Terrified Cockapoo on Many Tears

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Terrified Cockapoo on Many Tears

Post by MrsAdmin » 06 Aug 2010, 04:11


I really shouldn't read this site :cry: I just want to scoop up so many of the dogs and make their lives filled with love and fun.

What on earth could have happened to poor little Souris to make her such a terrified dog :cry: If there is a vey special person on here, who loves Cockerpoos and could work for what will be a very long time with this young girl, then please contact Many Tears. Souris really needs you.

Here's her details. She's right down the bottom of the list at the end of the page to see her picture.

'SOURIS - ID 2426


29-04-10 Souris is a very pretty dear little 16 month old cockerpoo who was unsold by her breeder. Souris means mouse in French and she really is a little dear. Souris is very scared and will snap with fear. She hasn't been exposed to the outside world at all and finds new situations hard and needs lots of TLC to help her overcome her fears successfully. She is very young so in the right home with the right help she should learn to forget her fears. Souris would be best in an older family as young children would probably scare her and another calm and gentle dog would also help her. She really needs a special and understanding home where someone who can give her all she needs.

08-04-10 UPDATE
Souris is really a very scared little dog. She is in a foster home where she is very slowly learning to trust people and all about living in the outside world. We are not taking applications for her until she is ready and brave enough to move to a forever home and this home will have to be prepared to continue with the work her wonderful foster home is currently doing with her. You will need patience, time and if course love.

From Souris' Fosterer
It’s hard to believe such sadness lies behind such a beautiful young face - Souris has lost most, if not all, of her confidence in human-kind. She is currently putting all her trust in other dogs and wants very little to do with us – though there are occasional glimmers of small steps in the right direction. Souris should be considered a long term project and will need someone who has possibly experienced this kind of trauma (as well as having another kind, gentle dog) to help her blossom when she is ready.

14-05-10 UPDATE
SourIs protects her treasures passionately at the moment so we are respecting her space and avoiding unnecessary confrontation. With the correct handling, she has stopped trying to chase us out of the room and is improving on the barks and growls when we enter it. Her continuous trembling seems to have stopped and when she has the security of another dog next to her, we have (on a couple of occasions) managed short snippets of strokes but it is very much a case of reading her body language and expression to know when enough is enough! Boundaries will need to be 150% escape-proof as she spent most of the first day and-a-half testing them and I have no doubt that even now, given the opportunity, she would flee.

25-05-10 UPDATE
Souris is making good but slow progress. She'll finally allow me to comfortably stroke her although this is only when she has the security of a pal & a bed. I'm having to take a back seat to allow other members of the family to catch up but my husband is clicker training her which appears to be helping no end. She has absolutely no inclination of walking on the lead and became too distressed so we won't be trying again for some time. Although she is still very vocal, judging by her progress in other areas, she'll slowly overcome this also.

07-06-10 UPDATE

Souris continues to make good but slow progress. After nearly 8 weeks she now happily joins me on the sofa for a snuggle and I can 90% of the time stroke her without bolting. Although at the moment my children don't have the same trust bond, I am 100% that she won't bite - although they are respectful children and never push Souris or make her feel threatened or fearful. Souris is still fairly vocal when it comes to my husband but is making progress. She still has no interest in lead walking - although this isn't an issue we've pushed at all. Although she still guards a few resources (towards other dogs and not humans) handled correctly she has the potential to improve.

We are now making Souris available for adoption. However, you must be fully aware of just how frightened she is and ensure that you are able to continue the work her foster home has started. She is far from a ready made dog and you will have to put in a lot of effort. She has not yet ventured into the outside world and walking on a lead is nowhere near possible. So if you are looking for a dog to enjoy walks Souris is a long way off from doing that. SOURIS WILL NEED ANY DOGS SHE LIVE WITH TO BE CALM, GENTLE, LAID BACK AND RESPECTFUL. SHE WILL TRY TO ESCAPE SO YOUR GARDEN MUST BE 150% SECURE. We hope someone who has dealt with a dog like Souris before will come forward.'

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Re: Terrified Cockapoo on Many Tears

Post by linny2 » 06 Aug 2010, 04:47

Poor little baby. My Spike is a Spoodle (Cockapoo) but he's such a bright and confident little chap. What an awful life this little one must have had :(

Hoping for brighter days for this special pup.
Best wishes,
Linny, Buffy & Spike
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Re: Terrified Cockapoo on Many Tears

Post by Mica1971 » 06 Aug 2010, 06:51

Oh god, I shouldn't have went in there. Tears are streaming down my face. So many wonderful little faces, tossed aside like they don't matter. Well done to all at Many Tears, more power to you xxx


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Re: Terrified Cockapoo on Many Tears

Post by awaitingrodders » 06 Aug 2010, 08:26

What on earth has happened to her? :evil: :evil:
When we started our search for a dog a year back the first thing I did was look at getting a rescue dog. The majority of places wouldn't even consider us s first time dog owers with young children which to be honest if fair enough. Once we're experienced it might be better. As soon as we've got Rodders settled in and trained given the kids another few years to grow (more to the point get them trained too :lol: ) my next mission is to give a dog a home ...... I'm almost certain it will be a Staffy, after that shocking panorama on Monday! :evil: :evil:
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Re: Terrified Cockapoo on Many Tears

Post by KateW » 06 Aug 2010, 11:10

Poor little Souris; she has just had no socialisation at all. Hope she does find the right home with the right dog to give her the confidence to move forward.

If anybody is looking for a cockerpoo there is an 18 month old one on the Many Tears site who will be a much more straightforward adoption prospect than little Souris.


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Re: Terrified Cockapoo on Many Tears

Post by Freddies_mum » 06 Aug 2010, 11:40

I've beeen watching this little girl for months now on the site, and really hope she gets a good home soon. I'd love to have her but it wouldn't be suitable here with my bouncy lot.

I can't help wondering if she is related to my Darcey - they are about the same age, but Darcey was given up to Many Tears at 6 weeks when the puppy farm that bred her couldn't sell her. I wonder if they kept Souris back?

If anyone has the expertise to help this little girl please consider her.

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Re: Terrified Cockapoo on Many Tears

Post by lizzie tb » 06 Aug 2010, 19:37

Poor little thing, she needs a lot of care and attnetion and love doesn't she? I hope she and all the other dogs find loving homes. It's difficult reading about them all, I would love to give them a home.
There are a lot of bichons on there and what a state they must have been in before Many Tears got them.

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