'Monty's great day out'

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'Monty's great day out'

Post by Monty » 03 Sep 2011, 11:39

Firstly many thanks for all the good luck and congratulation wishes I received for the Monty and owner look-a- like on the ‘The One Show’.

While it’s still fresh in my memory, I will try and recap the ‘Monty’s day out’ but there are a few bits that are a bit blurry (especially when I took off my glasses!)
Monty was a real trooper from start to finish. We gave him a good run early morning to get rid of any 1’s and 2’s - basic I know but the thought of taking Monty to a railway carriage loo filled me with dread! Sue drove me to Newcastle station and came to bid me fond farewell and good luck. Monty was in his element, loving the hustle and bustle of the station. There seemed to be a lot of people nudging and pointing at us and smiling benignly. Little did they know that the duo would soon be on TV! I managed to resist the temptation to say, “Oi! Tune in to BBC1 at 7pm tonight” but it was difficult!
Monty and I settled into the carriage, a little two seater so in order to fit, Monty decided to sit on the seat next to me and watch the other table eating their food as opposed to watching the view out the window. Ok, ok, I know! Dogs should not be on the furniture but hey! There was one person with their shoes on the seat and I reckoned if Monty is good enough to get on our bed for a siesta, he’s good enough for a railway carriage seat as I would certainly not entertain the thought of going to bed with a pair of shoes on the pillow!
The carriage was full of ladies and, before you say whoopee, they had been on the train since Dundee and the liquid refreshments had obviously been flowing and as they passed to go to the loo, their amorous intentions were aimed at poor Monty but he just took all the heavy patting in his stride!
London definitely had the (bow) WOW factor for Monty. He just loved the noise and smells and he was so excited that I fully expected him to start bouncing. We found the chauffeur and car that was sent to transport us to the studio and I apologised about having to have a dog in his nice clean car. The driver was not worried as he had regularly been called upon to transport David Blunkett and his guide dog.
We were greeted by a production assistant who directed us to some green turf for the all the dogs to do their business. Hopes of being allowed to use the Blue Peter garden were dashed as it had been put out of bounds to our dogs … I wonder why?
Nine dogs, three heats and we were all left guessing which category each were in. I was ok as I knew beforehand that I was in the owner-look-a-like. I was a little surprised at the studio facilities as I had expected an MGM production with a cast of thousands and room to do a Star Wars/Hobbit/Bond trilogy perhaps? Err, hmmm, not quite…we had a bit of a broom cupboard experience with a lot of crew and no room to swing the proverbial cat, never mind 9 dogs! We were all given big sticky name labels to help us get to know who was who. Mine just said ‘Monty with Rhod’ so I stuck it on my jacket and went off for a quick rehearsal. Monty was just an absolute star! He sat, and then lay down on his designated spot, a real trooper! In the rehearsal, the young lady with the spaniel was chosen as the winner so that put a nagging, glum, unhappy, slight dampener of a doubt in my mind. All this way for nothing! What has Sue done to me this time? All those people watching me lose! Aah well, it’s been a great experience….
…Back in for makeup, Monty was fine but I needed a bit of a touch up and then the cardigan came from the wardrobe department. Aaaaaargh, I was hoping it did not fit! Actually it did not fit, but they thought it looked good and was the right colour to match Monty and then when I showed them my glossy nose t shirt which they loved but I still had to wear the cardigan. Not only was it rather tight fitting, it was also very, very warm and I was soon leaking. Thus I got to know the makeup lady very well! On the way out, there is Chris Evans sitting on the floor wishing me good luck. All very surreal! Bumped into Jay the chef and he wished Monty all the best and then Charles Brandreth also wished Monty good luck! So that dispelled my gloomy thoughts of being an also-ran. The main stars of programme like my Monty! A result in my book!
So all the dogs got pee’d, poo’d and watered ready for the live show at seven and by now, we all knew who was in which category and there was soon a good camaraderie between us except for the little brown Terrier who decided to have a close encounter of the turd kind with Monty, so there was a slight scuffle. I think Monty was a bit taken aback at having a cold nose placed on his nether regions. Also Monty took a shine to the ‘all’ female Dalmatian. Oh, the shame! And all before going on set! Talk about a cool Dood!
