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Flatulent Boy! Advice Needed

Posted: 21 Sep 2016, 17:02
by Jojo123
Hello All!

Just wondering if anyone had any advice? Hedley is really well health wise and will be 1 year old on 1st October.
He can be quite ahem...stinky at times but this week his flatulence is pretty bad. We're away with him on holiday, still eating the same food as at home which is James Wellbeloved.
Could it be a change in the water? More exercise than usual as we're out with him for longer?
I looked on internet and before I go off to the vet, any ideas anyone?
Internet said dogs with allergies sometimes have digestive issues and I've noticed at home and here sometimes he nibbles at his paws, allergy maybe?

Any advice would be much appreciated.
Thanks Jo and Hedley :)

Re: Flatulent Boy! Advice Needed

Posted: 21 Sep 2016, 19:32
by kimberleyone
Mundesley had exactly the same problems! I was forever finding damp patches on the rug or carpet where he had been licking his feet (Ugh). He also had very scaly skin, a bit like cradle cap on a baby. Switched him onto Wainwrights grain free food and it all changed for the better. You also have to get grain free treats too or you will still have the problem. Sadly Muns is a stomach on legs and will eat anything he finds out and about, including bread left by fishermen near our walks. This will kick it off. We usually realise he has eaten something by about 8pm!! Last time he was clipped they forgot about his grain allergy, and gave him normal treats. Boy did we know!!!

Re: Flatulent Boy! Advice Needed

Posted: 21 Sep 2016, 19:50
by stout
Stout was a very parpy puppy, he was initially also on james wellbelove, then swapped to symply. Stout has ibd so is now on raw food and (touch wood - you know what is going to happen) very rarely farts now. Wd tried him on a dry food recently with the same ingredients as his raw food and the farts returned, so I think in stouts case the dryness of food causes him to produce too much gas :mrgreen:

Re: Flatulent Boy! Advice Needed

Posted: 21 Sep 2016, 21:25
by Bid
Dry food tends to have a higher proportion of carbs than wet food or raw food - they need it to give the food some sort of form, and to help with food storage (plus a lot of it is cheap). Dogs only produce a tiny amount of amylase which is the enzyme needed to digest carbs, so what happens is the carbs move through the dogs gut undigested as chyme, and end up being processed late in the gut by bacteria - more a process of fermentation than digestion, which produces gas (and soft sloppy poo more often than not). Meat on the other hand, is digested efficiently by enzymes so dogs fed a high protein diet tend to have less gas, and smaller, harder, non smelly poos.