News Report - Well from the Daily mail anyway

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News Report - Well from the Daily mail anyway

Post by jonb » 13 Feb 2014, 16:10

Had this mentioned to me by a guy at work who knew i'd recently got a Doodle and had seen this the other Saturday :- ... r-dog.html

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Re: News Report - Well from the Daily mail anyway

Post by swardie » 13 Feb 2014, 16:13

Our breeder was asked onto BBC West Midlands to respond to the article. She gave a fabulous and informative interview about the breed, and what breeders are striving to do- well done, Brenda @Lomondhills Australian a Labradoodles!!

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Re: News Report - Well from the Daily mail anyway

Post by Vincento » 13 Feb 2014, 17:07

We also saw that article by the Daily Mail and it was also headlined with some other newspapers too.

He's wrong Labradoodle's are fantastic dogs and a fantastic cross was made between Labradors and Poodles :)

I'm sure what he is really trying to say is that there is no control on breeding dogs. In the UK it seems any unscrupulous person can take two dogs and breed as much as they like with no control on quantity or interbreeding just purely for the money. So if a trend occurs and lets face there's been a few over time in past years alone........ Rottweiler, Weimaraners, Old English Sheepdogs, Dalmation, Dobermans, Pugs, Chiwawa etc etc etc and at the moment it's crosses with Poodle's and I've noticed a few crosses with Labradors's too. (I'm sure you can add to my list)

Unless there's more control on breeding and who can do it then I'm sorry to say that there will always be dog's homes/rescues full of unwanted dogs that were bred, sold and bought on a whim :(

And obviously there's a whole different thing going on with the Staffies/Pit Bull's etc breeds and crosses for a completely different consumer market. :( :( :( (Just looking at the Dog's Trust website for the UK today there are 89 Staffie's and 47 Staffie crosses listed alone).
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Re: News Report - Well from the Daily mail anyway

Post by Bid » 13 Feb 2014, 17:11

Victoria Stillwell raised it as well - Wally Conran made this statement years ago and things have really moved on since then. I would have thought there was more current issues for the news to report in at the moment! :roll:
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Re: News Report - Well from the Daily mail anyway

Post by Nicky » 13 Feb 2014, 17:42

What a load of rubbish, its not the crossing of breeds that is wrong in the dog world its back yard breeders and lack of tighter rules for breeding puppies. As I have said before labradoidles have got this designer tag unfairly placed on them and they are taking the brunt of the negative side of breeding. Nothing is said of the way we have inbred pedigrees to be smallee, shorter legs, more wrinkles etc etc this isn't discussed. Its all well and good saying we should all rescue as dogs are being abandined I rarely see a labradoodle in a rescue centre. If we all rescued then dogs would die out as pets and wouldn't exist! Also the comment he made about crazy ones this applies to all breeds. He adds he wished he never started this because of more abandoned dogs, dogs of all breeds will be abandoned not because he bred a poodle and a labrador but because as humans we can be selfish, irresponsible and rehome our dogs too easily.

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Re: News Report - Well from the Daily mail anyway

Post by canteron » 13 Feb 2014, 20:14

Labradoodles - Crazy - where did he get that idea from, definitely Not from this forum ????

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