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Grooming: How much???

Posted: 19 Mar 2016, 22:55
by KatyM
We would like to get Winnie trimmed. I have looked at a few places and asked for prices. Around £25 seems average for a puppy groom. I am nervous about taking her. I really don't like the idea of leaving her with strangers in an unfamiliar environment. I am nervous about whether they will do what I would like them to do or just what they think is best.

So I am looking into grooming her myself. That way she can be at home where she is comfortable and I can slowly get her used to the process. I would like any advice from any of you that groom your own doodles; how did you learn? What equipment do you use/ would you recommend? At the moment her puppy coat is a loose curl with tighter curls on her legs.

Re: Grooming: How much???

Posted: 20 Mar 2016, 00:41
by Bid
I groom my own (except for Daisy as she has the sort of coat that needs to be scissor cut). I actually think it is easier if you have got your puppy used to being groomed by a professional before you start having a go. I spent a day with a groomer who did courses on how to groom your dog and I think it was very worthwhile!

I have Andis 3 speed clippers with an assortment of combs to get different lengths. You need toget all the matts out first so I have a nbumber of brushes and a poodle comb. I have some lovely grooming scissors, plus some round ended ones for things like around the eyes. Ear plucking forceps are handy. Thingies for clipping claws too, because that is one of the things the groomer will do for you. My biggest purchase was a grooming table - which has madethe whole process a lot easier! I also have a blaster drier - you need clean straight hair to use the clipppers and this is the quickest way to dry it.

Re: Grooming: How much???

Posted: 20 Mar 2016, 11:51
by Liz!!
Trimmers are noisy, scary things and it's easy to make a mistake if you have no experience, either of wriggly puppies, of trimmers, or the right way to cut a labradoodle.

The very best thing you can do is ask other dog owners in your area for their experiences, go along to one of them, see how they 'feel' and arrange to leave the pup there for quarter of an hour while a calm dog is being cut at some point, being fed treats the whole time. Most groomers offer this sort of thing to pups and it is invaluable. Next time leave her for half an hour. The next time leave her for as much of a cut as the groomer is happy to carry out while the pup is still happy. Then pup will eventually understand about standing still.

This will set you up for a lifetime of happy grooming for your dog.

We did make mistakes - I went for a groomer once with lots of good reviews on their website, but when lola was given back she was practically shaven (she was NOT tangled!) and underneath she had been shaven so her skin was bleeding. Another groomer near here did something similar.

I found several good places, but in the end I employed a groomer who brought her van to my friend's house and I could watch the whole thing and make sure all was well. that was fine for a bit but I didn't like the cut she gave...

Luckily eventually by word of mouth I found our new person (well, 3 years new!) and she is wonderful. Fab cut (it's NOT EASY!!!!) and she loves the dogs. Lol comes back looking wonderful.

I have thought about doing her myself and some people seem to be able to reproduce a good looking dude on their own, but I could not - I cut her face in between visits but it never quite looks as tidy and handsome as when Louise does it!

Lola cost £35 to do, but she is collected from my house and returned.

Re: Grooming: How much???

Posted: 20 Mar 2016, 13:28
by Pollydoodle
Plenty good advice given. I would only add best thing you can do for her is get her used to being handled before the groomers or you start with clippers at home. At < 6 months old unless she has a coat from hell in grooming terms phaps she only needs little scissor trim.Guessing you already familiarise her w handling, so be good if she is now happy to be brushed by you, remember to get her used to paws being touched and picked up, held and her tail lifted etc. Lots of dogs find this hard to accept. Patience and kindness and treats make them more comfortable with the task.
If you decide to go to groomers they should be more than happy for you to pop in anytime to say hi, before and even after she has a session there to get her used to the noise and likely most good ones offer a treat. Much like getting her used to going to the vet.

Re: Grooming: How much???

Posted: 20 Mar 2016, 13:49
by We5Kings
Excellent advice here. I made sure to comb Dude daily(still do) so that he would be used to it. We go to the groomer who does his Mum and sister. The first couple of times we stayed, but actually he was better behaved when we weren't there apparently.
We go every 8weeks, it takes 3hours and costs £40. The lady we go to works from home and only does one dog at a time. She also gives the dog little breaks in the garden.
I can't say Dude loves it, but he's used to it and he looks amazing when I collect him( paws as white as snow... For as long as the journey home lasts!) :D Anny

Re: Grooming: How much???

Posted: 20 Mar 2016, 17:18
by stout
Stout first went to the groomer when he was 9 months. We have been through a couple- one left long bits! Stout is a bit of a drama queen when we try to brush his legs, so we take the lazy way out! His new groomer is a nutty brazilian lady who is fab, she doesn't let him get away with playing up, stout loves going and drags chris tail wagging for his haircut! Most of stouts friends go there. Milo a big brown poodly doodle was there recently when both sets of her clippers broke. He was all washed and combed, she had done most of him - except his head- he had to go back later to be finished-his mum took him to the park, he had a massive afro and looked very funny bless him :lol:

Stout goes every 6 to 8 weeks - not cheap £55, but she does spend 3 hours doing him. It cost me more than that for my haircut yesterday :shock: .

He always smells lovely after and is sooo soft - until he finds some mud to wallow in :roll:

Re: Grooming: How much???

Posted: 20 Mar 2016, 17:59
by Liz!!
My hairdresser told me it costs at least £4,000 to train as a dog groomer - so they don't charge that much imo!

Re: Grooming: How much???

Posted: 20 Mar 2016, 18:21
by stout
Liz!! wrote:My hairdresser told me it costs at least £4,000 to train as a dog groomer - so they don't charge that much imo!

I agree, human hair cuts are a lot more, and I am sure stout is a far more difficult customer!

Re: Grooming: How much???

Posted: 20 Mar 2016, 19:13
by We5Kings
It seems highly unlikely that I could clip Dude as neatly as our groomer Angie :D I always think he looks SO much smaller when we pick him up, minus his shaggy coat!

Re: Grooming: How much???

Posted: 20 Mar 2016, 19:26
by kobi&jazz
Aww...Dude looks lovely and very smart :) .

I did invest in grooming brushes, clippers and table etc thinking I could do my 2, but I was rubbish :oops: so sold everything on ebay and they now go 4 times a year to their lovely groomer Kristy, who collects them from home and usually they are with her for 4-5 hours. The cost is £100 but like others have said they come back smelling lovely and she is brilliant with them. :D

Re: Grooming: How much???

Posted: 20 Mar 2016, 23:14
by KatyM
I have arranged to have a dog groomer friend of mine to come and groom Winnie at my house. It is the perfect solution! Winnie gets to stay at home and I can watch and see how likely it is that I will be able to groom her myself in the future!

I will try to get some before and after pictures posted. Watch this space....

Re: Grooming: How much???

Posted: 20 Mar 2016, 23:28
by Ianto!
I'm glad to see that you've found a solution to your query... Just to add that our Ianto (who hates groomers - with good reason as far as I can see, he's had some bad experiences.... :( ) doesn't like scissors, but he is fine with clippers. In fact, he will lie quietly whilst I trim him with them as if he's having a massage... :D
Anne, Ianto & Wyre x