Spending time with some labradoodle's

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Spending time with some labradoodle's

Post by Chris_h » 07 Dec 2016, 22:44

Hi all,

The wife and I are looking into getting a dog and we really like the look labradoodles. Also what initially drew me is the supposed "hypoallergenic" dog advertising as I do suffer with animal allergies.

However having done some research I now understand that's it's not the really the case. I also understand the variety and difficulty in predicting how labradoodles coats will grow as an adult. I don't always suffer with dogs as I don't with my sister in law's staff.

What I'm after is anyone in the Bristol or surrounding area that might be willing to let me come and meet and spend a little time with their labradoodles and see if any reaction occurs.

I tend to know quite quickly if I'll suffer as an hour in my brothers house with his cats and the nose and eyes start to go.

Thanks for your help people hopefully I'll be ok and can start the search for the next member of the family - I know my daughter will be very excited.

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Re: Spending time with some labradoodle's

Post by stout » 08 Dec 2016, 11:41


Chris is allergic to dogs (and cats, rabbit - just fluffy things in general!) - but was determined to find one he was ok with. We met both Stouts mums and dad, Chris made lots of fuss/let them both lick him, and he was fine, so we took the gamble that he would be fine with their offspring, and he is fine with Stout. We do have a couple of friends who are allergic to Stout (one has two of his own dogs who he is fine with).

Maybe see about rehoming - you would then be able to meet the dog and make sure you are ok with it.

Chris, Michelle & Stout



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Coco and Annie
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Re: Spending time with some labradoodle's

Post by Coco and Annie » 08 Dec 2016, 12:42

Hello and welcome

You may wish to consider an Australian labradoodle as most allergy sufferers do well with them. They are bred for this specific purpose and their coats are a lot more predictable. Unfortunately they cost a fair bit.

Good luck in your search.

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Re: Spending time with some labradoodle's

Post by linny » 08 Dec 2016, 14:09

As you probably already know allergy is not just related to coat, it's also dander and saliva .
If it's just dog hair that starts you off then perhaps choose a Dood with more of a Poodle type coat. My Ambrose(F1B) has a Poodle coat and he sheds into his own coat so no hair around the house.This type of coat is quite high maintenance so be prepared to visit a groomer at least every 6/8 weeks and groom on a daily basis.
Hopefully someone in your area will offer to share their dood for an hour or so , or perhaps you can find a local meet (Look on board index)to go along to. It's the best place to see an assortment of coat types.
Good luck in your search ......Labradoodles are simply the best but of course i'm a little biased :wink:

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Re: Spending time with some labradoodle's

Post by We5Kings » 08 Dec 2016, 15:56

Our Dude is a v wooly, poodly Doodle. Our daughter is allergic to cats and most fine haired dogs, but not to Dude. Both of Dudes parents are wooly Labradoodles and as a result he doesn't shed at all. Of course this means he needs regular combing and visits to the groomer (every 8-10 weeks.) He isn't prone to matting and his fur isn't difficult to comb but we do it every other day. Anny

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Re: Spending time with some labradoodle's

Post by annvinton » 10 Dec 2016, 12:26

Meeting someone else's doodle really isn't going to help as they vary so much.
Neither will getting a puppy as you won't know what the coat will be like until its grown up.

Maybe the best thing to do is look for a dog that needs rehoming so that you can visit the actual dog several times and see how you get on.

I hope you find a furry friend that's just right for you,

Ann & Ben



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