Good news - well sort of!

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Re: Good news - well sort of!

Post by norton1989 » 21 Jul 2013, 16:42

I'm sure your dogs will be fine, it's us that are the problem!

Some will remember last year I posted a similar dilemma after my wife died and I either had to leave Henry while I worked or get him rehomed.

I put a poster on the park gates and had 3 replies. Someone who live virtually next door to me fitted the bill exactly and has been walking Henry since last October. I know he is fine but I can't help feeling guilty every time I leave him and am sure you will be the same. You do have to plan your day well and think of timeswitches in winter once the dark afternoons start, meals left out if like me you are out at feeding times and so on.

But generally it works well and as the saying goes "absence makes the heart grow fonder", it certainly does.

My advise is to get your dogs used to the walker well before leaving them.

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