NOW will you believe me!

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NOW will you believe me!

Post by MrsAdmin » 29 Mar 2014, 07:19

I posted here previously about the dangers of palm oil deposits being dredged up by the recent storms and warned people to keep their dogs off the beaches or put them on leads, particularly in the South West.

This was in our local paper yesterday and is the beach next to ours (we live right by the sea in South Devon). ... 8443,d.ZG4

This Labradoodle was lucky because it had an owner who was on the ball and got it straight to a vet. Other dogs won't be so fortunate.

This is a very real danger. Please avoid beaches or keep your Doodle on a lead. It is just not worth the risk.

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Re: NOW will you believe me!

Post by ClareV » 29 Mar 2014, 08:32

Yes, a dog died from ingesting some palm oil on Mothecombe in January... I had been walking my Charlie on Mothecombe beach the morning before. He and his friend were sniffing something and we rushed over to see what it was, but fortunately just a deceased seagull. It seems to be all over the coast. Obviously highly palatable for the dogs but deadly too.

Thank you for the reminder. Well worth pointing out to people who are just occasional beach goers too, so I think I will remind the Essex doodle walkers as some of them fall into that category.

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Re: NOW will you believe me!

Post by WendyJ » 29 Mar 2014, 08:38

Thanks Mrs Admin!

I read your previous post and was reminded of it when I had a spur of the moment jaunt to Goring-By-Sea in Sussex with Tilly recently (the sun was out!) :D

It was packed but, luckily, another dog owner stopped me almost immediately and said 'keep your dog on the lead as there's palm oil all along the coast from Ferring to Shoreham'. So, thanks to you, I knew what she was talking about!

Tilly, my friend and I still had a lovely day but it seems this is a real danger on our beaches at the moment. :(

PS. Tilly is like your Becky isn't she?! :lol:

Wendy and Tilly x
Wendy, Tilly and Rupert

Helen & Rigby
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Re: NOW will you believe me!

Post by Helen & Rigby » 29 Mar 2014, 09:35

I believed you, we haven't been near a beach since! :D

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Re: NOW will you believe me!

Post by AustinsMumma » 29 Mar 2014, 10:06

Horrible isn't it! :( I'm originally from an Island up North West and they have it washed up there too, so I too knew it was real all along!! Sadly :|
Such a a shame, especially if someones dog is off-lead and runs a way ahead and scoffs some, you would have no idea what they had eaten.
Let's hope it clears up soon
J x
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Re: NOW will you believe me!

Post by dexysback » 29 Mar 2014, 11:41

Thats a worry taking dexter to brean sands next week,was looking forward to letting him on the beach.Does anyone know if its there.

pixie's mum
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Re: NOW will you believe me!

Post by pixie's mum » 29 Mar 2014, 12:33

It happened to me and jazz on a beach in north wales in 2012 when she was just 7 months old. She ate some of this stuff ( although then I didn't know what it was then ). Within half an hour she had a massive fit and stopped breathing and I had to do CPR on her to get her breathing again. She was projectile vomiting on coming round which probably saved her life. Thankfully I had seen a vets on the way to the rented cottage and got her there for emergency treatment.
The vets didn't mention palm oil but thought she may have eaten some jellyfish. It wasn't until I saw the news recently and saw what Palm oil looked like that I knew that's exactly what she had eaten.
It taught me a lesson to always know where your nearest vet is when you are on holiday and although I had the app (vets uk) on my phone - we were so remote there wasn't a signal to use it.
This stuff is a very real threat to dogs and I will not risk my dogs on any beach which is a real shame but watching my little dood almost die In Agony has really put me off
So yes mrs admin - I definitely believe you

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Re: NOW will you believe me!

Post by Brodie_Dog » 29 Mar 2014, 12:47

Clearly you are referring to my posts.
Nobody ever said it wasn't real. I never said there wasn't a danger.

What i DID clearly say was it wasnt something new, its been on our beaches for many years and if you havent been affected by it over the last 12 to 15 years, then there is no reason to believe that your dog is suddenly going to be interested in it now just because its found its way into the papers.
There is a danger and you need to know what it looks like and if your dog touches it, get a vets advice asap.

And what i did say was that while there is a danger there, the "DOGS ARE BEING TAKEN TO THE VETS IN DROVES ALL OVER THE SOUTH COAST KEEP OFF THE BEACHES" type of posts are misinformed and not true.
There are some very sad cases, but its a very small % compared to the number of dogs on the beaches.
I gave you the contact details for the biggest vets chain on this part of the south coast who would be happy to give you the facts and confirm the dangers and that that there has in fact a very very small number of cases, not the droves of dogs being reported by the media.

I can see in that report you linked it says that vets are seeing dogs every day for palm oil poisoning. Now it may be different in Devon to this part of the south coast by Littlehampton/Climping/Middleton/Shoreham/Goring etc where I live, but I prefer to go with the figures given to be by an actual south coast vet whom I supplied contact details for, as opposed to a newspaper report. Because lets face it, even in a local rag, when does the truth ever get in the way of a good scandal...

You DO need to be aware of it, there IS a risk, but on a straight % of cases, you have a far greater risk of your dog dying from SCD if you walk you dog in UK woodland. Many hundreds of dogs have died from that over the last 12 months compared to maybe a total of 50 recorded cases in the UK of palm oil poisoning, so why not OMG KEEP YOUR DOGS OUT OF WOODLAND DOGS ALL OVER THE UK ARE DYING FROM SCD, which is in fact much closer to the truth?

Why no factual warnings about walking your dogs woodland, particularly in June/July/Aug/Sept when dogs ARE being affected in large numbers?

My heart goes out to people who have been affected by palm oil poisoning. It truly does, but like SCD, its just something that you need to be aware of it and be on the ball. Know how to identify it, know the symptoms and if you need to seek a vet as soon as possible. But dont stop going to the beach, or the woodland. Thats just sad. For you and your dogs.


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Re: NOW will you believe me!

Post by Bid » 29 Mar 2014, 13:57

Yes I do agree. Some beaches are affected, and some are not. It is good to be aware, but some sense also needs to prevail. If I avoided all beaches because of palm oil, the woods because of SCD/Alabama rot, and the healthland because of adders, all that is left is the pastures full of livestock so my dogs would be restricted to walking along pavements in towns. So what I am doing is checking. I am avoiding the woods where Alabama rot is known to have affected dogs, I am avoiding those beaches where palm oil has been seen and keeping vigilant on others, and I am avoiding heathland now the warmer weather is upon us and the first adders have been sighted. I can't just not take them out!
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Re: NOW will you believe me!

Post by Vincento » 29 Mar 2014, 18:44

Thank you although we read about it online others do not always catch up on all the doggy news.

I would like to add also please be careful if you are coming to any NORFOLK beaches this year (or in fact any east coast beaches).

You may remember the tidal surge this coast had in December :?:
A lot of the beaches have been affected by cliff erosion, damage, ground movement,etc. This has caused numerous hazards that shouldn't be there and which may not have been sorted by the holiday/summer season.

In the last few weeks we have seen for ourselves serious cliff movement damage at Hunstanton,Sheringham and Cromer. The beach car park and half the beach road at Salthouse in now under about 6ft of beach stones/shingle where the dunes there were broken through by the storm. These are just the few I have witnessed myself.

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Re: NOW will you believe me!

Post by briansangel » 29 Mar 2014, 22:05

I live across the road from the most amazing beach and poppy is on there everyday we are very cautious but have seen nothing so far xxx

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