second dog?

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second dog?

Post by JudeinPlymouth » 27 May 2011, 17:32

Hello everyone,

I'm sure this has been discussed here before so sorry if I'm repeating, but as so many of you seem to have more than one dog, I'd love to hear your opinions..... when do you think is a good time to get a second dog?

I know Fletcher is still very young at 9 months, but he is soooo sociable and just loves other dogs, in all environments, and I'd really like to get him a pal. We don't leave him much so it's not so much about company, but he's not always got our full attention due to being self employed. Plus I think he's starting to become a bit of a mummys boy :lol:

I was thinking about Autumn time this year so Fletcher would be about 14 months by then, what do you think?

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kizzie whizz
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Re: second dog?

Post by kizzie whizz » 27 May 2011, 18:20

I think you need to have your dog trained and behaving how you want before you bring home a puppy.
Kizzie is one year older than Murphy. Kizzie took over mothering Murphy when we got him and has taught him everything, nice for the good stuff - unfortunately she has also taught him some things we had rather she hadn't :lol:
Wendy, Kizzie Whizz and Murphy

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Re: second dog?

Post by jojorolo » 27 May 2011, 18:22

I would say definately worth getting another. We waited until Rolo( Aussie labradoodle) was 19months and I'm glad we waited as he is a great role model. We were advised not to get another too soon. Its hard work though- Jaffa (cockapoo) is now 5 months and its like having another baby again.

What I would say is that I have tried to train and walk him separately and although totally impractical it has bonded us with Jaffa. Otherwise I think he would respond a lot more to Rolo.

Gorgeous boy by the way. Here are my 2. (sorry pics are so big)




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Re: second dog?

Post by poodledoodleted » 27 May 2011, 18:32

I think the behaviourists claim your dog should be quite a bit older in order to not cause any problems (pick up bad habits) John Rogerson I think says 7years :?

My own opinion however :lol: Is basically when your other dog is well mannered and behaved enough that you could handle another dog without them going a bit off the rails. For instance I imagine if I got Ted a friend today (nearly 9months) my house would be ruined as he would run and run and run and never calm down and the new dog would never get trained as I'd constantly be trying to calm Ted down. Also its very difficult to train a dog when he has another dog for a friend (why they don't advise getting litter mates) Dogs do prefer each other unless properly trained to like you more.

However, I do own two dogs (Ted quite badly behaved) so fits the story. However, a friend bought 2 spaniels just before I got Ted (littermates) followed a few months later by a lab puppy. So all very young dogs. She got a trainer involved before she bought the dogs and they advised her to keep the dogs seperated for large parts of the day - train them seperately and then bring them together from play. Honestly - they are the best behaved dogs i've come across :shock: So it does work.

If you are willing to put the time in with a small puppy again - have the time to walk both seperately (Fletcher on long walks puppy 5mins per age etc etc) and do all the training and develop a bond with the puppy seperate to him being with Fletcher (you and Fletcher already have a bond but you will have to build one with the new puppy with Fletcher there - who the pup will probably prefer to be with) and Fletcher is well behaved enough, then go for it! :D

The plus sides are they wear each other out - never on their own - and you have twice the fun :D

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Re: second dog?

Post by lesbevis » 27 May 2011, 19:04

What a smart puppy fletcher is

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Re: second dog?

Post by Bid » 27 May 2011, 19:10

I would say get a second dog if YOU want one, not as company for Fletcher. Definitely wait a while - He hasn't gone through the teen years and you would want to get that out of the way first I think! I agree that you need to walk them separately, train them separately and kepe them apart a good deal of the time. Daisy is trying to monopolise Beamish and I know I need to stop that or he will bond with her more than me.

Daisy and Poppy don't play much together - they did at first but these days they don't at all really. I do love having more that one dog, but one thing that is a lot harder is sorting out what to do with them when you have to be out for a day. There are loads of people who will take one dog, but not so many prepared to take on two!
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Re: second dog?

Post by whirlwindmum » 27 May 2011, 19:41

First i only have 1 dog would love another one but cant afford it.

Just wanted to say i would wait until after the teen age phase is over. Alfie is quite a calm dood compared to many on here, yet between the age of 12months and 20 months hes really pushed us to limits at times with his behavior, and had me in tears at times. Now he is 21 months and a joy to own :D :D but still has recall issues i certainly couldn't cope with 2 dogs running off.

Good luck.
i]Treena & Alfie[/i]

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Re: second dog?

Post by Glenda » 27 May 2011, 23:16

Timed rightly or wrongly I'm so pleased we got Dooley when we did. Jessie loves him to bits :D and Deano plays with him loads :shock:

Dooley is an absolute pleasure to own and look after. He adores Jessie and respects Deano. I do walk him separately for a short while but when we take Deano and Jessie out in the early evening he comes along too and loves to run free with them.

Oh, and I should say... he loves to dig holes in my hubby's lawn... and wee on the kitchen floor occasionally... and bring in twigs etc. and chew them into tiny pieces all over the floor I've just hoovered... just to keep me on my toes :lol: :lol:

I don't regret a minute of it :D :D


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Re: second dog?

