New puppy and existing dog...any tips?

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New puppy and existing dog...any tips?

Post by SallyV » 13 Aug 2012, 12:10

Hello all,
I am very excited by the fact we are getting a new puppy in a couple of weeks time. She is a black golden doodle and is absolutely lovely. We have our wonderful Effie who is 2 years old now and I was wondering what advice you can offer when introducing a new puppy to an existing dog.
Effie is a very calm, gentle doodle and very affectionate and I am confident she will be lovely with the puppy but I am thinking of getting a crate for the puppy, something Effie never had, just so the puppy can find a quiet place to escape. Is this a good idea? I want the puppy to be with Effie in the utility room overnight. Will this work or is it better to have another place for the puppy?
I don't want Effie to feel jealous and she will get masses of love and affection but how should I handle this? Should each dog get individual attention and how do you achieve this without the other one wanting to join in or, on the other hand, feeling left out?
The logistics are quite complicated.... I've never had 2 dogs before so am probably over thinking it! As with most things they usually work themselves out and things you worried about don't happen but unforeseen things jump out at you instead!
Any hints, tips, ideas all gratefully welcome!
Thank you...
Sally and Effie

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Re: New puppy and existing dog...any tips?

Post by Madeleine » 13 Aug 2012, 12:33

Exciting !
I expect you will get lots of really good helpful replies on this - all i can give you is our experience of when Dixie joined the family - Dylan was approx 18 months old - he was fine - it was a case of him wanting peace and quiet with a bouncy puppy around !
We had a playpen set up in our kitchen/diner with vet bed and toys for when we thought they needed to be apart and especially when we were cooking - she loved it and often went to sleep.
We did have a crate but must admit to not using it alot except when we went out and would put Dixie in covering it with a blanket.
We had no jealousy issues thank goodness as Dylans life was no different - we used to put Dixie in a puppy sling when we went out to solicalise her before she had her injections - unfortunately it made her sick [probably the motion].
We are fortunate in as much as both of us at home 90% of the time so walking was not a problem - John would take Dylan and I would meet them half way till Dixie was able to manage the whole time out, occasionally we would pick her up and carry her but it didn't take long.
I was the same as you and concerned but it all worked out fine and now they are the best of friends with no issues whatsoever.
Good luck and I wish igt was me again ! love puppies

pixie's mum
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Re: New puppy and existing dog...any tips?

Post by pixie's mum » 13 Aug 2012, 13:31

You are in for sooooooo much fun and frolicks over the next few weeks and you will be a total convert to never having a single dog again (well I was anyway)
I have Pixie a 22 month old standard doodle and Tess a 12 year old mastiff and then got Jazz mini dood
Tess ie is not the most friendly of dogs but took to Pixie so I thought she would be ok with Jazz and she was.
Jazz and pixie are the firmest of friends and also partners in crime too ! Introductions were done in the garden and went very well. I had a cage for Jazz for time outs and sleeping until I was sure she would annoy tess and get nipped. I only used it for about 3 weeks and now they have the kitchen and family room to themselves.
one mistake I made was to enjoy the times pixie and jazz entertained themselves in the garden and would take a breather with tessie in the house. In hindsight I would allow less of them bonding so close as the pup does look to Pixie before her humans so I have had to put more 1-2-1 time in with her to get back on track - They do still misbehave on walks together - goading each other into naughtiness and not listening to me :oops:
I think it's trying to get that balance right which is the challenge
In saying that it is fab having a doggie gang and 2 is much more manageable than my 3 - so don't worry you'll love it.
I feed my pup away from the mastiff to prevent problems
.Give plenty of 1-2-1 with both dogs to balance the new family dynamic and enjoy having a new doodle family

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Re: New puppy and existing dog...any tips?

Post by MandyG » 13 Aug 2012, 13:54

Sounds like you'll have your hands full.

My only advice is don't over-think it. What you're doing, in essence, is bringing in another member of the pack. Because it's a puppy, Effie should automatically be the boss - it just depends on how she expresses that "bossness". As you say she's calm and gentle, she's likely to be the same with the puppy. Also, most females accept a puppy well. Dogs don't react the same way as humans would when, say, a new baby comes in to oust the toddler from Mummy's affection. Effie's more than likely to welcome the new pack member and be best of pals!

Love and licks, Phoebe and Mandy

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Re: New puppy and existing dog...any tips?

Post by SallyV » 13 Aug 2012, 21:55

Thank you all for your replies. From all your experience it seems that a crate might be a good idea for the first few weeks. I have a friend I can borrow one from because Effie has never had a crate and she didn't even like her playpen! But in this instance I can see one will be useful.
I am at home all day too so can spend a lot of time with them and I shall make sure the puppy will also bond with me as well as having Effie to look up to. I'm still 'pack leader'!! Well, I hope I am!
It was lovely hearing that your dogs get on really well together. That is what I'm hoping for too.
Anyway, thank you again for you comments. I'll keep you posted!
Sally and Effie

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Re: New puppy and existing dog...any tips?

Post by Bigmac » 16 Aug 2012, 16:56

As you may have read on other posts we have been going through the same experience recently after we picked up Lily about 5 weeks ago.

Most of the time they just get on fine and go about their own way but once or twice a day Lily decides to bait her older brother as shown in the attached video. The whining noise is actually Milo. He never barks at her - just opens his mouth to her and whines a lot. You may notice her whole head goes into his mouth at one point.

If anyone can explain this behaviour I woulod be grateful.
Milo the doodle (P.A.T)


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Re: New puppy and existing dog...any tips?

Post by Bid » 16 Aug 2012, 17:23

I agree with needing something to give Effie a break from the pup rather than the other way round! :lol: . Oddly my calm and gentle Poppy doesn't 'get' puppies, and treats them as she would small adult dogs - no puppy licence with her, so she needed careful watching when Beamish was a puppy. Daisy the more manic doodle is very good with pups and excellent at teaching young dogs their manners and could safely be left wih Beamish. Just play it by ear would be my advice, and enjoy watching them interact.
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