Chocolate labradors?

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Chocolate labradors?

Post by Lizzie » 28 Mar 2007, 13:40

Hi everybody,
I was at the Vets recently with my Doodle and overheard a conversation with the receptionist and a couple who wanted advice about finding a labrador stud for their bitch. The receptionist said that whatever they do
they shouldn't use a chocolate lab because of their temperament. I had to rush off and so couldn't ask her for more info .... does anybody know what she mean't? Do Choc Labs have a reputation for "bad temperament" Does anybody have a Doodle who was sired by a Choc Lab and found any problems.
I look forward to any comments!!!

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Post by LouBeale » 28 Mar 2007, 13:47

I don't think they are prone to bad temperament. IMO they show a tendency to be a bit thick and prone to being overweight, but of course there are exceptions to this. You don't see many chocs doing service work but there was a lovely one at Crufts last year called Yogi who helped a disabled boy. Brought a tear to my eye. :D

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Post by donz » 28 Mar 2007, 14:07

tbh I don't think they really are very different but there is a bit of chinese whispers about regarding choc/black labs as I found when my dog was bitten by one! Whenever I said to anybody about it I did hear 'there they go again' or the like!

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Chocolate Labrador

Post by jelly » 28 Mar 2007, 14:15

ive had
yellow labs
red fox labs
and chocolate labs
and nextdoor neighbours have 2 black labs
and i find them all the same with temperament wise all dogs even if there the same breed can be bad a good tempered but all mine have been clever and good the only thing i found was my chocolates were on the porky side
but i cant see any other reason for somebody to say dont use a chocolate stud dog it seem they really dont know what there talking about

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Post by freedom » 28 Mar 2007, 14:20

I have all three colours and my chocolate is the calmest of all, my Yellow bitch is absolutely nuts!
The problem is chocolates became fashionable in recent years and therefore many many are bred with no concern for anything except producing colour :(

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Post by PennyAli » 28 Mar 2007, 14:40

I have one of every colour and they are all lovely but my chocolate (although hypo sometimes) is the most intelligent!

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Re: Chocolate labradors?

Post by GUNNER » 28 Mar 2007, 15:12

Lizzie wrote:Hi everybody,
Does anybody have a Doodle who was sired by a Choc Lab and found any problems.
I look forward to any comments!!!
Gunners mum was a choc Lab, dad a choc Poodle, if she did have any temperament problems she certainly didn't pass them to Gunner, he is a darling. :D :D

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Catherine Ford
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Post by Catherine Ford » 28 Mar 2007, 15:15

Darcey's mum is a choc lab and dad a black sp......Darcey has a lovely temperatment.. and she is so gentle.

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Post by donz » 28 Mar 2007, 16:10

Scruffs mum is a choccy lab too and dad choccy poodle - no temperament probs here

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Post by Xena » 28 Mar 2007, 18:32

My sil has a chocolate and she has a fantastic temprement, she is however a chunky monkey :lol:

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Post by Doodie's_mum » 28 Mar 2007, 20:10

Doodie's mum is a chocolate lab, and her dad a chocolate poodle and she has the friendliest temperament I have ever seen in a dog. She doesn't have a nasty/bad/cross bone in her body. :D

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Post by graciedoodle » 28 Mar 2007, 21:40

God knows where that receptionist got her information from!i have all three colours and the choc(only boy) is an absolute darling.he is a brilliant stud dog,has good hips and eyes and is trustworthy with dogs,bitches,strangers AND children.oh and my blonde is the porky one in our family.thats me and the lab! :roll:
experienced hobby labradoodle breeder.all parents health tested and pups reared indoors and garden.f1s,f1bs and minis occasionly available.

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Post by Tigger » 28 Mar 2007, 23:02

I too have had all colours of Lab - I have never ever had a bad experience. They are great dogs. My first doodle had a chocolate lab sire and an apricot poodle dam - he was lovely!

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Post by CAROL SHAW » 29 Mar 2007, 00:23

Hi we have all 3 colour labs as my husband breds gun Dogs I find the black the most intelligent but we have used our choc stud to our poodle to breed most of our Doodles his hips are 6 elbows 0 and clear eye cert so he is as good as you can get his offspring are used as working dogs one doodle is a drug sniffer with HMPS and a grandson is Tony Blairs sniffer dog (lab) so something must be good about them

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Post by Lizzie » 29 Mar 2007, 12:01

Hi everybody,
Thanks for all of your comments. I think its sad that some breeds or "breed types" are subjected to these nonsensical rumours. Sad thing is though that some people believe them!!

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