Diva puppies udpate

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Diva puppies udpate

Post by andyc » 12 Oct 2012, 18:36

Oh me oh my, feels like a long time since I had time to post on here!

The pups and Diva are doing amazingly well. The smallest is 1.4kg the largest is 1.7kg and they are growing like crazy. 3 weeks back they were 400g!

They all have their eyes open and they are starting to react to us when we walk into the lounge which is very funny to watch. They are also starting to chew on each others ears and tails which is even funnier!

We did their second mushy feed today and I thought to share a picture as a warning to anyone thinking of having pups. The carnage left behind after a feed is unbelievable! I particularly like black girl red tucking into the bowl of food and ignoring the dishes....showing real initative is that one!


We have been bottle feeding as well - which we are really loving as it lets us get a feel for the pups as they are developing...there are some real personalities coming out now, but they are all showing that true labradoodle trait of using their paws to hold things!


We took them all on a road trip to the vet a week back - which was entertaining! Only 1 break out attempt from their basket - next time we are taking a cage to keep them in check.


We did have one bit of sad news - 1 week in we lost a puppy for no reason we could find. That was a very sad day and left us paranoid for most of week 2 - but the rest have all been given a clean bill of health from the vet so we are pushing onwards!

We have 2 deposits paid and both will be new labradoodle owners - both have had lots of dogs in the past including poodles and labradoors so they kind of know what they are letting themselves in for :-) and I have suggested they come and join this forum for mental support once they are proud owners!

We have also had lots of enquiries from people that think a labradoodle is a fashion accessory where they care more about their colour and size than the personality and temperament....we have not accepted any deposits from them and have suggested they do some more background reading before they choose!

We have another 4 people interested and at this point we think we might keep 2 of the pups although Christina is still having trouble narrowing her favourites down from 9 to 8. I am holding at a steady 2 as there are 2 pups that make me laugh constantly!

Anyway - back to get ready for another feed....milk this time thankfully!

I hope all your doodles are safe and happy!

Christina, Andy, Diva, Maya and Lilu :-)

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The Turners
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Re: Diva puppies udpate

Post by The Turners » 12 Oct 2012, 19:42

Totally gorgeous, Diva & her puppies. :D It's great to hear that they're all doing so well. & great to know that they will be going to suitable homes. Your all doing an amazing job :D , keep us updated with puppy photos, when you have the time. :wink:

So sorry to hear about the wee one that didn't make it. :(
Nicky Chris & Wurly
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Re: Diva puppies udpate

Post by Bid » 12 Oct 2012, 19:51

So glad they are doing well :D , but sorry about the little one who didn't make it :( .

I would be very wary about keeping 2 of the puppies because it would take up such a huge amount of time. You need to do everything separately with them - playing, training, walking, feeding - everything, otherwise they tend to bond with each other and not need anyone else. It would be extra hard as you already have a dog too. I know people do it - and a lot regret it. Most breeders won't sell two puppies to one family.
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Re: Diva puppies udpate

Post by Liz!! » 12 Oct 2012, 19:58


Now I understand why one breeder got sniffy with me when there weren't enough pups in her apricot litter and I refused to consider her daughter's brown litter - i'd found an apricot pup an di wanted an apricot pup - I also wanted a small one as I have weak arms and knew I'd have to carry it - I do think there might be reasons why people might be wanting small. Or even a certain colour - I like to be able to see dirt!

But I was also interested in personality.

I don't think Lola suffers for being with such a fussy mum!

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Re: Diva puppies udpate

Post by Aideypie » 12 Oct 2012, 20:55

So glad you have posted again, I have looked in on the pups most days, but your last post had slipped back to page 3 so this new one makes life easier, I did realise that 1 was missing and guessed it had died :cry:

Hope they all find their forever homes :D

J x

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Re: Diva puppies udpate

Post by Mica1971 » 13 Oct 2012, 03:21

Lovely pics, but caring about colour and size doesnt make people bad potential owners. I wanted a cream doodle, and found the correct dog for me 5 hours drive away. I also wanted a standard as well as a home bred, health testedparents with good temprement. Marley has a great home. People have many reasons for asking about size and colour.


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Re: Diva puppies udpate

Post by Tracycooper15 » 13 Oct 2012, 08:23

Hi Andy, thanks for you email last week and or a great post and photos. Wow the pups look great and little chunkers :D
Last night on the sofa next to our pups, for us tonight as I think 3 weeks is long enough. :lol: I'll post some new pics of our family later. It's been great to compare notes with you since their birth. Tracy x

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Re: Diva puppies udpate

Post by nicky16 » 13 Oct 2012, 12:43

OMG they all so cute , sorry about the loss of one of them , but well done you and Diva on taking care of them all x

Nicky Mummy to Lexie

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