Portobello Doodle Meet pics

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Portobello Doodle Meet pics

Post by JacquiandTeddy » 08 Aug 2010, 11:50

The Porty doods hit the beach again yesterday and a great time was had by all!

There was Teddy (big chocolate lump), Molly (dizzy blonde), Izzy (chocolate with gorgeous blonde highlights) and Maisie (smaller sweeter version of Teddy) :wink: .......then of course there was also little old Ben in his role as honorary doodle :D

Sadly Bailey couldn't make it but his dad popped by for a wee chat on the way to work anyway :)

Apart from Ben, who just pottered and sat and watched them all, I don't think they stopped running or swimming for a whole and hour and a half :D I can't speak for the others but Teddy was totally shattered afterwards - perfect!!! 8)

http://www.flickr.com/photos/jacquiandt ... 674774336/

Kerouac, Teddy and Rosie

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Re: Portobello Doodle Meet pics

Post by millysmum » 08 Aug 2010, 16:00

What fantastic action shots. Superb! And such happy doods too.
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Re: Portobello Doodle Meet pics

Post by fee0305 » 09 Aug 2010, 23:33

These are fantastic pictures.
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Re: Portobello Doodle Meet pics

Post by KateW » 10 Aug 2010, 01:19

Great photos of some very happy doodles :D Teddy is looking very handsome, Jacqui. Will he be enjoying the festival or do you all go into hiding for the duration :lol:


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Re: Portobello Doodle Meet pics

Post by lyntol » 10 Aug 2010, 13:51

Hi Jacqui, we're in Dumfries but my daughtes at Uni in Edin, when's the next meet wouldn't mind combining a visit to the child and meeting other doodles.
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Re: Portobello Doodle Meet pics

Post by gemsie10 » 10 Aug 2010, 17:16

The pics are lovely of all your gorgeous doods x

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