Post by Madeleine » 28 May 2011, 08:04

I have 2 and no regrets whatsoever.
Of course there are problems when going out for the day
but we overcome them.
The advantages out weigh the disadvantages IMO
My 2 have never had a 'cross' word and even though they
don't play with each other they are company for each other
when we leave them on occasions and
they do look out for each other.

Cost is obviously something to think about and last year we
spent almost as much on their home boarder as our holiday!
but it was something that we realised and so budgeted.
My attitude in life is to think say in 10 years wishing I had done it !
Its like planning your family - do I have another baby or not - not easy
and sometimes it just happens anyway.
Hope you can make the decision soon

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Re: second dog?

Post by Fizz's mum » 28 May 2011, 17:04

We got Indie when Fizz was coming up to 2. They are the best of friends and play all day. Fizz has always been well behaved unless left alone. She has taught Indie to be really good and now even Fizz is good when left. Indie is now just 6 months and is two inches taller than Fizz ,even though they were meant to be the same size. I think she will be a Labradonkey but Fizz is still the boss. I would honestly recommend it - double brushing, double poo but double delight! I am thinking of a third......

Good luck
Fizz and Indie's Mum


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Re: second dog?

Post by trinared » 28 May 2011, 20:02

Yes I would say get a second. Marley was 18 months when we got duffy at 8 weeks. Marley still had several bad habits like terrible recall but duffy didn't pick up any and marley has picked up a lot of good habits from her.
He seems more content with duffy around as she is a calm loving girl who doesn't challenge him except in play and this may be worth thinking about when you look for a dog. we didn't find the need to train separately as her training was a good refresher for him. and We walked then together mostly too, carrying duffy if too far or doing lots of short walks or taking marley for an extra one when she was sleep.
I love having two and don't think it needs twice the time as we do everything together , but it definately means twice the money so if that is no problem go for It :D
Marley and Duffy

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Re: second dog?

Post by sajwhite » 28 May 2011, 21:34

Ollie was 15months old when we got Tiny and its the best thing we could have done :)

Rather than Tiny picking up bad behaviour from Ollie its had the opposite effect! Tiny has been much easier to train and loves puppy classes and Ollie will now join in and do things we couldn't get him to do before!

We have no regrets although my Mum has got them both for a week soon while we are away so I might have to change my mind after that! Walking 2 dogs is no more difficult than walking one so apart from increased food and vets bills we are only seeing benefits to having 2.

Good luck Sarah,Ollie and Tiny x

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Re: second dog?

Post by tillytubbie » 28 May 2011, 22:52

In all honestly, 2 is definatley twice the work, and sometimes twice the trouble.

Before Betsy arrived, Tilly was (and still is) my girl. She is my best friend; travelling compainion, walking buddy, homework helper, shopping companion, snuggle buddy and emotional support. It was just me and her. We have both been through some really tough stuff in our relitavley short lives. We are both older than our years in spirit; and match each other perfectly. I don't even have to say a word to Tilly to get her to do something - she seems to instinctivley know what I want her to do. I could run from a burning building without worrying if she would follow. We came as a pair; where ever I went she was there too. People asked questions if on the rare occasion she wasn't!
I have build the deepest connection between a dog that I never thought was possible. So why would I want to spoil this fantastic life and realationship by adding a not-so-bright, disruptive, destructive, small fluff ball of a puppy?!
Betsy has peed and pooed countless times in the house, eaten books, shoes, clothes, leads, collars and poo bags. She has run off down the street and terrorised the cat. Instead of just taking Tilly for a walk in the morning, I had to sit in the garden and wait for Betsy to go to the toilet. Instead of just bundling Tilly in the car and going out for the day, I had to take a crate, towles and puppy toys. Instead of just leaving Tilly in the house without a care, I had to make sure everything was puppy-proofed and out of the way.

But, Betsy has also become my furry hot water bottle, makes me laugh everyday and gives Tilly company while she waits for me to come home.
It is nice to sometimes take Tilly out by herself like old times - just me and her; but it doesn't feel right. Both her and I are waiting for the white ball of fluff to hurtle across the park and fall over her own feet. So it seems we have both adjusted to sharing out life with another canine, and miss her if she isn't there.

So, all in all - I think it is totally your decision as to if you want 2 dogs; but I personally, wouldn't change it for the world :)
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Re: second dog?

Post by JudeinPlymouth » 29 May 2011, 14:10

Thank you everyone! As expected, different opinions and all giving me something to think about.... Fletcher was incredibly hard work as a small puppy as he was unwell (not that we knew it at the time) so I've no rose tinted glasses and haven't forgotten the work involved :shock:

Considering he's had no formal training (am a little ashamed of this but I can't get my head around going to classes) other than stealing things when he's bored, pulling on his lead sometimes and jumping up when people say hello, he's really well behaved and laid back in many ways.... so I'm hoping that if the worse thing that happens is that I end up with a second dog with only his bad habits I won't be doing too badly :D

So. We're decided we deffo want another dog, and it will be another labradoodle but will aim for a smaller version as Fletchers legs would make a supermodel jealous :lol: :lol: and two dogs his size will be hard to take as many places, walk etc We've got a busy summer ahead so think we'll wait until the end of the year.... but watch this space!!! :D

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