How much Exercise?

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How much Exercise?

Post by Bid » 24 Jan 2011, 14:48

Out of interest - how much exercise do your adult doodles get?

Daisy gets two off-lead walks a day - one is an hour and the other is an hour and a half more or less. On top of that she gets a fortnightly swim. I'm hoping that her training walks will start up again soon as well.

Poppy gets the same walks as Daisy but is on a line which means limited running and playing, so she gets a work out with her ball every other day, including lots of training. She also swims, and often wears a little backpack on her walks to work her a bit harder. She also does agility from Feb to Oct, so we add some practice into her regime then.

THey have unlimited access to the garden, but this time of year they prefer to slob about indoors. In the warmer weather they play a little, but mostly just potter about the garden.

What do your dogs do?
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Re: How much Exercise?

Post by Mica1971 » 24 Jan 2011, 15:05

Marley gets 2 x 1 hour (approx) walks on lead per day during the week and at the weekends he gets that plus off lead play in the park. When lighter nights come in he will get on lead walk in morning and lunchtime and off lead run in park when I get home from work. Dark nights are awful!

Sometimes we have a lazy day and he is quite happy just lounging about the house and garden, but that's not the norm.

When the snow was here it was horrendous, he only got into the garden for a good couple of weeks so he got lots of indoor training and stuff to tire him out.


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Re: How much Exercise?

Post by tillytubbie » 24 Jan 2011, 18:37

My two get a 40 min walk in the morning (20 min road walk an 20 min off lead) and then a longer one in the afternoon for about an hour when we go to the bigger park and they can romp :)

On the weekends I might take them to the beach or the fields. Tilly also gets a swim about every 3 weeks :)
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john ford
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Re: How much Exercise?

Post by john ford » 24 Jan 2011, 19:43

my dog gets hour in 3 parts of hour in morn and dinner time he is 8 months and he seems ok we that he sleeps alot goes to sleep around 8 dont wake till 7 in morn is that the norm or will he get more lively as he gets older i hope he stayes like this we can relax at nite

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Re: How much Exercise?

Post by Leah » 24 Jan 2011, 19:50

Monty has just had his 1st birthday and has: .

5 mins on lead round block first thing in morning

Joins us on the school/nursey run - good for socialising with the little people!! (15 mins on lead)

I hour off lead in woods/park with big group of doggy pals every morning

1 hour off lead pm often with neighbour's dog

Round block or into garden last thing

Will be out in the evening once the nights are lighter. At home he sleeps pretty much all the time!


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Re: How much Exercise?

Post by Clare » 24 Jan 2011, 20:54

Pebbles gets between 50 min and an hour and a half off lead in the mornings, depending on weather, playmates, time etc and she gets 40 minutes on the lead around 5pm in the winter and off lead in the summer.

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Re: How much Exercise?

Post by Banana-dog » 24 Jan 2011, 21:12

Eska gets 2 one-hour walks; one in the early morning and one just before/after lunch time (that's our lunch.. she gets fed after exercise

Plus agility every monday, most saturdays and some sundays. During the summer we do agility pretty much every day.
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Re: How much Exercise?

Post by whirlwindmum » 24 Jan 2011, 23:14

What a great thread, i was wondering if i exercise Alfie enough as he doesn't do agility.
Wont swim :shock: he walks round puddles :lol: :lol: :lol: Twenty mins wonder round woods off lead. ( we live next to woods)

Lunchtime. 1 hour lead walk which includes a Training session on a local green.

6pm. 1 hour off lead running wild :lol: and trying very hard to catch them peasants and anything else that moves in the dark. If oh working from home goes while it still light so hopefully bumps into some doggy mates.

Weekends he gos morning and night, 1 hour runs being a manic with with all the other local dogs who are daft enough to enter the woods.

Cant miss his evening walk as he starts pacing the house at midnight. :!:
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Re: How much Exercise?

Post by jodieandbuddy » 25 Jan 2011, 11:13

Wow! :shock: Buddy will look hard done to :oops:

He gets 10-20 minutes around town in a morning

3-4 afternoons a week off lead run 30 minutes in the park

He tires out more on his short morning training walks though, but then we release any excess energy in the park a few days a week and practise recall :P

We do lots of training at home :D hes never destroyed anything in the house and just sleeps all day normally! :roll: metal stimulation is much more important for us as i cant take him out for lots of exercise. But he seems a happy dood!
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Re: How much Exercise?

Post by stanleystooks » 25 Jan 2011, 12:21

As I'm a nurse and work shifts we have no routine as such and Stanley just fits in he is such a good dog. He gets an hours off lead run playing ball sometime in the day and will get about 2x 15 mins lead walks round the block. I have never known a dog to hold his wee so long. If I get up he lays in bed and I have to call him many times for him to get up he is like a lazy teen :lol:



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