Public display of a Bad Hooman !!!

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Sue Carr
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Public display of a Bad Hooman !!!

Post by Sue Carr » 24 May 2015, 12:18

This morning my Doodles and I went for a lovely walk at Victoria Country Park, strolled through woods and by the shore , chatted to some doggy friends and had a thoroughly smashing time UNTIL ......I noticed in the distance two Doodles romping around the shore and a distraught woman and her man chasing one of the Doods who was loose. Taking in mind that they were by the water which as we all know Doods love and in public view she eventually caught her dog and proceeded to whack it really hard which brought a cry to my mouth and THEN she lifted it by the neck and violently shoot it!!
At that time I was too far away to get to her and confront her and also my two dogs were gambolling about so I was mindful of them , but I got down to the shoreline only to find they had gone from sight.

I was absolutely aghast at what I had witnessed and my heart went out to that poor dog and what might be waiting for it when she got it home !

I hope that person visits this sight and reads my message and realises exactly what she did in full view of everyone.

We all know that they have naughty moments but isn't that part and parcel of there nature and what we promised to love ???????????

Sorry to go on a bit but it really has upset me that a Doodle owner could do this

Sue Lottie & Doogle.

Doodle Dee
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Re: Public display of a Bad Hooman !!!

Post by Doodle Dee » 24 May 2015, 13:40

Im totally with you on that

I was dropping my grandchildren off at school once and driving by a man who was yanking his dog who wouldn't stop pulling, he then proceeded to smack it!! I couldn't stop but did want to so I know how you feel.

Doods run, we train, sometimes they listen sometimes they don't but they won't isten to cruelty.

Where is the park you went to
Lulu & Dx


Sue Carr
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Re: Public display of a Bad Hooman !!!

Post by Sue Carr » 24 May 2015, 14:26

We were at the Park off Weston Shore Southampton and most of the dog owners use as its such a great area for the dogs lots of trails and smells and of course the water side .
I would never put a cross hand to my babes even though its been tough at times with them but you know they have turned out so loving, kind and funny that I give thanks for them .

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Re: Public display of a Bad Hooman !!!

Post by Ianto! » 24 May 2015, 20:46

Oh Sue, how upsetting for you - poor, poor Doodle...
As the hoom of a dood who does this sort of thing regularly, I know the frustration (and mortification) of being the hoom parent of a naughty dood.... But, I also acknowledge that the fault is mine. A dood doesn't know they're being 'naughty' - it's a lack of proper training, and that is not up to the doodle, it's up to us... Yes, I've often felt like shaking the little blighter gently by the throat (!) but never, never, never would I actually do it. How could anyone think this was the correct way to treat any animal? (Quite apart from the negative associations it sets up - why will it ever want to come back to her if this is the way he/she is treated??) How dreadful...
Unfortunately, we can't change the world but mayhap we can change it a little at a time... hopefully, in future, someone who is closer will have the chance to have a word about her behaviour (before the poor dood pays the price by turning on her. :cry: ) Try not to ache your heart, Sue, perhaps this woman now feels ashamed of her lack of control, and regrets her actions.
Anne, Ianto & Wyre x

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Re: Public display of a Bad Hooman !!!

Post by campfaz18 » 25 May 2015, 12:28

I smacked Jacob once in the park when he had run off and not done what I asked him to do. I was frustrated and embarrassed and it was this that led me to smack him - just once on his rump - not lifting him off the ground and shaking him.

However Nat was with me and when we moved away from other people I was told in no uncertain terms what a bad hooman I was :oops: :oops: Fortunately Jacob was more forgiving :lol:

Hopefully the hooman will realise what she has done or her partner may tell her.

Occasionally the boy Jacob still reduces me to tears but 99% of the time it is because he is such a wonderful loving and gentle dog. There is still the 1% but of course he is a doodle :lol: :lol: :lol:
Nat, Lynne and the boy Jacob



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Re: Public display of a Bad Hooman !!!

Post by mikej3 » 19 Jun 2015, 13:53

Hi sue just seen your posts we met up a while ago, wondered if you fancied meeting up again

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Re: Public display of a Bad Hooman !!!

Post by dexysback » 19 Jun 2015, 17:13

I know how you felt ,we were in car on busy main road and at the side of me was a blind man with he's guide dog he was yanking he's handle for him to cross the dog didn't know what to do he just stood still. He knew it was not safe to cross ,I was so angry he didn't deserve the poor dog ,another man came up to him and said you are on a busy road mate ,he didn't even answer him just carried on walking .I felt so sorry for dog didn't look a happy dog and he was only doing he's job ,I also worry for what he's kike to him at home, don't think there was any love there for dog at all.

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