How Often do you walk your labradoodles

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How Often do you walk your labradoodles

Post by trixiedoodle » 30 Mar 2010, 18:25

I was wondering how much is too much? I work part time and walk Trixie first thing of a morning before I leave for work. I make sure she has at least one hours exercise. I return home around one oclock and let Trixie out in the garden where weather permitting we play bouncy ball. My partner takes Trix out around 6pm after he returns home from his job and back by seven for tea. I was wondering if this was enough exercise for my Trixie or not enough? Should I extend the time of walks? I have known someone who has three dogs and only seems to take there dogs out when meeting friends with there dogs of a weekend. I feel so sorry for those dogs as they do not get much exercise. The man is very lazy and waits for his partner to come home from work so they only get walks of a night time which is tragic so I guess I should not worry so much! much do you walk your dogs? Should I be walking Trix an extra half hour of a morning?

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Re: How Often do you walk your labradoodles

Post by julieanne » 30 Mar 2010, 18:37

I take Ellie between 1 1/2 - 2 hours a day, every day. She is nearly 3 now. Most of the time she is running around, chasing squirrels or playing with other dogs so it is quite an active time. I personally think what you are doing is absolutely fine. We got Ellie when she was 7 months and the previous owners said she was destructive with her beds (having chewed her way through 3 of them), but they didnt walk her and only let her in the kitchen. Since she has been with us she had never chewed her bed. I would like to think that a dogs behavour lets you know if they are getting enough exercise.

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Re: How Often do you walk your labradoodles

Post by iwantadog » 30 Mar 2010, 18:45

I also work part-time and Murphy has about a 25 minute walk at some unearthly hour in the morning and then we walk up to school each afternoon to collect the girls, which takes about 3/4 of an hour and at the weekend he always has a really good walk on the Saturday and again on the Sunday. During the school holidays when I am off he comes everywhere with us (within reason).

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Re: How Often do you walk your labradoodles

Post by wellies » 30 Mar 2010, 18:55

Leon gets about 45 mins first thing, then about an hour at lunch time (I work from home so that's my lunch hour :) ) Generally speaking he gets a bit more in the evening but it varies from 20 mins (in the dark, in the rain) to something a bit more ambitious on sunny summer evenings. 5 minutes round-the-block last thing at 10.30. I know I'm very lucky to be able to spend that much time out with Leon, but the plus side is that it keeps me in shape as well as him, so time well spent, really. i agree very much with Ellie that some of the behaviour problems with young dogs are caused by lack of exercise: if your dood is dashing in all directions it may be trying to give you a message :wink: .
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Re: How Often do you walk your labradoodles

Post by Clare » 30 Mar 2010, 20:07

Pebbles gets a 45min - an hour in the morning off the lead and then about 40 min on the lead in the evening

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Re: How Often do you walk your labradoodles

Post by jags » 30 Mar 2010, 20:23

bout an hour every morn..more if i havent got much on...or less if i have to work, in the dark nights i dont really take him for a night time walk, but now the nights are lighter he may get a walk round the block or a run at the park...just varies really, but he has a morn walk everyday,

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Re: How Often do you walk your labradoodles

Post by patjoe » 30 Mar 2010, 20:44

Alfie gets 90mins every morning off lead iether at the beach or a nature reserve where he can go for a 10 min swim. He then gets about 45 mins in the afternoon mostly off lead but a couple of times a week this is a lead only walk. He has a quick 5 min before bed. He is a very energetic young lad ,runs all the time,ball obsessed. We are fortunate in that we are retired and so have the time


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Re: How Often do you walk your labradoodles

Post by Vincento » 30 Mar 2010, 20:50

Vince has two main walks per day, thats 35-40 mins first thing and an hour or so in the afternoon (sometimes longer) always off the lead and a quick pop out last thing. This is good for him and for us. One of us is always home so when the weathers good he's outside, he a very good gardener!!!
And sometimes a third walk of an evening in the summer (round the village).
Over and above that we often plan a day out that involves him, a long walk on the beach or forest etc.
Any dog that is unruly and has behaviour problems is 99% due to lack of exercise and boredom.

