So Scared!!! :o :O My poor girl!!

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So Scared!!! :o :O My poor girl!!

Post by tillytubbie » 09 Jun 2011, 20:38

Tilly was attacked AGAIN tonight - this time the WORST EVER!!

I was walking through the park when I saw my neighbour and her friend. My neighbour had 1 of her 4 Great Danes out, and her friend had her Doodle, Golden Doodle and King Charles Spaniel. The dogs were absoloutley fine, started to play. Tilly and the Golden Doodle started to play really nicley. I then saw a woman and her little Jack Russell who doesn't like us :lol: so I put Tilly on a lead.

Can I just say, Tilly and I have known this Dane since she was 8 weeks old, and there have never been any problems.

The Dane then came over and stood next to me, jumped suddenly and got a little tangled in Tilly's lead I think. I don't know what happened next, but it had jumped on Tilly and was grabbing her scruff and Tilly was yelping. I had to let go of the lead to pull it off. My neighbour came over and put the dog on a lead. Tilly was fine, a little shaken but went off to play.

After a few miniutes Tilly came back and stood next to me. The two ladies and I were talking, and seeing as the Dane had calmed down, my neighbour decided to let it off the lead. AS SOON as she let go; it ran straight to Tilly, bowled her over, put both paws on her back and started biting her. Tilly was on her side on the floor (the first time I have EVER seen another dog get her on the floor, even in play.)
The Dane was growling and had both paws on her back really going for her. I tried to grab it and pull it off, and I did, but it lunged suddenly yanking me to my knees. Tilly had started to run off but it grabbed her again (a bit like a lion bringing down prey) and started biting her.

The strangled, screaming sound Tilly was making made me feel sick, as did the intensity the Dane was attacking. For the first time in any dog fight I though it was going to kill her.

Both me and my neighbour managed to grab it and haul it off (took 3 people in the end!) and Tilly ran off limping and whining.
I followed her to the bushes and checked her over. She has got two nasty bite marks on her neck and abdomen, as well as lots of scratches.

I rang the vets and they have advised to wash them in salt water, as they aren't that deep and don't need immediate attention. I am worried about her joints though, as the force it jumped on her was horrific! 10 stone of dog is a lot!

All my neighbour said was "Come, on, I don't think they are going to be friends, lets go this way" and walked off. I was so shaken. And felt sick. I can't get that image out of my head of Tilly being shaken like that.

I'm going to see Enrique Igleasis tomorrow night, as it is my birthday on Sunday - I have fallen out with my friends, and this on top is definatley not he weekend I had planned.
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brucey doodle
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Re: So Scared!!! :o :O My poor girl!!

Post by brucey doodle » 09 Jun 2011, 21:06

I really feel for you Bruce was attackt not long ago and it made me sick to my stomach I hope it hasn't hurt tilly to bad .
I'm sure you'll make up with your friends soon .
Keep your chin up :D
Emma and Bruce
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jane and merlin
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Re: So Scared!!! :o :O My poor girl!!

Post by jane and merlin » 09 Jun 2011, 21:14

i am so sorry for you and Tilly i do hope she is feeling a bit better now ? , this is what worries me with merlin because he is black dogs don't seem to like him , he has never attacked and will try and hide . Try and enjoy your concert and big hugs to tilly from merlin and jackson . jane
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Re: So Scared!!! :o :O My poor girl!!

Post by nutttymutts » 09 Jun 2011, 21:22

By the description you have given I think I would of insisted that the vet checked her out.
I hope she is ok and that you get over the shock as well

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Re: So Scared!!! :o :O My poor girl!!

Post by Liz! » 09 Jun 2011, 21:51

That's horrible. Poor Tilly. And now you have another dog to worry about, poor you. I don't think you can tell really how badly a dog is injured till the vet has a look... but I'd send the bill to that neighbour!
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Re: So Scared!!! :o :O My poor girl!!

Post by tillytubbie » 11 Jun 2011, 18:41

Hi guys, thanks for your well wishes.

I had to take Tilly to the vet, as she wasn't eating or drinking and was still in shock. The vet found 10 bite marks and her skin is purple and bruised. She also flinches when you touch her. She is on antibiotics and is very nervous.

I got her back out with my friends rottie to see if she has developed the fear aggression again - she put her tail down between her legs and ears back, and cowered behind me. All my dog walking friends agreed she wasn't very Tilly-ish. She didn't leave my side and sat away from the other dogs :(

I'm so angry with the woman for letting this happen, and feel sorry for Tilly. But I'm trying to not let it show and let her move on in her own time. :|
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Re: So Scared!!! :o :O My poor girl!!

Post by MrsAdmin » 11 Jun 2011, 23:28

Where in the country are you? The best thing for Tilly will be to get her to a Doodle Meet as soon as possible.

Doods always seem to recognise fellow nutters and a bounce with like minded dogs will help her get over being afraid. It will also help you to get over your stress and not pass it to Tilly.

Definitely go and see the neighbour, with an adult witness, and explain that Tilly has been badly hurt and ended up at the vet and is having treatment for the bites and bruising. Take a photocopy of the bill and hand it to her (keep the original in case she tears the copy up) and say that you expect her to refund the costs to you.

She is at fault for not being able to control her dog and needs to recognise this. What if it had been a child this Dane had a go at? It would be facing a needle at the vets and she would be at the Magistrate's court.

Be pleasant and follow these steps for assertive behaviour. It works! :wink:

1. I recognise your problem...that you thought the dog was playing/no damage was done etc etc

2. However (never say BUT as it's a stopping word - however works much better)

3. my problem is that... Tilly has been injured, I have a vet bill, Tilly and I are/were very frightened, this could have been a child.

4. What I propose is... You pay this bill, you take the Dane to a behavourist if needed, you keep it under control and away from other dogs and muzzle it in public or I will report this to the Dog Warden.

Good luck.

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Re: So Scared!!! :o :O My poor girl!!

Post by Markt3857 » 13 Jun 2011, 14:19

I'm so sorry to hear about Tilly. There can't be anything worse than seeing your loved one being attacked

Mrs Admin has given some very good advice and please follow this up with the Danes owner otherwise it could be another dog next time and be far worse, I know its not easy.

I do hope that Tilly gets over it soon, and you too for that matter

I hope you had a reasonably good birthday yesterday under the circumstances

All the best
Mark, Kim, Briar & Marcie (the Cockapoo!)



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