Grooming gone horribly wrong

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Re: Grooming gone horribly wrong

Post by Lorna-Lulu » 28 Apr 2012, 15:18

With all the rain and mud about i have manged to get Bromley's coat looking teddy bear scruffy again and his face and legs are already showing the very first signs of regrowth. The more I look at his face the more I get used to how he looks and actually, his lovely dark brown eyes do look just as soft as ever. There is still the horrible whiff of the perfume, but it's getting less day by day (I know I could wash him, but he has been wet so many times this week, I am just letting nature take its course. ). I think as a new puppy owner this experience is all part of the learning curve and I definitely am a bit wiser now!! Every day is a school day as they say. :lol:

All the comments and experiences shared here have been terrifically reassuring. Thank you so much! It seems that many people have been in the same boat.

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Re: Grooming gone horribly wrong

Post by Nimitor » 28 Apr 2012, 17:23

I do know how you feel, Wes had his fringe beard and moustache trimmed so severely I didn't recognise him when I picked him up! I just do it myself now, if he is going to look silly I would rather not have to pay for it :) It does grow back quite quickly so don't worry xxxxxxxxx

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