Question about girl doodles.

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Re: Question about girl doodles.

Post by kathiedoodle » 09 Feb 2015, 02:40

Hi Sandra
I trim front and back bits on Holly, she is so hairy there it would stain or get poo stuck on . She does often clean herself but when I do a good groom( which is not too often for the reasons I posted on your other site) I often slap a flannel over the offending end. As for the Anal gland as said just the worst smell ever, several reasons why they block too soft poo for too long is one, some dogs more prone than others, so it's a vet job for all but the bravest, Holly's had it done once. You will notice they drag their bottom along the ground normally somewhere soft like your best Chinese rug to help themselves clear the glands but at that stage it's normally too late so off to the vet who normally grimaces too at the thought, a quick squeeze and job done :shock:

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Re: Question about girl doodles.

Post by Liz!! » 09 Feb 2015, 10:22

How old is she? Lola had this when a pup and i think it was the fact she has a slightly recessed vulva. Lots of bitches are born with this - at first season they pop out. It can cause retention of urine in a little 'well' around the labia.

If your dog has been spayed early, as Lola was, they willl retan this problem for life, but for some reason after puppyhood she has had no more problems.

But it can cause the smell and also bladder infections.

Regardless of whether she has this or not, I would NOT cut the fur around the labia - as with our pubic hair, it's there for a reason. That 'spring onion' shape on them helps the urine drip away from the area.
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Sandy B
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Re: Question about girl doodles.

Post by Sandy B » 09 Feb 2015, 14:24

Hi Kathie
Thanks for reply. After her bath yesterday she smell a lot better so am assuming the smell was stale wee. She is still having 1 or 2 "real" wee's then just squats at random but I now only give her 1 treat no matter how many squats she does. If it continues I will ask the vet when she gets her 2nd lot of jabs next week. Dont think it can be her glands as the smell has gone and she is not scooting along my best rug :lol: Sounds a gross job so hope its something I never have to do.

Hi Liz
Dolly is only 10 1/2 weeks old so she has nt been spayed yet. Her bits look normal ,but then I havent looked at many dogs bits to compare hers with lol. Will get vet to look if its normal. Thanks for your reply.
Sandra x

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Re: Question about girl doodles.

Post by LucyDoods » 09 Feb 2015, 18:30

I clean her up when she is asleep in the evening. Just with a sponge and some water, she is so tired at that time I think she can't be bothered putting up a fight!

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