Trixiedoodle - Don't worry about length of time and how many. Fit the walks around your life style and your dog. Dogs like routine and I think you've got it about right.
We have a neighbour with a Jack Russell that hardly ever goes anywhere other than their back garden, hence he barks most of the time. :( Other dogs in the village only ever go on one route day in day out and only ride in the car to the vets and back (how boring is that for the dog and owner).
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Re: How Often do you walk your labradoodles

Post by mistydog » 30 Mar 2010, 21:45

At the moment Freddie isn't getting a walk as OH is on crutches as 'needs assistance'. Our shortest walks takes about an hour (more if you meet someone) and that is too long to leave him at the moment. But we are having lots of visitors which Freddie loves plus we have a big garden so he loves playing in the little menáge we have and jumping on the big bales of hay and running away with plastic flower pots. I do feel sorry for dogs that have to stay in a yard 24/7. I agree that dogs are less destructive if they have lots of exercise.

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Re: How Often do you walk your labradoodles

Post by KateW » 30 Mar 2010, 22:03

Rufus is almost three and has a 25 minute lead walk first thing, then a late morning walk of at least an hour, two hours if it's low tide, mostly off lead and often with a friend. Then he has a walk in the woods/fields for about an hour in the late afternoon and a short town walk before we go to bed. In between times he comes with me to the bank or anywhere else I need to go which allows dogs.....


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Re: How Often do you walk your labradoodles

Post by Nicky » 30 Mar 2010, 23:23

I agree with the other posts you can tell if they are not getting enough exercise by their behaviour.

Dexter is 11 months at the moment so his exercise is limited, he gets one walk a day at the moment of around 45mins to an hour off/on lead. Sometimes this is broken up into two half hour walks :D

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Re: How Often do you walk your labradoodles

Post by peelm » 30 Mar 2010, 23:24

Fozz and Dylan get a good hour with me in the morning, then the same with Janet in the evening.
On a Saturday, they usualy get about an hour and a half - two hours in the middle of the day.
Sundays are a but different, as we are at training, so they get about 15 minutes mad run about before Janet and I start to teach. Both boys get used during classes, so they're knackered when they get home, so we allow them a lazy afternoon.

They seem OK on it, so I'm not worried.

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Re: How Often do you walk your labradoodles

Post by Kittypickle » 31 Mar 2010, 07:53

Dotty is nearly 10 months so also on limited exercise with the 5 mins per month of life, so she's soon to graduate to 50 mins. We both work from home and find a lunchtime walk works well for her. We're close to woods so when she's behaving most of it can be off lead to give her a good run.

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Re: How Often do you walk your labradoodles

Post by Bid » 31 Mar 2010, 09:58

My doods get 2 walks a day each. One of at least an hour with lots of games and training, and in Daisy's case mostly off lead. Their second walks are shorter and I try to makethem busy walks - somewhere where they can meet people/kids/bikes/pushchairs. Today is market day in town, and if it wasn't tipping down then I would be taking one of them for a walk around the market. My old boy gets 3 or 4 walks of about 20 mins each.

One handy tip - if you don't have as much time as you would like for walking, then make sure your walk includes training, especially scenting work - it uses up an awful lot of energy :D
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Re: How Often do you walk your labradoodles

Post by Lola » 31 Mar 2010, 10:27

Somebody I know had a 'dog behaviorist' in and they were told that you should just give one or two short on the lead walks in the same place/same route. Because if you do more the dog will come to expect it :evil: Bloody 'experts'!!!

Cant remember why they called in a 'dog behaviorist' but it was probably because their dogs were bored from doing one or two short walks a day :oops:

Lola always gets at least one 4ish mile walk (mostly off lead) combined with a ball/frisbee walk up the local park or on a 4 acre training field I have access to. On top of this she gets a bit of training e.g. tracking (training her on aging a track), gundog (direction changes at a distance at the mo), agility (weaving) ect ect ect.

But by the sounds of it you are doing plenty.

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