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Posted: 04 Jun 2016, 20:21
by Jolly jo
I have just noticed Daisy, 16 weeks, has lost her front baby teeth. She seems to have all the rest from what I can see. What age did your doodle lose their teeth and when do you think I will see the first adult teeth?
She has always chewed a lot, so I haven't seen an increase in chewing, but what can I expect over the next period whilst her teeth change?

Re: teething

Posted: 04 Jun 2016, 21:24
by Doodle Dee
I'm sorry I can't help. I never saw lulus teeth either come out or grow which I found every weird or I'm a bad human mummy

Re: teething

Posted: 04 Jun 2016, 22:35
by KatyM
Winnie started loosing hers around the same age. She lost the front little ones and her canines quickly. I really wanted to keep one of her baby canine teeth (cos I'm a bit strange like that!) but they just disappeared. They swallow most of them. Then one day I was playing with her in the garden and I noticed something between the patio slabs and there was two of her teeth laid there!! :D
For a while she had baby teeth sat alongside her adult teeth.