My names Floyd, and Im a bloater....

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My names Floyd, and Im a bloater....

Post by Floyd » 13 Mar 2017, 20:41

So, vets today for flea treatment

"Can we weigh him? He looks a bit fat" (quite straightforward, our vet)


"So, he's not fat, but he is 31 kilos - what are you feeding him?" :)

I hope he now grows tall, to match his weight!

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Re: My names Floyd, and Im a bloater....

Post by Ianto! » 14 Mar 2017, 18:49

Poor Floyd... I hope you told that vet they'd hurt your Doodley feelings...! :cry: (Or maybe you could just sit on him.... :wink: )
Anne, Ianto & Wyre x

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Re: My names Floyd, and Im a bloater....

Post by olly » 14 Mar 2017, 21:27

I took Echo and Whisper to the vets for a health check and the vet said Whisper had a "solid bottom" and could do with loosing a bit of weight. He then looked at Echo and said "him too" They are miniature and weigh about 16.5 kg I can feel ribs and see a waist on both dogs. They both need clipping so look fatter than they are. I can imagine their thoughts if I cut their food rations! Echo is a typical lab and would eat the whole bag of kibble if he got a chance, Whisper is a little more discerning. I could stand to loose a couple of pounds though!
Olly, Echo and Whisper.

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