Lupin Update

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Re: Lupin Update

Post by Clairejen » 08 Feb 2011, 15:53

Oh Bid, I'm so sorry to hear this, after losing poor little Myrtle I really hoped Lupin would be a picture of health. Bridget is a star to support Lupin as she is, and I'm sure she will be happy in her calm home (not that I'm implying yours isn't calm of course - as she digs a hole and jumps in with both feet).
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carol brooks
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Re: Lupin Update

Post by carol brooks » 08 Feb 2011, 16:39

Hi Bid,

I too am so sorry, life doesn`t seem fair sometimes does it.

With love Carol x

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Bridget Hodder
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Re: Lupin Update

Post by Bridget Hodder » 08 Feb 2011, 17:09

Thankyou for your support. Lupin is back with her sister, Peaches now. And has settled nicely. I will do everything to ensure her a safe and happy future with the right owner in the right environment. She will need a quiet home possibly an older dog for company, and limited walks. she will have an operation if needed at 6-7 months old, which I am prepared to pay for. Thanks again, Bridget.
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Re: Lupin Update

Post by jools74 » 08 Feb 2011, 18:52

Horrible news and I'm so sorry that you have had such a run of bad luck Bid. I know your girls will be giving you lots of extra love- our Doodles seem to know when to stay close!
Wishing Lupin much love too, I know such a a little beauty will find a lovely home.

Fingers crossed that a perfect puppy will be coming to join you really soon.

Jools and Barney x

keegan family
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Re: Lupin Update

Post by keegan family » 08 Feb 2011, 19:00

Hugs from Marley for Lupin and Hugs from us to you Bid xxxxx

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Re: Lupin Update

Post by awaitingrodders » 08 Feb 2011, 19:02

Bid I am so sorry for you x :cry: I am sending you a pm.
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Re: Lupin Update

Post by becky.q » 08 Feb 2011, 19:56

Don't know what to say apart from I'm so sorry
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Re: Lupin Update

Post by Leah » 08 Feb 2011, 20:24

Oh dear - so sorry to hear this. I'm glad she will be getting the right home for her but sad for you.


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deb Beasor
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Re: Lupin Update

Post by deb Beasor » 08 Feb 2011, 20:47

This is so tragic for everyone I know Bridget is devastated as is Bid but I know Bridget will
do everything to find this little puppy the best home possible, noone could ask for a better breeder than that. :(

Hugs to you all :( :(


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Re: Lupin Update

Post by Amarante » 08 Feb 2011, 21:18

Oh Bid I have read this with my mouth open. I am in shock. You must feel dreadful. Big hugs to you and also to Bridget who must also be feeling pretty shell-shocked. xx
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Re: Lupin Update

Post by Glitterbug » 08 Feb 2011, 21:26

Oh Bid I am so sorry for you. Just want to say that Piet and I send huge hugs to you, the lovely Lupin, your girls and to the wonderful Bridget. xxxx

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Re: Lupin Update

Post by Hel&Mark » 08 Feb 2011, 21:30

Amarante wrote:Oh Bid I have read this with my mouth open. I am in shock. You must feel dreadful. Big hugs to you and also to Bridget who must also be feeling pretty shell-shocked. xx
Ditto. xx
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Re: Lupin Update

Post by marionfunnell » 08 Feb 2011, 21:33

Hugs coming your way from Finn and me to both Bid and Bridget and all the lovely doodles x

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Re: Lupin Update

Post by stout » 08 Feb 2011, 21:37

Oh dear you poor thing, sorry to hear that. Let's hope lupin is fixed soon and finds a nice home where she can do as much or as little as she needs.

Chris, Michelle & Stout



Stout Puppy Pics:

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Re: Lupin Update

Post by marshybee » 08 Feb 2011, 22:39

So Sorry to hear this. Good luck to you all my heart goes out to you I cannot imagine how you must feel for having to give up your little girl. What a great pair you and Bridget are it's a pity more people do not follow your examples by only having the interest of the puppy.
Good luck to you both. Hope Lupin will be ok I am sure with your love and concern she will be.

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