have said - would you really want to do this!!??

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Re: Nothing like a doodle...

Post by donakell » 15 Oct 2009, 16:34

Hi Mark

As the breeder of Holly I have to reply back ..

Firstly I have nothing to defend as you have already said that Holly has a fantastic nature and is a super dog but felt I needed to reply back to you...

You are the person who personally picked Holly the weekend that owners were visiting, I did not force you into picking her and also I did offer you to wait until the next litter if you wanted as at 2 weeks you cannot predict what kind of coat type they will have as it will change by the time they get to even 6 weeks, if I remember rightly you were up seeing another breeders dogs and came round on the off chance to see if I had any pups left , which I did ..Holly...if you hadnt been happy with her after a couple of weeks then you would have been more than welcome to speak to me and ask for a refund or to wait for another pup... why leave it 9 months :? As far as I know you were delighted when you picked her up.. Hollys pics and all the other pups pics are on my website for anyone to see..

As for Hollys mum she really isnt a straight coat, she is a shaggy wavy coat and dad is a fleece coat... the pups were F2s and as any other breeder knows you do get mixed coat types out and I have never 100 per cent guaranteed any coat type to anybody that I am not sure of.. I have stated this on my website as well..when Holly was a puppy she did look scruffy/shaggy but this can change as you know and can also change the other way as well with some pups (I have had a smooth coated puppy turn into a shaggy monster) a litter of F2s you get can get all 3 coat types..
I certainly did not guarantee anything and did not try to mislead you in any way and this is the first I have heard from you that you arent happy with her, you did ask about the coat once in an email and I did say it may change as she gets older...I have all the emails if you want them re-sent to you...

Why on earth havent you called or emailed me before posting on a public forum :? :shock:

Apart from her coat she is a fantastic dog you are saying, part of the appeal of Doodles is the way you never know quite how they will turn out..I have never had a problem before just because people dont like the way they look, surely her nature is more important..

What do you want me to do... :roll: do you want her to come back and get a refund...all my puppy owners have had full support and can contact me any time day or night as you will remember I told you also if they have a problem or any concerns about their puppy...

A bit confused .... :? :? :?

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Re: Nothing like a doodle...

Post by MrsAdmin » 15 Oct 2009, 21:37

I looked at Holly on your web site and she looks absolutely gorgeous as a puppy :P

That second pic of her looking all intelligent is a classic. :lol: I would hazard a guess that she will end up looking a lot like my Jack, a super little scruffy with a really bright brain = a perfect Doodle in my opinion :P :P

Don't be disappointed in her, she's a beautiful Doodette :P

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