Near miss...

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Near miss...

Post by Glitterbug » 03 Jun 2010, 11:47

I have been really upset (sobbing) since I got back from our usual walk to and then play on the small green.

Piet wasn't into his usual games and kept rushing off and completely ignoring me despite me trying everything. I was trying to get him back to put him on the lead when a man walked through the park (low walls surround it and then there is the road on 2 sides. Piet took off after him and straight out into the park. I called etc and ran as fast as I could just waiting for the screaching breaks of cars trying to avoid a doodle. Noone helped me they just stood and laughed. Piet ran into the road twice and I can only thank the powers that be that there were no cars or else he would not be here.
I was really shaken and now feel I have failed as an owner. I have one to one training booked June 15th to work on his recall, pulling on the lead and the basics. I have lost all my confidence (first time owner) and worry I can't look after him. I hope I am being silly as it's time of the month and I get 'emotional'.
Am I a rubbish owner?? :(

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Re: Near miss...

Post by Olliedoodle » 03 Jun 2010, 12:01

No you aren't a rubbish owner at all! It can be a huge shock and very scary when things like this happen. Piet is still very young and will want to explore his surroundings a bit more each time. Obviously your 1-2-1 training will look at recall etc, but it might be worth considering using a long line. We used one for quite a long time with Ollie - if he didn't respond to the 'come' command he got a gentle tug on the line to make him pay us attention and got reeled in so he had to come back (this was easier to do become he weighed a ton!)

I have just posted a reminder about the doodle walk at Abbots Wood on Saturday - maybe you can make that as sometimes being in a group of doodles and seeing what they do can help teach young pups about recall etc.


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Re: Near miss...

Post by MrsAdmin » 03 Jun 2010, 12:46

Don't put yourself down. You aren't a rubbish owner, just a perfectly normal, coping with a young dog, especially a cloth eared Doodle, one.

Many of us have been in the same boat. :roll: I've ended up trying to catch Becky three times when Hubbie (idiot man) forgot to close a gate and let her run into the road at our old house. That heart stopping moment when you are cavorting around in the road with a dog who won't listen and thinks it all a great game, flagging down cars and trying not to get run over, are ones I don't really want to re-live. :cry:

Recall training is a constant thing as far as Doodles go I'm afraid. They are bright dogs and that means they have an endless curiosity and want to push the boundaries of how far they explore, how many people they make friends with and how many dogs (or other animals - like deer in some cases :shock: ) they can play with. Sense and training goes plain out of the window and it means that a Doodle owner ALWAYS has to have one eye on the horizon looking for the distractions.

The one2one training will help, plus get to some Doodle meets and you will soon realise you are just like the rest of us - trying to cope and muddle along with super bright, gorgeous, cloth eared woofs :roll:

Now have a cup of tea, a slice of cake and cuddle naughty Piet for a bit while you calm down :P

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Re: Near miss...

Post by BickleyMargo » 03 Jun 2010, 12:58

You are not a rubbish owner - far from it I am sure (if you were a bad dog owner you wouldnt have been upset by this mornings events!).

Just to reassure you - I think we have all been through something similar. Only 2 mornings ago, Margo ( who is 9 months) was off playing in the park and then just set off suddenly out of the park and out of my view into a road. She was dragged from the road by another dog owner and brought back in to the park and I was still dashing over from the other side of the park so there was nothing I could have done....... It was a heart stopping moment like yours :( - and we have been in this park for 6 months, she has been off lead for most of it and has never done it before!!

So like me - you just have to try your best and there will be times where heart stopping moments happen - but I am sure you are doing all you can (as am i!) to make sure you are a responsible owner of a doodle - but with all the training in the world they will still be doodles and do things like this!

Hope the next few walks are less eventful!



Re: Near miss...

