In need of some urgent advice

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Re: In need of some urgent advice

Post by Pippin » 02 Mar 2011, 18:04

So sorry it's come to this, please don't let this bad experience put you off Labradoodles and the many good Labradoodle breeders who will not treat you like this.

Puppies should be warm clean and well, walk away if they are not.

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Re: In need of some urgent advice

Post by croftersdoodle2 » 02 Mar 2011, 19:35

I know your hurting at the moment, im sure that out there you will find a better puppy,
if we had any left i would have given you one of ours.

Someone on this site must know of a puppy that you all would give more love to.

im sorry that they came and took jess back, they're not good breeders, perhaps there was a underlining problem with there pups.
You should Name this breeder so they dont hurt another family by taken the pup back.
Are they on the labradoodle association?

How is your little one hope hope she is better :D :D :D

Rest in Peace our beautiful Girl
You Will Always be in our Hearts
"You Will Be Forever Loved But Never Forgotten"

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Re: In need of some urgent advice

Post by Bid » 02 Mar 2011, 20:24

So sorry :( . I know how you will be feeling right now, with all the puppy things still around you. I just wanted to say, when I had to return Lupin to Bridget (under very different circumstances), I immediately wanted to get a puppy - I had waiting a long time for that puppy, and my mind had been geared up to it for months. It was very tempting to go straight out to the first litter I found. So please, I know it's soon to talk about it, but once you have had a puppy home it's almost a physical need to have one again. If you do feel the same, take a little while to find another puppy, and make sure that you are comfortable with the breeder and the health tests and so on, and hopefully get some recommendations here. The right puppies are out there waiting for us somewhere.
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Re: In need of some urgent advice

Post by gillgraham » 02 Mar 2011, 20:34

Thank-you, just been an awful few days. I have spoke to the Labradoodle Trust and explained all. I do not want to name them in public as do not want any more threatening behaviour as got 2 children to think about and they know where we live!!.

This has not put us off but need to heal some wounds. I am also going to fill in the adoption form at the Labradoodle Trust to see if they could match us with a dog that is in need of a loving home.

If that doesn't happen I am going to take time and do lot's of research and make sure we go to the best breeder possible. Do not want to go through this ever again. Just hope Jess finds a really good home as he is a gorgeous dog

Thanks Again everybody

Gill xx

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Re: In need of some urgent advice

Post by newdoodle79 » 02 Mar 2011, 21:22

Sorry if this is taken as Immaturity, but what a load of AR*EHOLES!! :evil: :twisted: :evil:

Did i read it correct that the idiot husband said "you dont know who your messing with"? and this man owns a wife? never mind animals!? I`m fuming!! god knows how you feel! pure unadulterated IDIOTS!!


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Re: In need of some urgent advice

Post by alfsmum » 02 Mar 2011, 21:38

So sorry to hear how badly you have been treated. I don't know how bullies sleep at night. \i hope you find a new addition to your family soon :wink: :wink:

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Kirstie & Murphy
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Re: In need of some urgent advice

Post by Kirstie & Murphy » 03 Mar 2011, 00:01

What a terrible situation, I can never understand how some people behave! I hope you get a happy ending once the dust settles-you deserve it.
Kirstie & Murphy
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Re: In need of some urgent advice

Post by mags11 » 03 Mar 2011, 08:43

Sad that he had to go back IMO he will be sold on as not many breeders will keep a dog pup from a litter. Some other poor soul will end up with a bigger Vet bill than they expected due to this twat of a breeder
Good luck on getting a new addition when you feel ready

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Re: In need of some urgent advice

Post by thepooles » 03 Mar 2011, 09:13

What a dreadful story, I'm so sorry for your girls who must feel very confused, shame on the breeder for acting so aggressively.

There are some brilliant breeders out there, you may decide to try again once your nerves have settled, I'm sure lots of folks on here can recommend loving, caring breeders who will offer support if needed rather than aggression.

Then again, there are so many doodles coming into the trust it would be lovely for one of them to find their home with you , good luck

john ford
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Re: In need of some urgent advice

Post by john ford » 04 Mar 2011, 12:45

i wouldnt have gve him back dont give into bullys my breeder made me sign to hae him back if i ever gave him up but she only wants to sell him again cause a few weeks after havin our dog she phoned me to see if anyone wanted a labrador she had been given back but she wanted 200 for him so most of the time its just money to them and she never checked our home or anything about us . when our boy was little we noticed something wrong with eyes and still as trouble but theres no way i would have given my boy back and for her to mame him something eles thats bad he wont now what hes name is and i would worry what is goin to happen to himsay if they kill him i wouldnt be able to rest my dog as grown bigger then i thought he would but its not the size its the way they behave i had a yorkie and he was a nasty bit of work i can trust this dog with my 1 year old grandaughter hope he will be ok i bet u cant phone to c whats happened to him

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Re: In need of some urgent advice

Post by gillgraham » 04 Mar 2011, 15:32

Totally agree and if it was just myself and my husband the decision would have been so different but I have 2 young girls and I just could not take the chance. Must admit I have had two very sleepless nights and cannot help worrying about him but hopefully I have taken measures to ensure he is ok.
I have certainly been taught a very harsh lesson. Trying to think of an excuse for them behaving in this manner but in my book it was just down right cruel.

Now I ask, was the mum or sire ever healthchecked ?
Never found out who the Sire was!
I honestly do not think any paperwork existed

I have not been put off though and have sent in my forms to the Labradoodle Trust so hopefully we will be matched with dog needing a loving home.

Thanks again everybody

Gill x

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Re: In need of some urgent advice

Post by Barnesy » 04 Mar 2011, 15:52

The breeder we got Maizy from are expecting more labradoodles and springerdoodles over the next couple of months.

Good luck

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