We were fed as well and I managed to sneak Monty a chicken and sweet corn pasta salad to stave off his hunger pangs as he had already scoffed the dinner I had brought for him. The equation of ‘excitement’ = ‘let’s eat’ rings a bell with me so that’s another thing we have in common.
I was given instructions to take piccies of Chris Evan and the gang and the other competitors so I try and get some candid shots…so far I have managed to get a fully computerised work station desk, a table leg and a water dispenser which I am sure will not reflect well on my telephone camera skills so no pics, sorry. Mind you if anybody wants to see the Beebs legs in stainless steel just let me know.
More make up, I was slowly turning into David Dickenson and glowing orange plus my hair was now back-combed. Oh what one has to do for one’s art!
So, lights, camera and action! Well not really - we were in line and given the thumbs up to enter and what you saw on TV was as it was. It was a total surprise to me when I was chosen as the winner and I was still in shock as I did my exit with my trophy. I think the poor girl with the Spaniel was probably more in shock than me when she didn’t win! Not having my glasses on, I could not see who were the judges, the stars or the camera so I hope I came across as cool, confident and a man with a mission but with that cardigan, I think we can forget the mission bit! Situation has not changed, Monty is the star and I’m the supporting actor and STILL NO LINE!!
I handed back my cardigan which was well and truly soaked and attached to me and put on my jacket, grabbed my hand luggage ( it was really Monty’s hand luggage) and went back to the studio.
A mad rush around of thanks from me to everybody and thanks from all the other competitors and Beeb staff and stars and then I had to dash to meet my driver who was taking us to the station for my 9.00pm train which was on time, leaving us only three quarters of an hour to get to Kings Cross. In moments of quiet contemplation ( in the car) I realise that I had not done my ‘Jehovah Witness’ bit with the Northern Doodle cards. Doh! Drat, Damn and Double Drat!
Kings Cross Station was mobbed, very warm but Monty like a true professional just lay in the concourse area. I got a lot of admiring glances and people wanted to give Monty a stroke or a cuddle.
I was dripping with the heat so a got a hanky to mop my brow and the light bulb came on, I was dripping a day glow orange!! Aaaaarrrgggghhhhh!
The platform number came up so saying goodbye to my new station concourse friends I mopped my brow and ran to the carriage, even Monty was keen to get into the carriage, any carriage, he took a shine to first class……. Hold on lad, I think we need a few more wins, a TV series and some merchandising before we get there!
We got a table seat and Monty thought it would be good to ‘do a Lola’ and sit on the table as he is a star now. This was much to the surprise of the three girls sitting around it but they graciously moved to allow a bit more room for Monty on the floor.
They asked what breed he was and it took all of three seconds to slip in the fact that Monty has just come from a live show with Chris Evans with nine million viewers and we are winners of the look-a-like competition.
After about three hours on the train, Monty being very well behaved and sleeping all the way on the floor, I realise that his supporting star is letting the side down… I just happened to look in the window as it was dark and just checked out how the hair was looking and horror of horrors, I notice that I am wearing a great big sticky label saying ‘Monty and Rhod’. The one I was given at the very beginning of the show was still on my jacket!!
AAAAAAARRGH! Did anybody notice? They do say never work with children or animals but I think adults are very dodgy and top of the list.
Monty the star and I arrived at Newcastle station in the early hours of the morning and what a welcome from Sue, Chris and John Potter plus little Scooby who nearly piddled his trousers giving a welcome to his big brother. Minnie was totally underwhelmed by it all and was having a snooze in the van.
My thanks for ‘Monty’s great day out’ go to:
Sue, without my knowledge entering me in the look-a-like, it was worth it !! Now shattered
Monty for being professional all the way there and back and I suspect the female Dalmatian was a tease anyway and as for the Terrier I think he will keep his nose out of bigger boys bots in the future.
All the encouragement from friends and family and wishing me success
All the ‘congratulations on winning’ via, Text, E-mail, Facebook, Forums and by phone, but not a pigeon to be seen.
Thanks to Chris and John for being at the station with Sue as I know John will only have a few hours kip before going to work on Saturday
So I hope I have not missed anybody and another thank you to Monty who was the real STAR