Post by SBW2009 » 03 Jun 2010, 13:01

You poor thing. It happened to me years ago, beefa who was almost a year got scared and bolted, her mum berry went wild after her. It took me 20min to get them back on the lead (berry was telling beefa off). Personally i love the training lines, we have a 5 metre one and bondi thinks she's free but i can simply put my foot on it and call her back. She only notices if she doesn't come back. I feel a lot safer with it. It can happen even with older 'perfect' dogs, so don't worry.

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Re: Near miss...

Post by jodieandbuddy » 03 Jun 2010, 13:02

your really not a rubbish owner, but just like the rest of us not some sort of super hero! hes just a pup, and im sure a similar situation has happened to many on this forum! it certainly has happened to me, he's still so young his recall isn't going to be perfect all the time.

Its a bit annoying that nobody helped, standing there and laughing isn't very nice at all :(

Last week i bought Bud a 15m lead! its a lot of lead to carry down to the park!! :lol: but when he runs off with it trailing behind him, it just makes me feel much happier that he wont be going very far if he does ignore recall and turn his back 8) n then im like ' hahaaa got u!' :D i was getting a bit fed up of being out smarted by the dog :roll:

im also a first time owner, and theres nothing wrong with admitting that you learn from mistakes, that situation with a failed recall could happen to anyone even if they've had 20 dogs in the past and think they know everything... until they get a doodle :wink:

my only advise would be to try out a long line/long outdoor lead.... even if its just for your peace of mind and confidence, it doesnt hurt to have it as a back up plan just incase it ever happens again, although i hope it doesnt of course!! but atleast u wont have to panic when he trots off near to the edge of the park :)

good luck for his one on one training, dont get too down about 2day! your really not a rubbish owner... just a normal human being, that cant get eeeverythin aaall the time perfect ;)

Love Jodie and Bud
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Re: Near miss...

Post by peelm » 03 Jun 2010, 13:05

The big thing here is that you know you have a problem and are doing something to address it, so you're a good, responsible owner. If you ignored it, then you'd be a bad mummy....

I use a long line for about a week every six months with Fozz. He tends to grow a bit deaf every now and then. A little tug reminds him what I want. If you do use a line, remember not to drag your dog back. Ask him to come, and if he doesn’t, give him a little reminder. Then he MUST come back on his own, not by you dragging him. If you drag him in, you’re teaching him to resist the recall rather than respond to it.

Are you intending to continue the 1 to 1 training? If yes, that's fab. If no, would you consider a good training club. It would be less expensive, but will still be able to give you any help you might need.
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Re: Near miss...

Post by lizzie tb » 03 Jun 2010, 13:17

It's happened to me too, don't worry, you're not a rubbish owner, Great advice from everyone too.

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Re: Near miss...

Post by tynkerbelluk » 03 Jun 2010, 13:26

Oh you poor thing Sally. It is such a shock but don't you dare beat yourself up. We have all been there at one time or another. Young dogs are notorious for it and even adult dogs can surprise us sometimes. Keeping an eye out for potential doodle distractions is part of everyday life :roll: Lots of excellent advice already in response to your post. Hopefully this has reassured you that these things happen to us all. Archie is nearly eight months and I wouldn't trust him an inch even though his recall is usually fairly good. We have had near misses as well.
Piet has no idea of the stress he has caused you and will get better as he get older. We can only thank God for the fact they are safe, so as Mrs Admin says - Have a cup of tea and some sloppy doodle hugs and put it behind you.

Carry on training - you are not a bad mummy at all.

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Re: Near miss...

Post by Beveth » 03 Jun 2010, 14:25

Sally my heart goes out to you. Far from a bad owner, you are a responsible, loving but inexperienced owner - and as many have already said, the most experienced owner, with the most reliable older dog can still have this experience so try not to be so hard on yourself.

All the advice here has been really good - long lining is a method that has a high success rate. Good luck and don't dwell on what might have happened - your baby is safe and now you are going to try your best to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Good luck with your 1 to 1 training - I am sure it will help and you will feel more confident. No-one doubts how much you care.
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Re: Near miss...

