rosie gnawed up my baby's foot :(

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Re: rosie gnawed up my baby's foot :(

Post by gilly g » 27 Aug 2011, 22:05

Despite what I said earlier, I will put my twopenneth in (good old English expression, in case you didn't know).

Please re-read gilly 1709's post, rather than going all defensive, I think she was only trying to help. :roll:

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Re: rosie gnawed up my baby's foot :(

Post by thepooles » 27 Aug 2011, 22:28

speechlesss no 2

please dont leave your defenceless toddler along with your puppy. Children come first, second and last. and i love dogs. but we must protect the defenceless, there is no excuse.

sorry. but thats it.

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Re: rosie gnawed up my baby's foot :(

Post by nutttymutts » 28 Aug 2011, 08:22

Firstly I am sorry to hear that this has happened in both sides Firstly Gracie's poor foot and secondly the way that you have been treated. I feel very sadden that people have been not just harsh but extremely mean. :cry: :cry:

I can only imagine the guilt trip that you must be feeling and that people have yes stated the obvious that you have unfortunately learnt the bad way of not leaving a dog with children even a puppy, teaching the leave command is a very good one, as is the spaying your daughters socks, it may be worth trying to teach Rosie that she has to keep a distance with Gracie, a bit like teaching them that the bin is not their lucky dip and the kitchen work tops is not the lottery win for tummy's :roll: :roll:

Please try to ignore the nasty posts and just take on board the nice ones. (easier said than done :evil: :evil: )
May I suggest another site that has some really nice people on there as well (MOST ON HERE ARE TOO.....HONEST. I do feel that you have been poorly judged and gone through some really cruel treatment)

Please try this forum

maybe you should re register on here under a new name try a different user name like rosiesmom or rosiedood or


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Re: rosie gnawed up my baby's foot :(

Post by looney doodle » 28 Aug 2011, 10:16

Have read through the 3 pages of posts and am not joining "the troll" calling but I do have a question.

You went inside, left 6 chilfdren and 2 dogs for 2 mins and during that time Rosie started chewing on your daughters foot which made her scream in pain.

Did you not respond to your daughter crying out in pain or was it only towards the end as you returned that she cried out?

You were right to show Rosie the foot and tell her off, as long as it was immediately after you caught her doing it, otherwise she does not know what to associate your displeasure with and may associate it with the wrong thing.

2nd question for you - did you leave the children tied up as well? So they could not get to the dogs.

I am pig sick of dogs being blamed for reacting in a way that is entirely normal and forms basic instinct for a dog to something that a human has done to them or caused them to react in such a way. Humans, adult and specially children, must take more responsibility for their actions.
All dogs have a basic human instinct, some areas more stronger than others and it is through the training we do with them that we either attempt to irradicate, curb, alter or adapt that instinct. In some dogs we may encourage some parts but always adapted to us.
It doesn't matter why Rosie chewed on your daughters foot, but I suspect not because the sock was on it or she smelled nice but a more basic instinct!!!!!!

Do not leave any dog alone with children. It may be the best trained, nicest, most calm friendly loving dog in the world. However it only takes a split second for the dog to turn. And when that dog does turn no matter the amount of training it will revert to basic instinct.

Rosie has been reprimanded, move on, make sure you train her properly, if you haven't aready, start training now, there is never too early. Do not be afraid to seek professional help at any time.

You learnt your lesson the hard way, no doubt you are feeling pretty guilty. Get over it, there is no such thing as guilt in the dog world and if you are to guide Rosie properly then you will need to accept that now. Oherwise Rosie will sense it, play on it and in a few months time you will be giving up on Rosie or you will struggle along with her, eventually something will happen and she will be pts.

DO NOT LEAVE DOGS AND CHILDREN ALONE WITH EACH OTHER (and 99% of the time I would tie the child up!!!!!)
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