1st visit to the vets

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1st visit to the vets

Post by riahann123 » 06 Jan 2012, 20:47


We took Autumn to the vets today for the first time, for her second jab. She is 10 weeks on Sunday.

She was ok in the waiting room, until another dog came in, and she was barking a lot, he was a spaniel and soon put her in her place with his big boy bark!

When we went in, the vet checked her over, weighed her, listened to her heart etc, and she was excited to be getting fussed over, and was wanting to play, and generally wriggling. I thought she was being very well behaved to say how young she is, and its her first time there with us, but the vet said if she didnt go to puppy classes or if we didnt train her properly she would be a handful when she is older, i took this a bit personal really. We are planning on taking her to classes to get her used to seeing other dogs etc, but i thought she was probably a bit nervous and fidgitty, but not naughty!

She is allowed out on her walks next Friday so the vet said too. Really looking forward to that!
Riahann and Autumn xx

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Re: 1st visit to the vets

Post by Bid » 06 Jan 2012, 21:24

Grumpy vet! He probably sees the results of people who don't take training seriously all too often!
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Re: 1st visit to the vets

Post by stout » 06 Jan 2012, 22:06

The grump bag! Stout was (and still is) a wriggler at the vet, she never managed to listen to his heart when he was very wee! Surely its better that her first trip to the vet is a pleasant one for her so she isn't scared. Stout loves the vet and drags chris into the room to see her and spends all his time trying to lick her, especially if she has 'sweeties' for him.

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Re: 1st visit to the vets

Post by lara's mum » 06 Jan 2012, 22:25

I'd agree with Michelle - grumpy vet. :evil:

I know our breeder identified Lara as being laid back and fairly submissive as she wasn't particularly wriggly ( I was a nervous first time dog owner) but the vet could have been a lot more positive about the whole thing.

As you say it is important they have positive experiences at the vets in the beginning.

Our first vet visit was to get Lara's 2nd injection (to match the one she had done at the breeder) and he was horrible. Lara actually snarled and backed away. However our local vet is great and Lara loves her. (or maybe the liver treats and cuddles from the receptionists)

Puppy classes are a godsend though :D Good luck and don't worry. They grow up so quickly so enjoy the time.
Alison & Lara


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Re: 1st visit to the vets

Post by Nimitor » 06 Jan 2012, 23:21

I would change vets immediately !!! Sorry but I really feel that your vet should be supportive and make you feel at ease..not worried!!

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Re: 1st visit to the vets

Post by Daise1970 » 06 Jan 2012, 23:31

Hi, our lady vet is wonderful and always gets down on the floor with our girls which immediately puts them at ease.. Don't vets realise how precious us Doodle owners are about our pooches :lol: :lol: Of course it is possible the vet may just have been having a bad day.. :wink:
Daise xx

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Re: 1st visit to the vets

Post by Rowan11 » 07 Jan 2012, 16:16

nice to read you were proud of her behaviour - she sounds such fun !
im sure any dog would be a handful if not trained or socialised properly so dont worry, he probably says it to all new puppy owners ! Luna really enjoyed her puppy classes :) good luck when you take her out - luna went sideways, backwards and would shoot forward randomly :lol: she is great on the lead now though. :)
Dawn & Luna x

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Re: 1st visit to the vets

Post by The Turners » 07 Jan 2012, 18:27

Grumpy vet :roll: , Wurly was a wriggler at that age, she’s great now, she loves her trips to the vet (strange doodle :lol: ) Puppy classes are great fun, she’ll have a good time and learn a lot. :D
Nicky Chris & Wurly
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Re: 1st visit to the vets

Post by Telsun » 08 Jan 2012, 16:32

Surprised he is not running training classes, vets always seem to be trying to sell you something these days. We've also found that they rarely seem to so personable as in the good ole days and seem to be in the line of work for the money rather than the love of animals.

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