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Re: 'Monty's great day out'

Post by JeanG » 03 Sep 2011, 12:40


Why did I not know about this??? Do hope it's on Youtube!!! Will look and see! :D :D
Jean & Bella xxx

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Re: 'Monty's great day out'

Post by Kirstie & Murphy » 03 Sep 2011, 12:41


I didn't see it either :(
Kirstie & Murphy
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Re: 'Monty's great day out'

Post by 1877debbie » 03 Sep 2011, 13:03

Congratulations, just had a quick watch on BBC iplayer u were both fab :) Can see what you mean about the cardigan :lol:
Debbie & Hendrix


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Re: 'Monty's great day out'

Post by The Turners » 03 Sep 2011, 13:17

Congratulations, I loved reading about Monty’s Big day :D :D . I will try & catch it on iplayer just so I can see the cardy :lol: . Well done. :wink:
Nicky Chris & Wurly
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Re: 'Monty's great day out'

Post by Alibobs » 03 Sep 2011, 13:58


I didnt see it either but after reading about your big day im going to catch it on iplayer xx
Alison & Lola x

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Re: 'Monty's great day out'

Post by poodledoodleted » 03 Sep 2011, 17:03

I SAW IT :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

I was wondering if it was a doodle on here - I even got Ted to come and 'Watch' the TV :lol:

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Re: 'Monty's great day out'

Post by Monty » 03 Sep 2011, 17:59

Oops it was Giles Brandreth not Charles, pity as he looks like a Charles.... sorry Giles about that

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Re: 'Monty's great day out'

Post by Freddies_mum » 03 Sep 2011, 20:31

Well done both of you, we're so proud of you :D :D :D :D :D

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Re: 'Monty's great day out'

Post by mistydog » 03 Sep 2011, 20:33

Watched it on iplayer, well done to you both :D

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Re: 'Monty's great day out'

Post by tillytubbie » 03 Sep 2011, 20:35

Just watched it, you guys were fab!!! :D :D Well Done :) :)
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Re: 'Monty's great day out'

Post by chris'n'ron » 03 Sep 2011, 20:58

[ CONTRATULATIONS Just watched it on iPlayer. Well done


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Re: 'Monty's great day out'

Post by Liz! » 03 Sep 2011, 21:20

Oh, wonderful, and I am so CROSS as OH was cooking dinner and told me to come in as there was a labradoodle on The One Show but I was finishing something off on the computer and decided not to... darn, darn, darn!

The BBC is always small cupboard-like rooms. S'where OH works. Made me laugh!

Ok, just watched, brilliant! I wonder why they wanted you to wear a cardi? I liked your T shirt - oh hang on, it was probably cos it was white and they wanted you to look more like Monty! You were definitely the best, anyway!
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Re: 'Monty's great day out'

Post by inkamum » 03 Sep 2011, 23:28

.... just caught this .... WELL DONE :D :D :D :D :D

Are we allowed to see a pic of you with Monty ........... for those of us that missed the BBC version :wink: :D :D :D :D :D :D
hari and inka


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Re: 'Monty's great day out'

Post by Glenda » 04 Sep 2011, 00:20

Just caught up with this one on BBC iplayer and a massive Well Done, to you and Monty, from us too! :D :D


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