Post by Clairejen » 03 Jun 2010, 15:54

Like everyone else here, I have been there. Doodles are wildly enthusiastic and I have had Leon take off up the road after I don't know what (probably an imaginary cat) when I have been getting him out of the car and into the house. There were cars, which luckily stopped for him and I got him back safely.

They do improve as they get older, don't doubt your dog-ownership skills, as you have read we are all in the same boat here.
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Re: Near miss...

Post by mistydog » 03 Jun 2010, 16:22

Rubbish owner? By NO means. I have found Freddie doodle the worse dog for recall I have ever had. I wouldn't walk him without his lead and he is now two. He is let off in our rented fields but even then I have to have eyes in the back of my head. I was telling everyone how good he was getting, not chasing a large roe deer ( if I walk the fields I use a lunge line) or the pheasants. Then yesterday I was enjoying the walk, he was at the end of the line when a hare went up. I still have the pain in my shoulders were he jolted the line out of my hands. Off across the field after the hare, jumped the ditch into the crop field. It took me minutes to get back to where he had jumped the ditch, no screaming so knew (and didn't expect) that he had not caught the hare. Further up the field, testing the bridge across the ditch was Freddie, long line trailing behind.

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Re: Near miss...

Post by Glitterbug » 03 Jun 2010, 16:29

Thank you so much everyone for your kind messages. I feel much better now. Had a coffee and 3 biscuits (stuff the diet) and Piet has been licking me and looking me strangely wondering why there was water coming out of my eyes. He did like licking salty tears!! :lol:

I an very interested in the long line as he is used to a retractable lead and almost well most of the time got used to when it stops!! Normally just before something interesting like a used nappy on the pavement the other day :shock: :shock:

I really appreciate the advice and support so thanks to all you lovely people again :D

I would like to get him to a meet so will check what is coming up near by. We are @ 15 mins from Gatwick airport in Surrey if anyone knows of one nearby soon?

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Re: Near miss...

Post by mandilaing » 03 Jun 2010, 17:02

How scary. We had an incident with Morello once where she hared out of the park and ran home. Luckily it is only 50 yards and even more luckily it was Christmas Day and there were no cars, but it did scare DH (who was walking her as I got lunch ready).

We also used a long line with Morello. It allowed her to sniff and run around, but gave us that little bit of confidence. Once she was off the long line, if she ever didn't recall in a reasonable time (she gets two chances at the most) she went back on the line for the next walk. Like Jodie said, it is a lot of line to take to the park, but the peace of mind is well worth it. We haven't had to use it for a couple of months, but it is still in the utility room and will be used if we need to.

The one thing I would add is that we use a harness when she is on the long line. There were a couple of instances when she ran while on the line and was pulled up with a sickening (to me) jolt by her neck when she reached the end of the line, despite my desperate calling of 'Whoa!!!'. So we bought a basic harness and attach the line to it. We also use it when she is in the car to attach her to a seatbelt, as she hates travelling in a crate, but will happily be in a harness where she can look out of the window or lay down, depending on her mood and how interesting the view is :D

Good luck. He is still young, I am sure you will crack this!
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Re: Near miss...

Post by Bid » 03 Jun 2010, 17:11

Funnily enough I'm just back from a 1-2-1 training with Daisy where we were concentrating on her recall. Our trainer has a few doodles that she sees and says it seems to be a trait and we were discussing why. We came to the conclusion that they are very bright dogs, with the happy-go-lucky casual approach to obedience that can be a lab trait, combined with the everlasting happy puppyness from the poodles, which results in a dog like Daisy, who knows very well what I want her to do, but also knows what fun there is to be had in a field of cow pats and chooses for herself what to do :roll: . We've all been there (some of us are still there :oops: ) It's always made worse though, by the people who stand and laugh, because that is just what a doodle loves most :lol:
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