Don't jump!

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Don't jump!

Post by sandyandbeanie » 01 Jun 2012, 12:32

Over the last couple of weeks I've been taking Sandy on lots of river and lakeside walks so she can cool off whilst on her walk. She used to just paddle round the edges, but the warmer weather has prompted her to take the plunge and she now loves swimming. This means that my parents pond has gone from a convenient place to get a drink and have a paddle, to the the perfect tomb stoning platform! So far we have managed to stop her jumping, but judging from these photos, it won't be long before she is swimming with the fishies! She seems to think the Lillie's are a platform in the middle and keeps trying to reach across to them. She may be in for a shock!

IMAG0421 by sabinaswithenbank, on Flickr

IMAG0424 by sabinaswithenbank, on Flickr

IMAG0427 by sabinaswithenbank, on Flickr
xx Beanie and Sandy xx

Sandy at Dymchurch beach by sabinaswithenbank, on Flickr

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Re: Don't jump!

Post by Bid » 01 Jun 2012, 13:31

:lol: :lol: :lol: Yep - she could be in for a surprise there! :lol: :lol:

I still remember Poppy's first submersion - she followed her doodle pal Raggle into a stream, but Raggy is a lot taller than Poppy, and Pops just walked under the water and came up spluttering :lol: :lol:
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pixie's mum
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Re: Don't jump!

Post by pixie's mum » 01 Jun 2012, 14:10

Mmmm I know about the problem - we have a small wildlife pond at the bottom of the garden and pixie discovered it and submersed herself several times - coming out like the swamp monster - trailing frog spawn and smelly green vegetation all over the place
Pond has been well and truly fenced off - Ha !


brucey doodle
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Re: Don't jump!

Post by brucey doodle » 01 Jun 2012, 14:24

Be careful Bruce took great pleasure in taking one of the koi out of my dads pond it was one of the biggest in the pond and he was just walking around the garden with it in his mouth , believe it or not when my dad got it off him it was fine and was put back in the pond :lol:
Emma and Bruce
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Re: Don't jump!

Post by Soleil » 01 Jun 2012, 16:43

:lol: Oh dear...those lil fishies are bound to get a new swimming partner :shock: :D
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Re: Don't jump!

Post by Daise1970 » 01 Jun 2012, 18:49

Oh Dear.. :lol: Is that pond deep then?

The koi story made me laugh so much. Those fish cost a fortune when they are full sized too :shock: xx

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The Turners
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Re: Don't jump!

Post by The Turners » 01 Jun 2012, 21:25

Sandy is so adorable. :D She was just practicing for the Olympics, the 100 yard pond dash. :wink:
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Re: Don't jump!

Post by Masil » 01 Jun 2012, 22:07

Sandy is gorgeous and the photos are lovely. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before she takes the plunge!
We have quite a large pond in the garden that's full of fish. It's netted because we had a visiting heron who used it as his local takeaway :roll:
Coco shows quite an interest in it, especially if she sees us throw brown bread in for the fish :D

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