gun dogs?

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gun dogs?

Post by emski » 22 May 2015, 13:52

So there I was, happily out walking Amber in the fields at the back of my house... I bumped into a guy who i've seen before who has two labrador retrievers and a cocker spaniel. He goes shooting regularly and all his dogs are trained gun dogs. The cocker is only 1, so Amber loves having a run around and a play with him because their energy levels are similar (hyper!). So I joined him for a short while on his walk. I was saying to him how training must be on a whole different level for gun dogs and that it was very impressive. And then I said 'it's going to be a good while before I can say Amber is properly trained!' (she's only 7 months so still has a lot of learning to do of course!). And his reponse.... 'well, you're not exactly going to be training her as a gun dog are you.....'

At which point I was rather miffed. No, she's not a sleek coated retriever, she's a bundle of hyperactive fluff (and I wouldn't have her any other way!). HOWEVER, he obviously didn't realise she was an aussie doodle and no doubt assumed she was just a mongrel of some sort. Ironically, he evidently didn't realise she's got spaniel in her breeding as well as labrador and poodle (of course, the most intelligent dog breed out there).....

Now from what i've read and seen, doodles are right up there with the other intelligent dog breeds around the world... So surely, they can be trained as gun dogs?! Wondered whether anyone on here has a doodle trained as a gun dog, or knows of one....?

I'm almost tempted to take up shooting just to prove a point....! :lol:

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Re: gun dogs?

Post by jonb » 22 May 2015, 14:15

The trainer i use also does gun dog training and has her dogs for gun dogs when she goes shooting. Her favourite line to me when we were talking about Roker and training was that the most stubborn dogs she had trained in the past were Chocolate Labs and Chocolate she didnt envy me with a Chocolate doodle that had both in him and thought we might have our work cut out when i started her classes...although she didnt tell me for a few weeks! :lol:

That said with her help we've done a pretty good job with him and whilst he's nowhere near gun dog levels, he often cant be bothered to chase and return his ball and will just sort of escort it and then point to it with his nose to advise me where it is, she thinks he is doing very well.

As for the intelligence bit....i'm sure Roker is but just does a very good job of hiding it at times! Just take a read of my thread regarding him falling in our garden pond the other week! :roll:

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Re: gun dogs?

Post by Noglet » 22 May 2015, 15:07

Labradoodles can indeed be trained as gun dogs! Our George's dad, who rejoices in the name of Ollie, is a fully trained and very effective gun dog. Not sure George himself is bright enough to be one, though :lol: :roll: That said, when we take our two out in the fields you can see them looking for things (especially if they've mislaid a ball), and Stan does a good egg find and retrieve!





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Re: gun dogs?

Post by Bid » 23 May 2015, 18:36

emski wrote: HOWEVER, he obviously didn't realise she was an aussie doodle and no doubt assumed she was just a mongrel of some sort.
Ummmmm - she IS a mongrel of some sort! :lol: :lol: Nothing wrong with that, but Aussie doodles, UK doodles, cockerpoos - they are all crossbreeds/mongrels/mutts! Very clever and eminently trainable, but still mutts - bless 'em!
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